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Automotive Sales Training: Three Strikes and You are In!!!!

Both automotive management and…


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Winning Teams Recruit and Train

Let's Play Ball!!!

Wikipedia defines "Teamwork [as] the capability to comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths and abilities in a group setting and then applying them to one final solution The concept has spread from the world of sports where it is well known and accepted, to business, so much so that it is in danger of being considered by some as an empty buzzword, or a…


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Adapt like a sales champ!

     “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  Those are the words of Stephen Hawking one of the most brilliant minds of our time.  We all know the world is changing at a lighting fast rate.  Society, technology and business are a different landscape than what it was just a few years ago.  Are you changing with the times?

     According to a recent article by…


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Management, Service & Automotive Sales Training: Bringing Value

"You don't get paid for the hour.  You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” 

~ Jim Rohn

Recently, I had a day in which the time seemed to sit still.  I glanced at the clock for the tenth time and it…


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Automotive Sales Staff Recruiting Time Management Plan

Automotive management tasked with the job of recruiting car sales people in addition to their other duties, often find themselves underachieving in terms of production. …


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Maximizing your Advertising Budget on Craigslist

Maximizing your Advertising Budget on Craigslist

With the advent of $5 ads on Craigslist, what are you doing to ensure you are maximizing your Craigslist advertising budget for your dealership?  There are…


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Automotive Sales Training: Dressing for Success

Part of my life was spent in Southeastern Oklahoma.  I remember teenage boys coming to the ranch dressed in their "good jeans" with a tucked-in "nice shirt" and driving their daddy's "dress truck".  The purpose was to show my aunties and uncles, that they were gentlemen and worthy of the responsibility of the…


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Are We at a Cross Roads with our Auto Sales Staff?

Even if you don’t believe, as I do, that high sales staff turnover is the number one issue facing the auto industry today; we certainly can agree it is right at the top of the list. There is not one positive thing that happens at our dealerships as a result of high turnover, and the benefits of low sales turnover are so obvious that I don’t need to list them.


High sales turnover has completely undermined training efforts. It creates the mental attitude amongst many managers…


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Cutco Can Do It; Why Can’t We!!!

If you look close enough to this picture:

you will see my name “SANSONE” etched into my new Cutco Cutlery set. What’s amazing to me is that I didn’t think I needed a new set of knives, I certainly didn’t have any difficulty cutting my last steak.

So why do I own them ???? Because Cutco is smart…


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Its All About Relationships

People buy from other people that they know, like and trust. There has been much written about the value of establishing relationships with your prospective customers in order to close more sales. Every sales trainer for the last 50 years has espoused the usefulness of building relationships as…


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Sales Training: Diplomatic Immunity from Unreasonable Expectations

Recently, I was asked to make an appearance as Ms. Florida Forestry Queen.  Unfortunately there was no clear leadership and miscommunications abounded.  Even the day of the event, it was not clear what was going to transpire.  I tried to be prepared for anything.   After the event, I received this text message, "A diplomat is a person who…


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Relationship Building is the Key to Sales Success

I love going out to dinner when the wait staff remembers me and greets me like a friend.  The looks on my guest’s faces are priceless!!!  Everywhere I go; it seems the red carpet is waiting on my arrival.   Even my friends are eager to join me because via association they too get special treatment.  So, how did I earn my VIP status?  It was easy.  I just started treating each person I…


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Be Your Own Customer

How easy is it to do business with your business? How easy is it to get help? …resolve a problem? …answer a question? The answer to those questions is probably that you don’t know because you’ve never tried to do any of those things.

Want a real report card on how your staff is doing? Try being your own…


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What Are You Waiting For? (Get 'em in, get 'em out of your waiting room)

My new free eBook, "Winning the Waiting (Room) Game" just came out, and while it's targeted to auto aftermarket/repair shops, I see a lot of similarities for auto dealership waiting areas. Where I worked @ Ford in NorCal, there was no waiting room. There were 2 facing couches outside my office, in the…


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No Slouching! Healthy Erognomic Tips

Hey you! Not to sound like your mom here, but don't slouch! If you've been on your feet all day selling, the last thing you want to do is sit ramrod straight at your desk, right? Whether you're cubicle-jockeying your way through the day's quota or taking a break between sales,…


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What stereotypes are you fighting?

It's a sad fact of life that you can be one of the most educated, friendly, outgoing, and trustworthy people, yet because you sell cars for a living, people automatically make assumptions about you. It's one of the last professions (possibly along with lawyers) that people feel justified about making mean comments toward.


We developed this free eBook to help you fight those stereotypes. It gives you 9 scripts that we know auto dealers encounter every day on their lots -…


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Sales Training - How Often Do You Sharpen Your Axe?

Once upon a time there were two men who lived in the same forest and decided to have a contest chopping wood.  The first man was in good physical shape and very muscular.  The second man was in good shape but smaller in statute and wiry.  They would chop wood all day and at the end of the…


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3 Reasons to Skip Your Holiday Vacation

pulled from a blog by my coworker, Brandon Weaver

The winter holidays are fast approaching. For auto dealers this means three things: chilly weather, holiday sales and finally being able to take that much needed, much deserved vacation. Pump the brakes on that idea this year.

1.  Consumer Demand & Hiring Are Up

Historically, holiday shutdowns…


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Top 10 Reasons New and Used Auto Dealers Lose Car Sales

Ready to make your millions running a car dealership? Don’t fall prey to the following possibilities. You could have the biggest inventory, the hottest specials, the hungriest sales people, and the most prime location, and you’re still losing car sales. The question is not just why, but how.

10. Online review sites

You know they’re out there, but no one really likes to talk about them. Yet if you’re not addressing online review sites and incorporating them into your…


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The Zombies are Coming to YOUR Dealership!

Looking to drop a couple of pounds? No diet pills or exercise required. Just invite a couple of zombies over for dinner. You're dinner, by the way. Zombies, as you know, love to feast on brains. And in most cases, the human brain weighs approximately…


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