November 2011 Blog Posts (12)

The Digital Edge Summit: Learn How to Implement the Latest Internet Strategies to Increase Dealership Profits in 2012!

If you aren't already planning on attending the Digital Edge Summit, Tuesday, December 6, 2011 in Los Angeles, pay attention.


A number of leading gurus in automotive online marketing are bringing their expertise to the Southern California market for one information-packed event.  This…


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Building a Complete List of Automotive Social Networks

There is a distinct taste of irony to this post. I made my feelings known about cross-posting on all of the social networks earlier this month. Now I must break my own personal rule.

This time, I have good reason.

We're trying to compile a…


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The Salesman a Cockroach after a nuclear war

If you sell cars you and have any talent you probably have one of the most secure jobs in the dealership. So you want to sell cars?

The salesman works a couple of twelve hour shifts a week and every Saturday and if he does not sell enough cars he owes the dealership money.

The Salesman takes on all jobs in the dealership that have come available since they cut back and fired everyone who drew a salary all for free.

The Salesman gets blamed for not setting up the… Continue

Added by Stanley Esposito on November 26, 2011 at 9:52am — 6 Comments

Avoid this idiocy by creating a cult-like following for your dealership

Idiocy...Create a relationship and even a cult-like following for your business to avoid idiocy like this.

Yes we consume, but purposely trying to cost people sales for some ridiculous day is nonsense. Several of my friends and neighbors are business owners and I am happy to give them my money for good products and services. Video - Annual Buy Nothing Day

I say we start our own day called…


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Google Takes Issue with Reviews

It seems that Presto Reviews has been working very hard with Google on behalf of dealers. What Presto Reviews has been working on is dispelling many of the myths and misunderstandings about what Google wants, expects and will do with reviews about auto dealerships.


The Google Places team not only has been extremely open about this process when discussing it with Presto Reviews they have gone on record to definitively state that they do not block ip addresses of dealers who…


Added by Harlene Doane on November 16, 2011 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

How HTML5 vs Flash Affects Your Dealership Website

HTML5 has been in the tech news lately, especially since Adobe announced that they are going to stop developing Flash in favor of HTML5 on mobile browsers.  This doesn’t mean the company is abandoning the technology on desktops, but according to Mike Chambers, the lead in Adobe developer relations, “a lot of the things that you have done via Flash in the past will increasingly be done via HTML5 and CSS3…”.…


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Regularly Updated Content Ranks Better, According to Google

Google recently announced a new update to their search engine algorithm that puts a greater emphasis on recently published, fresh content. "This change...promotes fresher that we provide users the most relevant answers to their queries," according to a Google spokesperson.




Added by Ali Amirrezvani on November 11, 2011 at 5:09pm — 2 Comments

DealerOn Sites Win Dataium Website Performance Awards for October 2011

Rockville, MD--DealerOn, the premier auto dealer website provider, announces that two of their auto dealership customers have been awarded Dataium Website Performance Awards for October 2011.  Dataium uses various performance metrics collected from participating dealership websites to recognize auto dealerships and their website providers for their online performance.  Volkswagen of Lithia Springs was awarded the…


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SEO vs. Search Engine DOMINATION!


As your NextGen Dealer Advocate, I may ruffle a few feathers with what I’m about to say.  Nobody needs a “yes” man or woman suggesting Dealers aren’t getting sold a bill of goods every day. My team and I have had the opportunity to look at many Dealer web sites across the country.  The truth is that over…


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If unemployment is at 9.0% why are dealerships, franchise and independent, not able to find employees.

       I travel 5 days a week visiting dealers throughout Central and Northeast Florida. The one consistant question I get at least twice a day is, "Do you know any salespeople looking to work?" I hear this from both Franchise and Independent dealers. They seem to ask this question for two reasons. 1.) They have bodies, some trainable and some not so trainable, they are reluctant to let go until they find someone more qualified, and 2.) They just cannot find someone.

      I will…


Added by Steve Cortes on November 6, 2011 at 9:00am — 8 Comments

Use Google's GoMo to Test Your Dealer Mobile Site

Google, in an effort to help small business ensure they have an effective mobile website, has launched "GoMo".  This website ( lets users learn about why having a quality mobile site is important, test how your site looks in its mobile version, and find resources to help if your mobile site isn't quite up to par.…


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Finding Local Twitter Influencers to Build Ambassadors for Your Dealership


On Twitter, not everyone is equal. Some have a ton of followers. Some post a ton of Tweets. Some barely Tweet at all, but when they do, people listen.

Using tools and a little cleverness, car dealers can find the influencers in their local area and engage with them to advance…


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