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I'm writing an article and looking for dealers excelling in one or more of these areas:

    * closing leads from manufacturer websites
    * generating/closing leads from non-manufacturer dealer-branded websites
    * generating/closing leads via microsites/landing pages
    * SEO - dominating page 1 of search results
    * driving traffic through PPC
    * blogging - quality content, regular posting, redeployed on various online portals
    * twitter - interaction and several in-market followers
    * video - quality video put to good use and redeployed on various online portals
    * facebook - good interaction and amount of likes/fans/friends
    * location based services (4square, etc)
    * online coupon services (Groupon, Seize the Deal, etc)
    * online reputation management - building good reputation via online reviews

If you suggest your/a dealership, please provide a little insight as to what area the store excels in and what you think makes them successful. I'd like to get a bit of input from some top-notch dealers for the article.

You're welcome to message the info to me on or email it to

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Comment by David Ruggles on March 25, 2011 at 12:38pm
Brian Benstock of Paragon Honda has been a very successful test bed for many of the above topics.  They increased their volume 100 units a month by putting a sales operation in the service departments of their two dealerships, from what I hear.

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