Celebrity chefs, singers and mo-dels dump limos

Have the auto manufacturers gone ‘celeb’ mad? A couple of weeks ago I read that Kate Perry did a three-song set at the unveiling of the new Volkswagen Jetta in New York’s Times Square. I assume she performed this before heading off to do that topless shoot which was featured on Yahoo’s home page the other day.

But then Ms Perry is no slouch showing off her talents when it comes to inspiring designers like the “The Blonds” in their efforts to decorate a MINI for the Life Ball charity event.

Then a few days ago the latest copy of my BMW magazine arrived and surprise, surprise, the latest BMW Australia ambassador is...you guessed it: Melbourne Chef, restaurateur and MasterChef judge George Calombaris.

And yesterday I saw the former Posh Spice, Vicky Beckham, posing beside the new Land Rover Evoque at a posh do to celebrate the brands 40th birthday at Orangery in Kensington Palace London.

Apparently she is now the Creative Design Executive for the Range Rover brand and was quoted as saying: “I’m incredibly excited to be collaborating with Range Rover… I like to take on a challenge and I’m ready for it.”

So what happens when the marketing gurus run out of celebs to use in their launch campaigns? Send in the clones?

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