Internet auto sales deals I have to split with the Internet guy.

            Recently I sold a vehicle to an individual that had been a phone up.  After I had spent days working on this deal over the phone to include write up, closing, and delivery, I was shocked to find out that our internet person had claimed half the deal.  Come to find out from the customer he had no communication with our internet person other than an email inquiring about a vehicle that was not on our lot yet from the factory.  He never received any follow up from our internet guy. email or phone call.  When the customer called me, I discussed a completely differnent vehicle with him which he came in and bought.  I did all the work!  Our internet guy said he had spoke with this man on numerous occations which my customer totally denied.  I had posted this persons name for all to see on our appointment board for a week.  I don't believe our Internet guy deserves any part of this deal for not doing his job.  If anything, maybe a birddog fee of $50.  Not half my deal for just pressing enter.  There is no written policy I've ever seen anywhere at our dealership concerning split deals or on the  internet.  Someone please tell me where something is written in concrete about split deals.  I feel I have a right to take this guy to court to get my hard earned money back.  There is nothing in our employee hand books to cover subject.  Only word of mouth.  I have tobe shown in writting where this is legal and sign something saying I understand this and agree with it.  Because I've created a fuss about this at my dealership, I've been told to shut up and forget about it.  BSd!  That's my money, and I earned every penny.  It's not fair that I did literally all the work on a deal and this jerk can steal half of it!  Knowing all along I was working him.  Never told me anything about this guys communication.. It pissed me off!  I delivered this vehicle on a very rainy day, standing out there getting soaked changing the plates.  I've read about this subject from the blog here only the reverse side.  Our internet guy doesn't take all the pictures or do anything except watch the computer.  I'm steamed!

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Comment by Mark Feazel on April 21, 2011 at 4:44pm

any internet manager worth a damn keeps extensive notes in the CRM about all contact with a customer.  if your guys doesn't have notes on the customer he gets bupkiss!


Comment by Donald Janssen on April 21, 2011 at 4:33pm
1/2 of something is better than all of nothing doesn't satisfy the refutability of entitlement. if there was not follow up, the Inet guy did not sell an appointment, and the unit sold was not the unit originally enquired about, as a desk pilot I would have to let the Inet guy pound sand.
Comment by james r. dougher on April 21, 2011 at 3:59pm
Welcome to the Car biz pal!!! Happens all the time

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