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AAH replied to Richard Tarco's discussion What is a good GAP insurance company to use?
"Hey Richard, Ever find a good GAP company?"
AAH replied to Brandon's discussion Financing 101 indirect funding advice
"Hey Brandon, Welcome to the world of BHPH which is very different from being a private seller, in order to be profitable you have to avoid common mistakes. There are about 10 ways to be profitable and 1,000 ways to go broke. You're right,…"
Paul Potratz posted a blog post

Will you be at the trade show?

Are you planning on going to a trade show this year? So many times we go to trade shows because people tell us it'd be a great opportunity. But first, you need to decide if it's really going to be worth it.Watch this week's Hard Facts to get information on how to maximize the value of your next trade show.We’d love to hear what you have to say. Comment below and follow us on Facebook.Website: http://www.ppadv.comFacebook:…See More
costantine liked Cheyenne Mapes's page Discussions
Brandon replied to Joe Del Rio's discussion Westlake Financial (Recent)
"To resurrect the are you pricing vehicles as far as book and actual advertise price ? when you intending to use a lender like westlake for the customer financing?"
Tracey Rapp Carey is attending Eliana Raggio's event

FREE WEBINAR -- Learn Elise Kephart’s Entire Internet Sales Process 2.0 at

January 19, 2017 from 12pm to 1pm
NEWSFLASH:  Your internet leads DON’T suck – your follow-up process DOES! And Elise Kephart is going to show you how to fix it!In her previous record breaking webinar, she broke down her entire internet sales process 1.0 which earned her an incredible 30% close ratio. But that was over 2 years ago…and IT’S TIME FOR AN UPGRADE! In this tremendous never-before-seen presentation, Elise Kephart is going to teach The Elise Kephart Experience Internet Sales Process 2.0 which delivers increased…See More
Brandon posted a discussion

Financing 101 indirect funding advice

Hello to everyone, new to autodealerpoeople. Ive recently got my dealer license and selling cars has been more of a profitable hobby than a full time career for me. I've always repaired cars and bought rebuilt salvage titles or fix up cars and resold always doing well but never tried to make it a full time gig. Now that I'm licensed it seems everyone expects on the lot financing. I'm all for helping arrange deals with finance companies but I don't know the first thing about money down etc and I…See More
Neill Juilfs replied to Andrew Chapman's discussion Subprime leads in todays market
"I was about to post the same question.  I am surprised to see 239 views and only one response.  Anyone else have lead options.  A friend told me about Cars Direct, but I do not have any personal experience.  It would be nice to…"
Jan 18
Troy Campbell replied to John S Vaughan's discussion If you are a Credit Acceptance Dealer, we might be a fit.. I have an offer for you
"John how difficult is it for a new independent dealer to get set up with those two lenders you work with? My Son opened a new dealership and would be interested in your Independent agent service. Thanks Troy "
Jan 17
Troy Campbell liked John S Vaughan's discussion If you are a Credit Acceptance Dealer, we might be a fit.. I have an offer for you
Jan 17
Troy Campbell replied to Charlyne Valizan's discussion Need Advice and Expertise Quick
"@Charlynne would it help out if I share with you our dealer directory of 64,000 plus dealers in the US that we use for our data feed? I will share it at no cost just but would like to learn more about what you guys are doing and other ways we could…"
Jan 17
Troy Campbell replied to john vauster's discussion Cheap CARFAX alternative via VINAUDIT
"You may also want to check out It is a free full vehicle history report."
Jan 17


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Extended Market Strength With Smaller Cars Strength

Posted by John Sternal on April 22, 2015 at 12:39pm 0 Comments

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report.


In this week’s report, the Black Book editorial team reports on data trends straight from the auction lanes that may be showing signs of a tired tax season. Comments from the lanes and data show that used vehicle…


Youngest Car Dealer in the US?

Posted by Troy Campbell on April 27, 2014 at 11:53am 18 Comments

My son is 20 yrs old and just got bonded and started his small car lot a month ago. Mistake or success? He was in college and dropped out for the car biz. I taught him about credit and he started building it at 18 and maybe that was a mistake as a father as he would probably be in school still. Thoughts? He seems to be doing things successfully and selling cars. He has not gotten a website just a face book page and it is working. He is a unconventional dealer but maybe the new generation of…


40% of your buyers are Gen Y. Do you know how ro sell them?

Posted by Aileen Crass on September 3, 2013 at 12:10pm 3 Comments

Born in the late '80s and early '90s, Gen Y, accounts for about 21 percent of the total population, and 40 percent of the car-buying population. And this doesn't even account for who they are influencing. They are the most influential car buying population after the baby boom. Not only do they influence other Gen Y buyers, but they also influence their parents.

