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Sure, this is an article about a specific product called the Smart Tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking. But, it is more than that. The word ‘smart’ indicates that there are certain principles which you can implement into your dealership that will help you run your business smarter and therefore realize an increase in profit.

Here are a few tips for you that will help in this endeavor:

Take Pictures

If you have ever watched a court show on television you soon realize that the one thing that most litigants do not have to support their claims is pictures or other documentation. That is unfortunate and is something that should never be said of how you operate your BHPH business.
You should have a digital camera and use it all of the time. Of course, you should take pictures of the vehicles that you sell from many angles. Open the hood and trunk and take pictures there. And, do not forget the interior. But you should also use a digital camera to take pictures of documents (if you do not have a copier).

You can also use the video mode which most cameras have to capture a customer signing a document. Or, better yet, have them tell you on camera how happy they are with their purchase under the guise of using it on your website, etc. The digital camera is your friend and if you ever become embroiled in a lawsuit it could save you thousands of dollars. Use it well, often and wisely.

Stay in Contact

Once a customer drives off of your lot with their vehicle, you should kick the customer service into high gear. Your job is not completed until the vehicle is paid off. And, even after that, you should send an occasional note to see if there is any additional business to be gained from them. How do you do this? Build up a list of customers and their contact information and place it into a database from which you can send email messages directly to them (stay away from old-fashioned snail mail – it is no longer cost effective).

Web-based companies like www.aweber.com and www.constantcontact.com allow you to build up a listing of clients and then create targeted email campaigns (like a newsletter) and other email messages that help keep your name in front of your clients. Remember, doing this also sends a subtle reminder that the customer still owes you money.

Offer Assistance

Before your customer leaves with their vehicle, you should prepare a small bag of ‘goodies’ that you can give to them to say ‘thanks’ and to offer assistance should they need it. Include the names of reputable vehicle repair companies, tire dealers and even car washes in their area. Consider including a coupon for a free wash. Make it clear to them that should they encounter a problem, they can contact you for help. This is like making an investment that pays over time. Once you build up a reputation that includes this type of service, word gets out and it can help create new and unexpected business.

Build Relationships

The worse thing that you can do after a sale is to never try to contact a customer to see how they are doing. Using the methods above, you can build additional good-will with your clients and show that you are offering a valuable service to those who need it. Building relationships with your customers helps garner return business.

Use GPS Smart Trackers

If there was ever a time that GPS Tracking was needed in your business, this is it. While the credit crunch has resulted in more business for BHPH dealers, along with it has come the myriad of difficult financial situations of those you now call customers. Remaining profitable means you have to use methods that allow you an advantage should your customers skip out on you with a balance on their vehicle.

The Smart Tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking allows you incredible flexibility. There are no start-up fees other than the purchase of the unit. You only start paying fees when you initialize the tracking device.

Then, getting the unit back after the vehicle is paid for is as simple as offering a free oil change as a ‘thanks’ for doing business. Offer them something else, too: tickets to a movie, or a gift card to a restaurant.

Utilizing smart business tactics like this will help you stay profitable for many years to come – no matter what economic cycle in which we are found. Good luck.

James Neely is a freelance writer who writes about GPS Tracking devices for Rocky Mountain Tracking.

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