Here we go again with Nada Vehicle Values.

I just purchased an 07-Equinox from the auction & checked NADA Online values to see what retail price to ask for the Equinox. Nada Online Clean Retail Value is $15,550.00.

My customer checks & tells me it shows a Clean Retail Value of $14,075.00????

My customer does not believe that NADA would give two differant prices for the same vehicle, so my figures have to be incorrect???? He went directly to to get his Retail Value so his price has to be correct????

I called NADA Online & spoke to two differant reps & both told me the same scripted reply. It is my job to inform the customer that only updates their values quarterly & the pricing is based on national averages???? I was told that once I informed my customer of this my customer would be willing to accept the NADA price discrepiancey???? I informed both NADA reps that I do not work for NADA & it wasn't my job to inform consumers how NADA uses two differant websites to come up with two differant prices.

I told NADA they need a BIG DISCLAIMER on their FREE consumer website that explains NADA old & out of date pricing!!!! I told NADA that they should have the same values for a vehicle or don't even post a value on the FREE consumer website!!!!
I hope I can get my customer off of the ceiling & come to a price where I can make a deal. To lose $1,500.00 at the start will make this deal very difficult to close.

I just got off the phone 06/01/10 with Sean Snyder from NADA & Sean said NADA could not recreate the price discrepancy that my customer had on the 07-Equinox. Sean asked me if I had a copy of the NADA pricing discrepancy. I do not. Sean asked if the same vehicle with the same options & mileage was used. Sean said to call him direct if I ever found a discrepancy that is so far off. Sean said that NADA uploaded June 2010 pricing information today & I checked both NADA sites & they are within $25.00 of each other in clean retail price. Unfortuneatly this is to little to late for me as our customer is driving a Saturn VUE today they purchased from someone else.

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Comment by Sean Snyder on May 29, 2010 at 7:02am
Mr. Carlson,

Are you sure that you and your customer are booking out the same vehicle? While there is a difference between the consumer values found on and the business site because of regional differences in value, there should not be this large a difference on a vehicle such as an Equinox. In addition, the values on the consumer site are updated monthly, however, the values in the printed Consumer Guide are updated quarterly, that is where large differences can occur. Our representatives may not have understood your question.

One of two things most likely occurred in this situation. One, there is an error in the electronic files. If that is the case, our staff should be able to correct that. Two, both you and your customer may be booking out different vehicles (an LS vs an LT, 2WD vs 4WD, different years, etc.) I am out of the office until Tuesday morning, however I would be happy to talk to you then. I can be reached directly at 703-821-7043 or 1-800-248-6232 x 7043. I’m in my office at 7:00 am EST. If possible, can you please provide the specifics of the vehicle in question, and print out a copy of the values from so we can see if it can be recreated? I apologize in advance if the values are in error and hopefully we rectify whatever the situation may be.

Thank you,

Sean Snyder
Light-Duty Truck Editor, NADA Used Car Guide

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