We have seen an interesting shift in buying dynamics over the past few years. While Gen X turned to their parents for advice…



Posted by CAL HOOKS on August 26, 2013 at 12:47pm 3 Comments










Any suggestions on warranty companies for VW and AUDI

Posted by jeff anthony on June 20, 2013 at 11:58am 8 Comments

I am seeking suggestions on warranty companies who service VW and Audi units. thanks

Secondary Finance Pay Plan

Posted by David Disbrow on April 16, 2013 at 11:30pm 6 Comments

In a new car and truck dealership, what is a good payplan for a secondary finance manager with 3 secondary salespeople under him? Also, how would you pay the salesperson who first greeted the customer?  There always seems to be discord between the primary dept and secondary department. Are there any suggestions to bring harmony to the 2 departments?

Any and all suggestions are welcome

Disclose credit reporting to customers

Posted by Grace Romero on April 9, 2013 at 4:26pm 11 Comments

Hey Everyone.

We just got approved to report with Transunion (2-3 months waiting period for testing)
My question is now that will be reporting do we need to notify customers and is there a certain text/disclousure/law we must include in our notices to our customer?

Not too many resources online for this and any help is greatly appreciated!

Designing Promotions for Your BHPH Dealership - Part 2

Posted by Alan Mosher on March 28, 2013 at 12:09pm 1 Comment

Part 2 - Collections Promotions

As I said in the first part of this series here, properly designed promotions are more fun than advertising. Promotions should involve your employees, your customers, friends, family, neighbors, etc. All promotions should be done in a festive atmosphere. Plan the promotions so that as many customers as possible are…


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Self promotional photos, videos (in reasonable quantities)and blogs are permitted on your own page as long as they are not deemed to be in poor taste, non-factual in claims or nature, or intentionally damaging to other members.

The exchange of contact information and detailing of services offered if requested by a dealer or dealership personnel is certainly welcomed, but any unpaid advertisements about your product or services are otherwise prohibited. Should you have a question about these rules please contact Harlene at DealerStrong dot com in advance.

We thank you and look forward to serving the auto dealer community.


Relatively New Used Car dealer in need of your help!~ I know, I know another one of these posts.

Started by Murad Swati. Last reply by Dennis Wagner Dec 13, 2016. 12 Replies

First off, just wanted to formally introduce myself and give a little bit of a background as to how I became a dealer.  My name is Murad and I am 28 years old residing in NYC.  I've operated my family's business of automotive repair for the past 13…Continue

Anyone know the bank that finance Rebuit titles

Started by samuel Elijah. Last reply by JOE WELNACK Aug 31, 2016. 4 Replies

Hello,We are independent dealer in Nashville Tennessee area, we have some cars on the lot with rebuilt titles but I currently signed up with United Auto Credit, unfortunately they don't finance rebuilt title. Any information will be very helpful.Continue

*Florida Dealer Sales Paperwork*

Started by Billy Wills. Last reply by Jay Samson Nov 1, 2016. 3 Replies

Hello everyone. I would like to thank anyone who comments to this first and foremost. I am a one week old dealer and have several questions as you might already have guessed. My dealership specializes in classic/vintage vehicles, and I am having…Continue

Anyone use AFC Floor plan financing and increase your Limit?

Started by Chris Williamson. Last reply by Frank Nov 16, 2014. 3 Replies

I was just curious to the process to increase a floor plan limit with AFC?  Anyone have experience on the process and how often you can increase the line.  For example, do they run your credit again? or do they just automatically increase it?  Also,…Continue

Doing your own repos

Started by Jake C. Last reply by Clem Muhammad Oct 6, 2014. 3 Replies

I'm a dealer in Minnesota.wondering if anyone can tell me if I need repo insurance if we are doing are own repos?

Auction Genius

Started by Harlene Doane. Last reply by James Feb 8, 2015. 6 Replies

Took a call from a dealer this morning asking the following questionsIs anyone using Auction Genius? If you are can you please share your experience with us?How do you use it? How effective is it for you? How is the cost compared to the…Continue

Tags: inventory, auction

Why Does Manheim Need Access to ALL information on Your Computer?

Started by Harlene Doane. Last reply by Ted Edwards Jr "TJ" Dec 10, 2015. 9 Replies

I'm completely flabbergasted that Manheim believes they need access to ALL information on my computer.To use several services on their site you are required to use their media player, and although it's not uncommon for some sites to need specific…Continue

Tags: security, manheim

Digital Signatures and Laser Printing

Started by Gabriel Mitri. Last reply by Nancy Long Apr 10, 2014. 3 Replies

Hi Folks, I just opened up a used car dealership here in California and I couldn't be more excited. As I cope with all the crazy feelings and emotions bouncing around my body I'm working hard to offer my customers a great buying experience. In doing…Continue



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