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Automotive Sales Training: Three Strikes and You are In!!!!

Both automotive management and…


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Sales Training: Diplomatic Immunity from Unreasonable Expectations

Recently, I was asked to make an appearance as Ms. Florida Forestry Queen.  Unfortunately there was no clear leadership and miscommunications abounded.  Even the day of the event, it was not clear what was going to transpire.  I tried to be prepared for anything.   After the event, I received this text message, "A diplomat is a person who…


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What Are You Waiting For? (Get 'em in, get 'em out of your waiting room)

My new free eBook, "Winning the Waiting (Room) Game" just came out, and while it's targeted to auto aftermarket/repair shops, I see a lot of similarities for auto dealership waiting areas. Where I worked @ Ford in NorCal, there was no waiting room. There were 2 facing couches outside my office, in the…


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Be Better at Best

I have been fortunate in life in that I have been given the opportunity to have worn many hats.  Having a broad level of experiences in life has given my personality a great deal of depth.  I have always been a marketer in some role or another.  One of these marketing roles was that of an entertainer, in which I marketed what would become my signature brand of “fun, joy and ease" as a…


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What is SEO and How is it Changing?

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Help Your Dealership Go for the Gold

Think your shot at living like an Olympian ended after your high school or college athletic career? Think again. Successful Olympic athletes employ a set of traits and techniques that you can still use to help market your car dealership. The elements that work together to create popular medalists, with…


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Grasshopper Pie

A traveling salesman had come to the end of a long day and was very hungry. He had not made many sales and was feeling a little frustrated with his results. He decided to stop and get something to eat and mull over his next step.

He stopped in town, parked on Main Street and looked around. He found two restaurants side by side. Above each there was a sign.

The one on the left said “Food, more expensive but worth it” and the one on the right said “Food, average, cheap and will…


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What 3 Components Do You Need To Succeed In The Car Biz? ASK And You Shall Receive!

That's right! There are 3 Personal Components you need to have to Succeed in the Car Biz!


A strong Attitude will get you through the day…


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Make Your Next Coaching Session Memorable and Powerful

Every Coaching session can be effective if you follow certain steps to improve your chances of a Successful outcome.

There is one word that is critical in determining the outcomes. That word is "Specific." There is an old saying that goes like this. "The more specific you are the better your results" and…


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What's that noise on your service drive?

Have you ever blown up a balloon and then just let it go and listen to the sound it makes? If you have children or a crazy Uncle Lenny, chances are you've heard this noise before. It is so distinctive that once you've heard it, you are not likely to forget it the rest of your life.

I've heard this same noise in my head many times in the service drive right after an Advisor says something he or she shouldn't have. In our business there are many things that must happen to make sure that…


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Are your advertising dollars well spent?

In fixed ops we constantly worry whether or not we are getting a return on every one of our ad dollars. Every manufacturer tracks it. Every ad vendor tracks it. And when we spend the money and don't get an immediate return, we start to fret.

Here is the rub.

Customers don't make a connection with an…


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Want to have a big day today? Get a checkup.

“When our research tracked 20,000 new hires, 46% of them failed within 18 months. But even more surprising than the failure rate, was that when new hires failed, 89% of the time it was for attitudinal reasons and only 11% of the time for a lack of skill. The attitudinal deficits that doomed these failed hires included a lack of coachability, low levels of emotional intelligence, motivation and temperament.”  Mark Murphy, Hiring for Attitude, Forbes…


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Imagine Boosting Your Dealership Chat Conversion by 64% with 1 Simple Change

Imagine driving more chat conversations than you ever thought possible!  Proactive dealer chat invitations have …


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Use the "3T System" to make more money in Fixed Ops.

Making more Money in Fixed Operations is everyone's goal.

Think not?

Just go tell your Dealer Principal that this month you've decided that making money is not important... and see what happens to you, Mr. /Ms. Jobless.

Making money is much easier when you use a system to do it and it is much better than just wishing for more Money. Use the "3T System" to drive more dollars to the bank.

The first T stands for "Tell Everybody" what you want to… Continue

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Recent study on Fixed Operations and what it reveals about Service Sales, Profitability and more...

Recent studies show that Service Advisors that hand out menus during the write up process experience an increase in Customer Maintenance Sales. The study also shows that this corresponds to an increase in the Service Advisors pay.

These recent studies also show that Technicians that completed a Multipoint Inspection on every vehicle flagged more hours than Technicians who did not. An interesting side note to the study, Technicians who completed the most Multipoint Inspections made the… Continue

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Disgruntled Service Personnel Need A Take

Ever find yourself with "disgruntled" Service Personnel and wondered "How did it get this bad?" You know people are getting "fed up" when you have top personnel (like a Superstar Service Advisor) give notice from seemingly out of nowhere or Customer complaints suddenly increase overnight or accidents start happening.

These are all signs that something is amiss.

You need to have a "Take."

Take a Moment and begin by opening the door of two-way communications… Continue

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How Do You Market Fixed Operations? - Viewpoints

"We are doing our traditional marketing through print and TV and throwing in some other special events. In honor of earth day we are doing a 'Going Green' direct mail campaign offering a discount in order to switch customers over to our email reminder system.

We are also sponsoring a local 5K race to benefit the volunteer first aid squad and looking for a motorcycle rally [to sponsor] as well. In April, we will also be hosting a car care clinic for National Car Care Awareness month.…


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The 7 Measurables and the Financial Statement

There are 7 Measurable and Improvable Key Performance Indicators that every Fixed Operations Director/Service Manager needs to be aware of.

They are RO Count, HPRO, Labor Gross Margin, Parts Gross Margin, EFL (Effective Labor Rate), Total Gross Profit and Total Net Profit.

When you have a constant update on these measurables and a mandate to improve their numbers you can have a really impressive Financial Statement at the end of the month.

Think about what a 10%… Continue

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Today is number 56. There are 309 days left in this year.

It’s the end of February. Are you happy with the results you achieved this month? Is your year on track to be better than last year? Are you concerned or content? Lets review 3 possible answers and see which one fits you.

For you the month of February in the Service Department was Great! You hit the Goals you set for HPRO, EFL and Profit Margins! Your CSI has never been better! Overall, you could not have done any more. Congrats! And, March looks like it is going to take off as well!… Continue

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The 3 MMMs of Change

Ok. You are practicing the 3 Ws of Leadership and not getting it done.




Most definitely the 3 Worst strategies in Leadership when it comes to changing behavior.

If you want to make changes in behavior you need to turn your W into a M.




The single most important element to effecting change is to Measure what it is you are trying to change. If you are… Continue

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