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Best Practices For Gaining New Business

Our team has outlined 10 tips, tricks, and best practices for sales and gaining new business.

  1. Don’t Hear; Listen: Most times, your prospective client will clue you in on exactly what they need.  It is important that you listen to what they are saying and look beyond your immediate scope to…

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A Message from Stan Sher To Get Inspired Through Excitement

A message from Stan Sher, the founder of Dealer eTraining and Stan Sher Consulting.  The story and explanation of the message is to let you know that the only way you can continue to grow and be the best is by simply getting excited.  Create…


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Stan Sher Thank you Message to Grant Cardone

Stan Sher of Stan Sher Consulting and Dealer eTraining would like to give a shout out "Thank You" message to the one and only Grant Cardone.  Stan is sporting Cardone posters and gear in order to stay motivated.  The goal is…


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3 Reason Your Delivery Coordinator holds the Keys to Your CSI Scores

3 Reason Your Delivery Coordinator holds the Keys to Your CSI Scores

Your delivery coordinator is the resource who will help yourcustomers through the delivery process. This person will work hand in hand with customers to make sure they leave completely satisfied.  In…


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Automotive Sales Internet BDC Experts - Be Proactive - Dealer eTraining

Automotive Sales and Internet BDC Expert Stan Sher of Dealer eTraining explains the importance of being proactive in the dealership.  Too many times sales people are wasting time…


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Don’t guess what your sold customers think about your business.

You can’t measure what you don’t know.

Business Rater keeps you up to date in real time on your daily business transaction experiences both good and not so great ones.

Contact for a free consultation how…


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Mixing Up Your Automotive Marketing on Facebook

Automotive Marketing on Facebook creates the possibility to build relationships in your local community. We say that “Facebook is a

cocktail party” and urge dealerships treat it as such. It is important

to build the number of likes that your public page has, but that doesn’t

mean that you have to do it on your own.

Creating social relationships with other businesses such as restaurants, not-for-profits, colleges and other local…


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Getting Referrals – What’s so Hard About it?

In the last posting we mentioned getting referrals as a way of building relationships and obtaining new business. Here is why this is so important and what you can do differently to make this work for your dealership:

Asking for referrals is like asking for the…


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7 Words of a Dying Business

In recent post on Advertising Compliance by Jim Radogna, he made this point about being resistant to change to someone who commented on his entry: “But, we’ve always done it this way.”

His point is well taken. I submit to you that these seven words (or these: “we’ve never done it this way before”) or other variations on this theme are statements of a dying…

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Black Boxes in Vehicles Being Proposed

Whenever you hear about a terrible commercial airliner crash, you also hear about the search for the ‘black boxes.’ These units record vital information about the aircraft before the incident that can be helpful in piecing together data to help discover what caused the crash.…


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Building Trust with Your Customers

In this final installment on this topic, we examine why one of the key ways to obtain and keep auto clients on a long-term basis is to build an important key component into all of your relationships: building trust. Not only should you be a Trusted Advisor when it comes to giving out the best advice on what vehicles to purchase, but you should also build trust in all of your relationships.

What this will do for you is to help you close more sales because when…

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Character Traits to Emulate

Auto sales persons have typically been stereo-typed as smooth-talking, back-slapping, and dishonest persons. Whether the stereo type is true or not is irrelevant. One must take steps to prove that they and their dealership stand in direct opposition to this view.

The way in which this is done is by examining and emulating the best character traits which fly in the face of any stereo typing. Here are the ones to pursue:

Understand and Like Your…

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Helping Your Customers Help You

Usually, we think that helping a customer means getting them into the vehicle that they want or need. However, there is a bigger picture to helping your customers. And that includes helping your customers pay off their vehicles so that you realize your full profit potential.

What do we mean by this? When your customer pays off their vehicle in full, you realize your full profit on the sale. When they do not, your profits are not as great and therefore you are not as successful as you… Continue

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Facebook is good, but don’t forget building your own list

Facebook is all the rage right now in connecting with those who have an interest in your business. It has revolutionized the way we keep in touch with one another. And, keeping your name in front of friends and fans is great.

But, don’t forget the other “keeping in touch” tool that is still very valuable: the email list. I spoke about this in the last post, but feel it is important to expand upon.

Using an email distribution list to send out targeted messages about your business… Continue

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Put Smart into Your Business Operations

Sure, this is an article about a specific product called the Smart Tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking. But, it is more than that. The word ‘smart’ indicates that there are certain principles which you can implement into your dealership that will help you run your business smarter and therefore… Continue

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