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"A recession is a terrible thing to waste so make the most of it", is what I say. No one in their right mind would ask for this severe of an economic contraction as they prove so painful and inflict so much financial damage (as already has been proven). While no one would ever wish this, even on his best competitor, the reality is there are many benefits and opportunities created by them:

1) Competitors so involved in the problems they can't see a solution if it walked in and laid… Continue

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Sharing Good News -- New GMAC Jobs in N.C.

Too often, the good news is overshadowed by the bad. Last week, the N.C. governor's office announced GMAC Financial Services will add hundreds of jobs to its Charlotte office thanks to a Job Development Investment Grant from the state. Provided GMAC meets certain requirements, the company has the potential to receive up to $4.5 million over the next nine years.

The press release on the Web site of Governor Bev Perdue stated, “The Charlotte expansion is expected to create 200 finance,… Continue

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Will the last lender still open turn the lights off

As Fireside ceases buying deals, I am amazed at the lenders that are dropping. What i have noticed in this time and I would hope lenders might see this also is that the lenders that have stuck to what has made them successful are the ones that are still able to lend right now. It was the lenders in the last five years that tried to branch out and do things to cature business they were missing that realized it was business they didn't want. Capital One comes to mind on this. In the old days of… Continue

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Everyone at Auto Dealer People,

I just linked you to three very serious videos of recent interviews I did on NBC and Fox.

And then added a fourth video of my twin brother. Now while you may disagree with my position on Foreclosures, the Auto Bailout or how to Get through a Recession I hope that you can just laugh of this one put up regarding my 51 year old twin brother. I am sure it will cost me business and some will say its unprofessional but it is just meant to make you laugh… Continue

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New Letter Ideas

I am looking at re inventing all my letters. I am looking for some good ideas for letters for the following.

1. Bankruptcy discharge.
2. Reference Letter.
3. Approved but not Sold letter.
4. Credit Acceptance Followup Letter.

If you have and and would like to share I would love to receive some.

330-253-8143 Fax

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CONTROL THE CLOSE by Grant Cardone

Most sales people waste time talking about price and product prior to collecting the information necessary to even sell the product or close the sale. Selling can be an incredibly financially rewarding job or it can just be a great deal of disappointment and hard work. I am talking from experience as I have made all the mistakes a sales person can make and then some!
 Especially today I see sales people selling scared and bypassing necessary steps in order to make the sale. Here's what I… Continue

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Memoirs' From The Dark Side......

Memoirs' from the Dark Side.....

I use that line when I am rehashing and want my buyer to try and see the situation thru my eyes. "Please, take a moment to step over to the Dark Side and understand what I see". Still cracks me up, it lightens up a sometimes heated discussion and we can either put the deal together one structure or another or agree to disagree. It happens to the best of us.

So, that is where the name "Memoirs from the Dark Side" came from.

I do… Continue

Added by Marla R Cardenas on March 24, 2009 at 12:55pm — 5 Comments

Be Careful whom you call a Salesman.


It has been said that salesmen are a big problem to their bosses, their customers and their wives, to conservative, to hotels, and sometimes , to each other.

Individually and collectively they are cussed and discussed in sales meetings, conversations, behind closed doors, in bathrooms, bar rooms, and under ones breath from as many angles and with about the same fervor as the daily headlines.

They make more noise and mistakes, create more cheer, correct… Continue

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Internet Explorer 8 Released... With Little Fervor...

After 2 days of release, about 2% of web traffic is via Internet Explorer 8. Compare that to the release of Firefox 3.0 and it makes you wonder if anyone even cares about IE8. After 3 days of the release of Firefox 3.0, it accounted for an amazing 19% of all web traffic.

View the stats here

So what does this mean?

Does it mean that no one is excited about IE8? (I… Continue

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Be DEAF when someone says you cannot do it!

Be DEAF when someone says it is impossible!

Be DEAF when anyone tries to put limits on you!

For these people that make efforts to limit you and suggest that you cannot fulfill your dreams are dangerous people. These people have given up on their dreams and seek to convince you to do the same.

