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We take applicants through the recruiting process and recommend them to dealerships looking to hire across the United States. Our experts spend time building relationships with clients to better understand their needs and take applicants through an in-depth recruiting process to find the best-suited match for both parties.

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The auto industry was estimated at over 3.62 million jobs,
more jobs than any other manufacturing sector.

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Assistant General Manager

Hamilton, OH

If you love engaging with customers, managing a team and closing deals, this position is the one you are looking for. You will be responsible for the day to day operations of the dealership when the general manager is off and will be a key manager in the store every day.


Stroudsburg, PA

Franchise automotive dealer group is looking for an exceptionally qualified individual to join their team. This is a senior level accounting and financial management position for a store selling 100-120 cars per month.

General Manager

Danville, VA

Must be a leader, coach, and full team player. This individual will be overseeing the entire operation on a day to day basis, allowing the owner to focus on higher level work. This individual MUST love the industry and the customers regardless of credit history.

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