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How to get the most out of your email marketing

Ahh yes, email marketing…. an advertising medium that everyone loves due to the low to no cost. The question is; how do you maximize your campaigns so that you get the best open, click, and better yet conversion rates. The way we look at email marketing at 2020 eConsulting is like a series of chains. Here is where we insert the phrase… ”as strong as its weakest link”. So what are all the “links”, metaphorically speaking? We have them itemized here… Continue

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Why Do Salespeople Take Shortcuts?

Why Do Salespeople Take Shortcuts?

So, why do your salespeople take shortcuts? In the midst of this “softer sales cycle” it never ceases to amaze me, how a salesperson will wait for an “up” for the better part of a day…and when they finally get in front of a prospect, they rush through the process, by taking every possible shortcut…only to finish, without closing the deal so they can sit around, and wait, and wait, for the next prospect…so they can hurry through the entire… Continue

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A Better Way to Live --- Any business can operate with these principles

A Better Way to Live: The Car Business -- any business can operate with these principles

1. Count your blessings! Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play and you will finally be able to move forward toward the life that God intended for you...with grace, strength, courage and confidence.

2. Today, and every day, -- deliver more than you are getting paid to do! The… Continue

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The Face of the Dealership

It has been about a month since I posted a blog. My last few have not been all that positive. I sell cars and it is very important to come to work with a positive attitude. Times seem to be tough right now. Stores are low on inventory and customers are few and far between. It is time to turn these negatives into positives. I will try to keep it short because I can go on all day about this subject.

Customers and their methods of shopping seem to be evolving so much faster then the… Continue

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Hitting More Targets...With One Bullet!

Big Solutions for Small Business

Maintaining your inventory in one location with 5kMedia’s Dealercloud dashboard, you can be assured that the inventory is mirrored on all of your websites such as Cars.com, Autotrader.com, ListPic and many other local media sources.

With the 5kMedia’s Dealercloud Dashboard, we can send your data just about anywhere on the web. …


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Have you thought about expanding into the BHPH market? You can get started doing your own BHPH-type deals using FinCo's BuyHere-PayTHERE lending platform.

Don’t give up your profits to finance companies; let FinCo become YOUR virtual finance department.

There are no monthly minimums, no sign up fee, and you keep the principal paid. You can start banking the unbankable customers today!

Coming Soon… BuyHere-PayTHERE Cash Advance Hybrid

FinCo will use its existing lending platform to create a deep subprime cash advance program.

Dealer Benefits include:

• Cash Advance = 50%+ of amount… Continue

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AutoStar SuperStore created to help disenfranchised dealers!

In June, George Lovato and Ken Zangara set out to do something to help the thousands of dealers who lost their franchise. Knowing that the closings left large footprints in our cities they realized that someone needed to do something. At that time AutoStar Dealer Network was born.

AutoStar Dealer Network provides dealers with another option when they are left without their flag. Rather than try to find another new car franchise or become an independent, why not join a network of… Continue

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Being Fired for Being Honest.

In my last blog where I had mentioned that I found the F/I Mgr was stealing from the customer and was able to get owners to agree to fire him. The following Monday I was fired for doing the "right thing" I have been out of there almost a week. I thought it over for a while and came to the conclusion that I was working my way to getting rid of another individual who I felt was cheating. He had approached me and ask me "if he was next to be fired " apparently he has an in with the owners and had… Continue

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Free eBook: Social Network Marketing, 12 Steps for Success

I got this one from a friend last night and read it cover to cover. This should help us all get to the next level in regards to marketing on social networks and social media.

You can download it here:

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Is this consider stealing,cheating, fraud etc..? PART 2

Hey Guys and Gals,

Thank you for all your input in this matter and I had made the determination of turning this guy in. I collected all the information needed to do so and gave it to the comptroller and then he investigated and went to the office manager. They were not really convinced that he had done anything wrong to my surprise but I felt that if they didn't go to the owners I would.

So they fired him and I felt that a great justice had been done even though I would… Continue

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Free Ebook on Social Networking and Leveraging Social Media

I ran across this free ebook yesterday on social networking and was very impressed by what I learned. The sections on Facebook and Twitter were by far the best.

Here is the location where you can download it from:

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Goodbye Saturn!

I am for whatever reason surprised that this hasn't been posted yet! It's official, we're (Saturn) in the phase out process after Penske wasn't able to secure manufacturing. Any 2010 vehicle in-bound will be taken back, not available for retail. We have 12 months to perform warranty work on Saturns. It is what it is.. Many people think this should have happened years ago, but for me, it was fun.

I started as a salesman, grew into a top F&I producer and eventually a GM at one of… Continue

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