CMETRICS are not data points on a chart. I won’t be boring you with big data or complex theories. The CMETRICS I’m talking about are specific things that you should be looking for when attempting to find your next hire. CMETRICS is simply an acronym to help you remember the following things you need to look for in your hire:

Mission Motivator
Solution Driven

These are the individuals you want as managers in your store. Let’s look at these individually, and how to uncover them in the interview process.


Enthusiastic doesn’t mean you must have a cheerleader on the team. Enthusiastic means having eager enjoyment in what you are doing. The last thing you need in management is an apathetic, disinterested and uncaring individual who drains the team of enthusiasm. We all probably know what it’s like to have one of those on our team. Enthusiasm is contagious and can spread quickly. You need a manager who genuinely enjoys what they do. Those who have it are excited when they talk about their work. Their eyes light up when they talk about their accomplishments in similar roles.

Enthusiastic individuals are often very dedicated because they genuinely enjoy what they are doing.

How do you uncover enthusiasm in an interview?

Well, it’s a heck of a lot easier when the interviews are in person because you can read body language but it can be tapped into on the phone as well if you listen carefully and ask good questions.

You can ask the interviewee to tell you the last goal or project that challenged them and why? Does the applicant get excited talking about it? Or do they sound like they’ve been beaten repeatedly?

“Why do you love working in automotive, or accounting, or management?” Is there any enthusiasm in the response?

“What is the best thing about managing a sales team?” If your candidate struggles with these, cut them now. If they are just going through the motions, you don’t need them on your team as a manager. You need a spark of enthusiasm.

Next week, I’ll discuss train-ability and why it’s vital for employees in today’s dealerships. If you missed last week’s post about the mission motivator, click here to catch up!