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Congrats You Opened A Dealership Now What?

Congrats You Opened A Dealership Now What? 

To be in the automotive retail, training and consulting business for 14+ years one would tend to pick up some important business life lessons. At Dealer eTraining I have always kept an open mind when it comes to…


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Website Builders For Your Dealership Business

Nowadays every good dealership pays a huge attention and big money on its portal or website. Of course, if you sell such works of art as automobiles you can’t help but showing every masterpiece in all its best light! Some car dealers prefer to create websites by themselves to save time and money, to experiment and to get exactly what they want. Such explorers or to be more truly, bravehearts, won’t surely do without a good car dealer website builder.…


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How To Manage The Millennial Car Shopper : AutoTrader Mobile Millennial Case Study

AutoTrader releases groundbreaking statistics on the future of the automotive shopping experience.

Millennials have the pedal to the mobile metal and are shaking up the automotive…


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Do You Know How To Compete?

Learn how to analyze your competition, what marketing channels to pursue, and which to avoid.

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Youngest Car Dealer in the US?

My son is 20 yrs old and just got bonded and started his small car lot a month ago. Mistake or success? He was in college and dropped out for the car biz. I taught him about credit and he started building it at 18 and maybe that was a mistake as a father as he would probably be in school still. Thoughts? He seems to be doing things successfully and selling cars. He has not gotten a website just a face book page and it is working. He is a unconventional dealer but maybe the new generation of…


Added by Troy Campbell on April 27, 2014 at 11:53am — 20 Comments

How Will Mobile Tech Partnerships Shift The Automotive Market?


Connected Car and the Dealership:                   

The era of connected cars is officially well underway. Automotive and technology giants recently announced substantial partnerships that will pave the future of cars and technology.…


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Adapt like a sales champ!

     “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”  Those are the words of Stephen Hawking one of the most brilliant minds of our time.  We all know the world is changing at a lighting fast rate.  Society, technology and business are a different landscape than what it was just a few years ago.  Are you changing with the times?

     According to a recent article by…


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Now car dealership scheduling done right from your smartphone or tablet

Whether you have an iPhone®, Samsung Smartphone, Blackberry, Windows or other Android Smartphone, you can now easily schedule a car for delivery, service, reconditioning or any of the other schedules within Auto Scheduler Advantage™.



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Cutco Can Do It; Why Can’t We!!!

If you look close enough to this picture:

you will see my name “SANSONE” etched into my new Cutco Cutlery set. What’s amazing to me is that I didn’t think I needed a new set of knives, I certainly didn’t have any difficulty cutting my last steak.

So why do I own them ???? Because Cutco is smart…


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Car leasing has heated back up to pre-recession levels, but how much more growth can the industry expect for leasing?, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, has insight into this trend based on results of a recent survey that included leasing as a consideration of future vehicle shopping.

Brands such as Toyota and GM have been in the news lately discussing their plans for more lease growth. While these and other automakers have realized the industry’s return…


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SUVs Show Strong Retention During July

Used vehicles model years 2007-2011 overall depreciated -1.4% in July, slightly more than the -1.3% pace in June and -1.0% level in May. Domestic cars depreciated -1.5%; import cars were -1.4%; domestic trucks were -1.4%; and import trucks were -1.3%. Average pre-recession depreciation is historically between -1% and -2% monthly.

  • SUVs enjoyed among the strongest depreciation recorded across all segments. All four SUV segments, Compact, Full-size, Luxury and Mid-size, were four…

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Why Certified Cars Cost More?

  Today, most automobile manufacturers are offering certified pre-owned cars programs via their dealership network. Even superstore retailers have their own programs in this regard. Potential buyers can also look at third-party used car dealer that offer certification programs that are not associated with the ones…


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10 Key Characteristics of the BHPH Customer

It is easy to sell more cars in the Buy Here-Pay Here industry. All you have to do is say “Yes”. The challenging parts are knowing which customers to say “Yes” to and how to collect the balance of the loan.

In order to make that decision, there are 10 Key Characteristics that are important…


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Social Media Reputation: Picking the Power Accounts at Your Dealership


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KPA Offers 7 Scholarships to Attend the Internet Sales 20 Group

Internet Sales 20 Group

We don’t promote conferences very often. Those who have seen KPA at conferences know that we attend nearly all of them, speak at most, and engage with dealers as our primary reason for going. These things make promotion of the events challenging as we know that we’re getting a benefit from them so it’s almost like “double dipping” when we promote them as well.



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How To Hire The RIGHT Vendor


You've decided to go outside your dealership to get something handled.  After a lot of thought, you realized it would be better to spend money with the right experts and handle things once, than to save money on paper and take your people away from what they do best for you.  Many times that's exactly what you should do.  But how do you know you have the right company for what you really need?      

To help you see how to rate a company or service, I will be using our company…


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BHPH Managers - Walking The Tightrope

Managing a Buy Here – Pay Here dealership can be like walking a tightrope. A manager needs to balance creating a friendly atmosphere against the need to maintain a business relationship. Potential customers should feel welcome when they come in to purchase a new vehicle and current customers should feel…


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When Is The Best Time To Hire?

You've evaluated the numbers.  Met with your managers.  Decided the goals for the rest of the year.  Now the only question is, how and when should you hire additional sales people?  Is there actually a best time to put new people on your floor?  Let's look at the possibilities.  


When things are slow there are two huge benefits to hiring new people.  First - You cna take your time and make sure they get their feet under them.  Let…


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Response Logix and Digital Air Strike – Announce Merger


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Imagine Boosting Your Dealership Chat Conversion by 64% with 1 Simple Change

Imagine driving more chat conversations than you ever thought possible!  Proactive dealer chat invitations have …


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