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Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

The Grateful Dead once sang, “What a long strange trip its been.” I suppose you could twist the lyrics and have an accurate description of the long, strange year 2009 has been... continue reading at

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Dept. of Labor increased enforcement of Wage and Hour

U.S. Secretary of Labor issued a statement regarding the increased enforcement and outreach efforts of the department’s Wage and Hour Division, and announced to have hired an additional 250 new wage and hour investigators, a staff increase of more than one third. Full press release at

Very timely, KPA and Ford & Harrison are hosting a webinar on the topic: more information under the Events sections of this site (… Continue

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Our Testimonials Tell it All

We get a number of customer testimonials each week at AutoRevo and quite honestly it motivates the heck out of us. I especially enjoyed this one because it touched on several groups within our organization. Check it out:

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank all of you at AutoRevo. We appreciate you! Everyone I talk to from Accounting, support, sales, and administration are very courteous and helpful. If you ever need a testimonial from a satisfied dealer, you got it! Your… Continue

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Turn More Phone Ups Into Showroom Appointments!


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While the world spends so much time complaining about what is wrong I am reminded at this time of the year to focus on what I have to be grateful for:

All those involved in the military that risk their lives to protect this country.

The honest police forces around the country that make us all safe.

The courageous firemen in cities that risk their lives for each of us.

The compassionate and loving nurses that work overtime to take… Continue

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iPhone Accelerates how Dealers Perform

We have written to you several times on how auto dealers are embracing the iPhone to increase the speed of their business. Well, we got a new one in the other day. To give you perspective I’ll set the plot on our history with this dealership group.

Meade Auto Group (2 Lexus & 1 Dodge store) has been using AutoRevo for over 2 years. They started us in 1 store and expanded us into 3 stores. Joey Fortuna, internet manager, now runs all 3 stores and sells over 200 units a year… Continue

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If all the cars are registered to the rental company and insurance is provided by the renter, the rental company and the rent to own company would it be necessary to have a dealer's license? I am in Connecticut.

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Major Global Trends in Automotive. Short 2010-2020 forecast

Take a look at Major Global Trends in Automotive. Short 2010-2020 forecast by Philippe VARIN, PSA Peugeot Citroen Chairman of the Managing Board
Download the review from

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The Impact of NOT Using Social Media

The Impact of NOT Using Social Media

What is the cost of NOT doing social media? How about NO business. That is a BIG cost isn't it? A HUGE cost if you ask me, but then again you didn't but it's something I have been thinking about today and something that I wanted to bring up.

There has been a big paradigm shift online, it's called social media and it's bringing people together like never before.… Continue

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I Believe...

*that an ounce of fact is worth a ton of ballyhoo.

*that the day of desk-thunping is over and that a big idea is more important than a big fist.

*in the abolishment of bunk, hokum, and black magic.

*that funny stories are passe and that the foundation of every sale is a straight forward presentation of what my product will do for my pospect.

*that the Go-Giver will surpass the man who is interested only in Go-Getting.

*that quility is a greater… Continue

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AutoRevo Debuts iPhone App for Inventory Management

October 30, 2009 - Auto Remarketing

DALLAS — AutoRevo, a provider of dealer Web sites and on-demand software for selling vehicles online, has launched a new application that allows dealers to manage their inventory on their iPhones.

AutoRevo Mobile is designed to let dealers decode a vehicle identification number from a photo of the VIN barcode, edit vehicle information and update prices, all of which can be done through the iPhone. Dealers can also use the application to… Continue

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CARFAX on the iPhone at Auction

Show me the CARFAX….at the auction.

Time and time again we’ve seen hoards of dealers crawling the auction lanes on their cell phones to get a vehicle history report check on cars. Not only does it take 2 people to accomplish this (1 at the auction and 1 back at the office), but more importantly it puts your dealership at a disadvantage not being fully informed of a cars history prior to bidding without a VHR.

AutoRevo and CARFAX are here to change just that. To highlight… Continue

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Increasing Customer Retention With Social Media

It’s happening every day. Odds are it’s happening as you read this post but you’re doing nothing about it. I’m talking about the gold mine you’re allowing to walk out your front door. Do you know what it is? If you’re thinking unsold customers you’d be wrong, while there is gold there as well it’s nothing compared to the gold mine that’s just waiting for you to tap into it, do you know what it is yet? I’m talking about your sold customers.

Most dealerships, most business really,… Continue

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The American Car Salesman

The American car salesman is both hated and revered.

He is the last of a rare breed – the ultimate maverick.

He walks with confidence and takes offense at direction.

He cannot be left on his own, yet his spirit will not be dominated.

He is free enterprise personified.

The American automobile salesman laughs in the face of affirmative action. He is one of the few workers in society who is paid exactly what he is worth.

While the… Continue

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Some of the 100,000 Apps Perfect for Dealers

Apple® today announced that developers have created over 100,000 apps for the revolutionary App Store, the largest applications store in the world. iPhone® and iPod touch® customers in 77 countries can choose from an incredible range of apps in 20 categories, including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel. App Store users have downloaded well over two billion apps, continuing to make it the world’s most popular applications store.

So what are just some of… Continue

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Why the Apple iPhone Rocks the Car Industry

If anyone has been hunting the technology to collect and manage dealer inventory for the last decade it has been us at AutoRevo. We have all seen the contraptions with some combination of: digital cameras, Socket barcode scanners, tablet PCs, proprietary hardware with a swivel video camera to double as a camera, iPaq hand-helds, Bluetooth, Wi-fi cameras, flash card cameras to insert into a hand-held, and on and on.

Thanks to Apple the technology is now here:

3GS internet… Continue

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AutoRevo Mobile is Now Available on iTunes

AutoRevo Mobile is now officially available in the App Store in iTunes… Download it today and start using it – you won’t believe the difference it will make!

We heard an amazing story from one of our dealers: Last week, he posted a truck on his site just after he bought it at auction in Mississippi (with VIN decoded info and pics uploaded from his iPhone). The truck sold the next day! It never even made it back to his lot before they shipped it off to the buyer……


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iPhone Application Helps Dealers Sell Cars Faster

iPhone Application Helps Dealers Sell Cars Faster

AutoRevo Releases Auto Industry’s First iPhone Inventory Management Application Integrated with Carfax

Dallas, TX — AutoRevo, the premier provider of auto dealer websites and on-demand software for automotive dealerships marketing and selling cars online, today announced the release of AutoRevo Mobile, an application that allows dealers to manage their inventory on their iPhone.

“The technical barriers to a true mobile… Continue

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The 4 Keys to Successful Indexed Inventory

For over a year, one of my biggest gripes with most automotive website design firms is that they indexed their inventory badly. Most promoted the idea that indexed inventory was a valid SEO tool with no side-effects. It's important to understand that there is good and bad with having your inventory indexed - if done wrong, it can actually hurt the SEO of a site.

The inventory pages, the listings, the calls to action -- all play a role in the success of an inventory module. Here, we… Continue

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Sales is a tough Racket

This is a story of how I got into car sales.

I was working in the Aircraft industry for years. The industry pays well as aircraft parts produce large profits. Then came 9/11/2001 the industry as a whole took a major hit. I made it until 2003 before my number came up.I was laid off. I could not make the money I did outside of the aircraft industry with the skills I had.

My wife and kids were out of town when I was laid off. I decided I wanted to get into sales because I thought If I… Continue

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