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It is a shame that after all the financial support that dealers have given to make CARFAX what they are today to put an additional doubt in a customer's mind with this baseless feature that can lessen the value of a car. I can understand if there were an accident or odometer discrepencies reported on a vehicle that is extremely important for both the consumer and the dealer to understand the value of the car. But instead of wasting time and money on this nonsense of a "CARFOX" character…


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What are some options to ensure a 60 day turn?

There is one used car mgr. & two sales mgrs. The u.c.m. is in control of aquisition and w/s, but it's being suggested that all 3 mgrs. participate in a +60 day penalty. I have been charged with drafting a plan. Thanks in advance for the input.

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What is the Most Useful Report Generated by Your DMS and Why?

Complete responses are in the June issue of Auto Dealer Monthly.

There are lots of them that are important. The DOC [daily operating control] is probably the most critical. It just kind of gives you a trend analysis, and it’s a good barometer ... - Bob Cockerham, GM, Zia Kia, Santa Fe, NM…


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The New Breed of Shakedown Lawsuits

It seems like dealers just can’t catch a break when it comes to lawyers and lawsuits. Back in 2004, California businesses won a hard-fought battle against “shakedown” lawsuits with the passing of Proposition 64. Previously, the law had allowed any party to sue a company regardless of whether the plaintiff was directly affected. For example, lawyers were able to review car dealer ads in the newspaper, spot a violation of the Vehicle Code and file a lawsuit against the dealer, without any client… Continue

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ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team in Scottsdale, AZ; 5 New SoMars

The ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team based out of the SkySong Operations Center in Scottsdale, AZ is proud to introduce 5 New SoMars (Social Marketers) that started on May 17, 2010. Learn more about the services they provide at… Continue

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Texas Truck Thief Receives Brisk Awakening Thanks to GPS Tracking Device

KATY, Texas, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- A truck thief in Katy, Texas got a cool wake-up call when he discovered that the Ford F150 he stole from Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating was equipped with a GPS tracker.

On Friday, May 7th, a Ford F150 truck was stolen from Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating in…


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Openlane Online Auction

I would use EXTREME caution if doing business with them. I purchased 2 cars on May 12th, 2010 from Openlane. We sent funds thru Openlane's "Check by Fax" and Openlane proceded to CASH both checks on May 17th, 2010. Guess who still doesn't have the titles? I don't have them and neither does OPENLANE!!! They are still waiting on Volkswagen Credit to send them. But OPENLANE still cashed the checks!!! Yep!!! They did!!! And the kicker is OPENLANE isn't quite sure where or when I will receive the… Continue

Added by Ted Heater on May 21, 2010 at 6:16pm — 3 Comments

Conversion Rate Optimization for Your Dealership Website

Dealership website traffic is very important and there are many articles and blog posts about driving more people to your site whether it is SEO, SEM, Social Media or any other online marketing techniques, but today I want to talk about something else that is just as important. In fact I think it is more important. Focusing on your dealership conversion and how to optimize it is the real half of the equation that you need to… Continue

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My great-aunt sent this to me this morning mind you she is in her 70's

If my body were a car, this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model.…


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Social Media, The New Top Of Mind & 5 Tips To Help You Create It

Top of Mind Awareness is one of those terms you hear thrown around a lot by marketing reps. Wikipedia defines it as "Owning the space that your product or service occupies between your prospects' ears. That way, when they're ready to buy they think of you first." One of their definitions anyway, and the one I liked the…


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GM wants more subprime buyers

It was almost comical to read the AP headline today "GM wants more subprime buyers, will lenders agree?" Really? They just figured out that they need subprime buyers?

GM sold off their interest in GMAC (now Ally) and now they have decided the only way to get more buyers for GM products is to sell to the subprime buyer? But Ally isn't on board with the risk?

Let's all think… Continue

Added by Harlene Doane on May 18, 2010 at 2:27pm — 3 Comments

Don’t Be A Tiger Woods With Your Internet/BDC Dept.

Does your store play the sales game with a style similar to Tiger Woods? Does your store “appear” to be a great professional, ethical and respectful player at first only to prove otherwise once a

customer sets foot in your store? Let me ask it another way; does your

Internet and/BDC department perform like a competitive “pro” on your

first nine holes of the sales game, getting them in the door- only to

find your sales department causes the game to fall…


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Foursquare Webinar: Is Foursquare a Viable Automotive Social Media Channel?

000001288844ffd45e5ab550007f000000000001.header logged out Foursquare Webinar: The AC Webinar Series

Can Foursquare be an effective social media communications tool for retail car…


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Why Dealers should immediately call their U.S. Senators TO SUPPORT the 'Brownback amendment' !

AMENDMENT NEEDS DEALER SUPPORT!! This post was supplied to me by Tom Hudson who is currently in Las Vegas and attending the NABD Conference. It requires IMMEDIATE ACTION. Please use …


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BMW Veteran David Rose Joins IMN as Director of OEM Programs

BMW Veteran David Rose Joins IMN as Director of OEM Programs

Rose, former Sales Operation Manager for BMW, brings over 30 years of industry experience to his role with IMN

WALTHAM, Mass. – May 11, 2010, IMN, provider of Loyalty Driver™, the most widely-used e-communication service for automotive dealerships, is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran David Rose as director of OEM programs.

Rose brings more than 30 years of automotive industry experience… Continue

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Automotive Internet Marketing And The Rule Of Three

Using the rule of three for your marketing is a powerful way to increase sales. With a little research you will see that this rule of marketing has surrounded you for your entire life. Think back to your childhood and storytelling and you will see the rule of three in action. Remember the stories when you were a child: the three little pigs, Goldilocks and the three bears, three blind mice, the… Continue

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