Change the perception of what it means to work in the retail automotive industry.

Marketing to your customers is a given these days, but do you have a strategy to market to your potential employees? Just like good potential customers, good potential employees can be hard to find. It is no secret that the retail car store has not necessarily been known as “one of the best places to work”. Although as many of us, who have had tenures in this industry, know it can be one of the most rewarding careers.

There are many ways to communicate this information including, but not limited to, job boards, company website, social media channels, etc. Let’s focus on the key information you should be communicating:

  1. Employee testimonials are an excellent way to identify the most beneficial aspects of what your store has to offer to potential talent. Get feedback from all of the positions in your store. Not only does this show the scope of your business and all the opportunities you can offer, but it also allows you to recruit for all positions, not just the one that may be open now.
  2. Philanthropic efforts are another important highlight to include. This gives potential employees a sense of pride in working for a business that gives back to causes that are important to them and their families.
  3. Ownership testimonials that focus on the vision of the company show the value given to the employees and to the customers they serve.

So, what are you waiting for? The time is now for you to change the perception of what it means to work in the retail automotive industry. Not only can you change that perception for your store, but help the entire industry change that perception.