And do not be confused by these people when they suggest that they are only trying to help you! Help is not what they offer -… Continue

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Do Vehicle History Reports Influence How You Buy?

Hello to all my dealer friends. Do you run vehicle history reports on vehicles you purchase before or after? Do you just go by sight and the auction announcements and skip history reports all together? What is a red flag for you on a vehicle history report? Do you only jump on the one owner vehicles? How much history is to much history for you?

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Frontline Ready And What It Means To You

Im sure you can ask 100 dealers this questions and get 100 different answers. I'm just curious to see what my fellows dealers do to get a car front line ready. Is it on a vehicle by vehicle bases or is there things you do standard to each vehicle you purchase. Ive heard everything thing from just a wash to paint jobs. Whats the thing that gets that wow factor from you customers? Thanks in advance for your feedback

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One Dealer Testifies on Capitol Hill for Thousands -- There's Still Time to Get Your Voice Heard

On Thursday, March 19, 2009, Bob Cockerham – a Kia dealer from Santa Fe, N.M. – testified as a part of the “Perspectives from Main Street on Small Business Lending,” held by the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. His testimony focused on making credit more accessible to small businesses owners.

For months, Mary Cockerham, Bob’s wife, called members of Congress and presidents (to Bush near the end of his term and to newly-elected Obama). Often until late in… Continue

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Economies do not exist until somebody BUYS something! And economies cease to exist when a sale is not made. Management then decides, “Customers aren’t buying anything so let’s just cut heads, slash budgets, hunker down and shrink our way to greatness!”

Prospecting, interviewing customers to properly identify problems and opportunities, and then collaborating with them to find appropriate solutions, seems to be a skill set lost to an entire generation. How did this… Continue

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SELL YOUR WAY OUT by Grant Cardone

Selling is a Prerequisite for getting yourself out of a recession. Selling impacts every person on this planet especially during times of contraction. If you are in the car business, your problem is not selling cars, your problem is you aren’t selling (period). If you are in real estate and think real estate prices, foreclosures, tight credit are your problems you are incorrect, selling is your problem. Most all problems can be solved with Selling.

You have left an environment where… Continue

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Web Site Follow-Up

Here's a question that I hope will generate some feedback. We are currently in the development stages of launching our "TK" Website. We are supposed to go live April, 14th.

What kind of follow up are you doing besides the initial phone call or e-mail querry from the customer. Do you have a "generic" e-mail letter that follows up with the phone contact? Maybe an e-mail that describes the dealerships mission statement, philosophies, customer retention, atmosphere, service and parts… Continue

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VERY IMPORTANT ALERT! This Concerns TILA Enforcement

NAF Association Alert

(as received from Mr. Jack Tracey, Executive Director)

President Obama has signed a new law that, for the first time, will allow state Attorneys General to enforce the Truth in Lending Act.

In most states, auto dealers and finance companies only worry about TILA lawsuits from consumers and the Federal Trade Commission. A small number of states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Wyoming) are exempt from the federal… Continue

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Ever Considered Becoming a Sales Trainer?

Automax is looking for people who are experienced in the Auto Industry. People that know how to Sell! Our selection process is strict because we are only looking for the best of the best. After an extensive interview process and background check, we will train you PROPERLY on all the various aspects of what we do. WE ARE EXPANDING AND NEED AT LEAST 50 PEOPLE to help take us to the next level. I know I can't write much in this limited space, but take the first step and visit the website:… Continue

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Part II : The TOP TEN STUPID lines delivered to a lender during rehashing a deal…..

The Parody continues……

10) After he moved they never forwarded his payment statements so he didn’t know where to send it or when it was due.... Really!

9) He went through a really bad divorce; she ran up alllll his credit cards and left him.

That @#(&%^*!!!!!

8) What, you see bad checks???? I didn’t catch that on my TU..... We must pull different credit reports.... Hmmm...... So, what is the rate????

7) Hey what are a few repos… Continue

Added by Marla R Cardenas on March 14, 2009 at 12:19pm — 2 Comments

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