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As your automotive HR and Recruiting solution, our job is to assist your dealership in the research and vetting of highly skilled management candidates. Our team strives to find long-term solutions, not over-night hires, which is why we pride ourselves in matching candidate experience and skills to dealerships’ goals and objectives. We screen, assess, and interview candidates to deliver only the most qualified and best-suited candidates to you.

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Highly Skilled GM/GSM

Experience with multiple franchises, this candidate had led a dealership team selling 600+ units per month. Multiple awards. Looking for a top-level position with a dealership highly focused on growth in a large market. In CA, but willing to relocate.

Experienced GSM

Heavy experience in subprime, finance company, and dealership experience. AZ


Bi-lingual controller with 18 years of dealership accounting experience. DealerTrack, CDK, and Reynolds & Reynolds experience. This controller knows the dealership inside and out. FL resident will move for the right opportunity.

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