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5 Smart Shopping Tips

You may be surprised to know that the biggest mistake you can make when shopping is to shop the 'best' or 'lowest' priced products. That's right! Buyers mistakingly use price to drive their buying decisions - this is referred to as the price myth and retailers have used the lowest price hook for years to drive traffic to their stores and websites. The single biggest shopping mistake a consumer can make is to base the decision to shop or buy solely on price and I should know as I have… Continue

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Xenon HID Lights Help to Achieve More Glare for Your Vehicle

Majority of car manufacturers have started to realize the popularity of Xenon HID lights and incorporated them as a standard equipment in their high level cars. You’ll also have the option of installing these HID headlights on your mid-range cars. These products are also sold separately by a large number of offline and online stores. Owners of older cars are very curious to know about this lighting option and its viability as a source of illumination for their cars.

Xenon HID lights… Continue

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Install Your Glittery HID Kit with Fool-Proof Tips

If you’re bored with the poor lighting conditions of your motorbike, car or SUV and want to render it a facelift, a HID Kit is definitely what you must look for. A HID Kit consisting of xenon bulbs, digital waterproof and dustproof ballast, and ballast holders is quite long-lasting with high quality bulbs and powerful ignitor. Switching the HID lights on or off won’t consume the energy of your battery. Their high intensity discharge covers a wider area to provide you a safe and smooth driving… Continue

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Install Xenon HID Lights in your Vehicle for High Illumination & Low Cost

A somewhat pioneering technology in lighting has arrived at the scene in the form of Xenon HID lights that have given traditional Halogen lights a run for their money. Xenon lights are better in every aspect than Halogens. They are more cost and energy-efficient and last even ten times longer. Five times more light is also generated by Xenon HID lights. If the popularity of Xenon bulbs continues like this, you’ll soon find Halogen bulbs missing from automobile headlights.

Xenon HID… Continue

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Groundbreaking HID Kit Adds Dazzling Illumination to Your Vehicle

People seek to upgrade their vehicles with stylish elements every now and then to be distinguished on the road. Whether you own a new or old vehicle and want to give a makeover to it, a High Intensity Discharge or HID Kit will definitely help your cause. You can enjoy a number of benefits by installing this kit on your vehicle. Before that, just have a look on the definition of HID.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting produces light from a plasma discharge, instead of a filament.… Continue

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Price is always a very sensitive issue, especially during times of contraction, when money is tight, consumers are scared and more selective with their money. The first response (incorrectly) is to reduce price in order to make up for less volume. It is a myth that a lower price will sell your product and a formula for disaster.

Unless you are Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store that have entire business models built around very small margins and high volumes, the lowest price model will… Continue

Added by Grant Cardone on April 7, 2009 at 7:07pm — 3 Comments

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