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Setting Up Local Listings in Search Engines (Besides Google)

Most people tend to focus a lot of their local search engine marketing for their auto dealer website on Google Places.  While it's true that a lot, if not most, of your search traffic comes from Google, it's still important to make sure your dealership is properly optimized for the other major players as well.…


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For Those Attending The Digital Dealer Conference


The Dealer Resource Group Is Please To Announce That Senior National Trainer - Anthony Bartoli Is A Featured Speaker At This Year's Digital Dealer Conference.


If you are attending this year's conference, please stop by and say…


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Sponsorship - a good deal

Luke Scicluna, Copywriter Salefest Advertising

Do not underestimate the benefits of sponsorship.

Here at Salefest we’ve just witnessed the good-fortune that a well-planned sponsorship deal can provide to your business.

How would you like to hear your dealership not only mentioned, but thanked, in front of a…


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Protect Your Dealership from Being Marked “Closed” on Google Places

What is designed to be a way for users to let Google know when a business has been closed is, in some cases, being abused by local competitors.  Since it is so easy to mark a business closed in Google Places, some business are being tagged as closed when they aren't.  When enough people mark a business as closed, Google will review whether or not this is true, though their review process isn't public.…


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Can an Automaker Incentive Battle Goose the Economy?

As the economy wallows in the doldrums, is there any cause for optimism? The outcome of the European debt crisis is still unknown, and we know how markets despise uncertainty. There are still plenty of uncertainties associated with the so called “Arab Spring” uprisings in the Middle East, and those could be with us for a while. While fuel prices have somewhat moderated, they remain high. The country’s credit rating took an unnecessary hit, although plenty of money seems to still be seeking to… Continue

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VinSolutions is hiring for territory manager for the north east and mid east regions

VinSolutions, a leading provider of automotive dealership software, is growing its Sales Team and needs a Territory Manager for the North East and Mid East regions of the United States. This is a great opportunity to put your sales and communication skills to work. Daily, you will be prospecting for new business and helping close sales with dealerships. Previous sales experience to automotive dealerships is highly desired or experience in the automotive industry is a plus. As the…


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Site Not Ranking Well? Check With Google

If you aren't happy with the way your dealership website is performing in terms of search engine results (and you aren't violating Google's webmaster guidelines), you can ask Google to "reconsider" your site.  Essentially, you can ask Google to take a look at your site to see if it was manually marked as spam.



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2011 Auto Finance Survey

The 2011 Auto Finance Survey is now open. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. This is the 8th consecutive year Auto Dealer Monthly has conducted this survey. Our goal is to understand changes and trends in the F&I office and report the findings back to our readers. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Three respondents who complete the survey will win $50 gift cards based…


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Don't Get Stuck in a Hole with a "Too Good To Be True" Campaign.

Recently I came across an article about an incredibly large settlement that the American Suzuki Motor Corporation had been ordered to pay out to a dealer in Kansas City. Jeremy Franklin successfully sued American Suzuki, after his brother, Chad Franklin (also a Suzuki dealer) ran a campaign that offered “No Payments For Life.” Sounds too good to be true, right? It was, and it created a disaster for Suzuki in the Kansas City market. The campaign had been approved by a co-op advertising that…


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What Would It Take For You to Walk Away?

I try to spend at least a little time each day reading forums and blogs from outside the auto industry because I think there is a lot to learn from other business communities.  Today, I found an interesting question up for discussion, and would like to pose the same to you.


What would it take for you to leave the auto industry?



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Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Project (Part 1 "Why")

Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Project



When posed the question of “why do we create a virtual desktop infrastructure?” many reasons come flooding out of my head such as portability, consistency and security.




Often times a user will need to relocate to a different desk than their usual.  With normal desktop PCs this can create some…


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Google Buys Zagat

Google has just bought Zagat, a company that provides ratings and reviews of restaurants, entertainment venues, and travel locations.  Known primarily for their yearly restaurant book guides, they have been doing quite well with their online subscription based site and community.


Google plans for Zagat to be the "cornerstone of our local offering", helping them  to compete directly with Yelp and other online review sites.  Think it was a coincidence that Google recently…


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Reminder: It is Time for an Attitude Adjustment

I was once the bride of an enlisted sailor, who during the course of our marriage made the transition from enlisted to officer by finishing his college education.  Once he had become an officer; he tackled the challenge of completing flight school to become a Naval Aviator.  When he graduated from flight school and to represent his accomplishments, I had a pewter tankard… Continue

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Credit Bureua

We are Search and  asking is there any dealership out there can report accounts for other dealership?

IF so do you have a membership with any of the 3 natioanl credit Buruea like Experian or Equifa or Transunion

Our company looking for dealership can report Consumer Data and Pull credit report for each account or Flat Monthly Fee

Dealership like inhouse financial buy here and pay here dealership and other once outthere as well.

We just need…


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Will Google's Trusted Stores Be Just Another Push for Reviews?

Google is at it again.  According to the Google Operating System Blog, an unofficial source of news and tips about Google, the search engine giant will soon be launching Google Trusted Stores.  This new service is designed to make it "easy for online shoppers to identify stores that provide an excellent online shopping experience."



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DealerOn Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies List in 2011

DealerOn, the premier car dealer website provider, has been named to 2011 Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies at #2002, based on a three-year sales growth of 127%.  "DealerOn is thrilled to be a part of such an elite group of companies," said DealerOn co-founder and CEO, Ali Amirrezvani.  "This recognition means so much to the DealerOn family.  It is confirmation of, and a testament to, our employees’ hard work,…


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Going Up?

Seldom does some one board an elevator from an upper floor to ride the elevator up.  Most of the time, if someone boards the elevator from an upper floor it is to ride back to the first floor.  Therefore, when considering progress, why let someone impede your progression by not being on the project from the ground floor?



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Be Careful When Using Social Media in Hiring Decisions

It’s no secret that auto dealerships have frequently been forced to defend themselves against discrimination claims by employees and agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As a result, many dealers have instituted comprehensive human resources programs to avoid potential problems. However, new technology brings new challenges.


As the use of social media grows, more and more dealerships are using the internet to screen potential employees. Many managers…


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Job opening Providence, RI


Positions Currently Available

AutoRaptor CRM Support Specialist

The AutoRaptor team is seeking a candidate to fill a position on our Support Team. The Support Specialist is responsible for providing clients with support from the point of sale including: account set-up, technical assistance and training on the…


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Are You Training Your Replacement?

In 1982 I had the biggest blessing ever in the car business.  "Bruce" hired me as a sales person.  Bruce was the GM of a small Ford store in NJ and I was still finding my way around the business.  All I knew for sure was that I wanted to be a sales manager.  At that time, I couldn't tell a good one from a bad one but I still wanted to be one. 



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