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Our job at AutoDealerPeople is to save you time and effort in the hiring process. We believe that finding the right fit is more important than an overnight hire, which is why we will not send you any unsuited applicants. Our team takes each applicant through a five-stage recruiting process, ensuring only the most qualified and best suited are delivered to you.

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Highly Qualified Automotive Controller

This highly skilled, highly qualified controller is looking for a small store, preferably luxury or exotic car lines, where they can not only make sure that the accounting is taken care of, but enjoys wearing multiple hats and sharing their vast knowledge in dealership management. This candidate comes with a strong sense of integrity and likes to make sure every penny and part is accounted for in the store. This candidate is currently in the Houston, TX area, but is willing to relocate anywhere for the right opportunity.

Experienced General Manager 

This experienced GM has many years of running a multitude of both franchise and independent stores on the West Coast, and now that they have moved to Southern Florida, are ready for a new challenge to jump into. This Gm recently ran their own independent store, but has since sold that operation and is ready to join a team where they can share their knowledge of subprime, improving customers retention, and ensuring  profitability in fixed and variable operations.

Highly Qualified General Sales Manager

This hard-working General Sales Manager believes that no job is too big or small. This candidate brings a determined work ethic and experience working subprime deals. This candidate comes highly recommended by several references and would be a treasure to any team. This candidate is currently living in New Jersey but is willing to relocate almost anywhere that offers a good working environment and  long-term fit.  

Automotive Controller

This highly skilled automotive Controller has excellent job time with their current employer but is looking for a change of scenery and to be able to continue their growth in a corporate dealership group environment. This candidate is very passionate about have the right policies and procedures in place and is not afraid to get their hands dirty to get the job done. This controller prefers the East Coast, but willing to relocate anywhere for the right opportunity. 

Experienced Automotive Controller

With almost 30 years of experience working in automotive accounting, there is not much that this highly qualified controller hasn’t see or done. This candidate has worked with most DMS systems and has worked for both franchise and independent auto groups. This candidate currently lives in New York but is looking to relocate for the right opportunity. 

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