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Our job at AutoDealerPeople is to save you time and effort in the hiring process. We believe that finding the right fit is more important than an overnight hire, which is why we will not send you any unsuited applicants. Our team takes each applicant through a five-stage recruiting process, ensuring only the most qualified and best suited are delivered to you.

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Automotive Accounting and Office Manager

This Automotive Office Manager with great long-term employment is relocating to the DC Metro/ Baltimore area is looking for an opportunity to continue developing their extensive skills in the accounting office. High-volume franchise experience. This candidate brings the attention to detail needed for the role as well as the ability to have open and clear communication with all departments in the store.  

Human Resource Generalist

This Human Resource professional has a wide knowledge of HR which would make them a perfect candidate for any dealership looking to add an HR generalist to their team. With their knowledge of HR practices and policies, and willingness to go the extra mile, they are sure to be able to keep your dealership complaint while also protecting not only the employees, but the company itself. This candidate currently lives in the Charlotte, NC market, but is willing to relocate for the right opportunity. 

Sales and Finance Manager

This experienced sales and finance manager is well versed in the sub-prime market and is very focused on building relationships with the customers and bank. Training whether they are giving or receive it is very important to the candidate and says that following the right policies and procedures can really make or break a dealership. This candidate is currently looking to find a new home that will offer not only growth but stability. This candidate is currently living in the West Virginia market, but is willing to relocate for the right opportunity. 

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