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Facebook is good, but don’t forget building your own list

Facebook is all the rage right now in connecting with those who have an interest in your business. It has revolutionized the way we keep in touch with one another. And, keeping your name in front of friends and fans is great.

But, don’t forget the other “keeping in touch” tool that is still very valuable: the email list. I spoke about this in the last post, but feel it is important to expand upon.

Using an email distribution list to send out targeted messages about your business… Continue

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Toyota Dealers Stop Sell: How to handle Media

This is the advice I am giving my Toyota dealers regarding handling local press interviews:

Your angle on this should be that you still have plenty of product available and if interviewed

push the story that way... DO NOT BE NEGATIVE and downplay it as much as possible. Any perceived

lack of confidence will only make things more difficult. Try and list off all the cars NOT in the recall.

I am reading a story about this on Automotive News and the dealer is making… Continue

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WARNING: Do NOT Start A Social Media Campaign Before Reading This

Transparency. Live it. Know it. Breath it. In a world of the internet, social media and Google the truth will always come out. Consider that a warning, one that you would be smart to head.

Too many dealers are too quick to jump on the social media bandwagon without realizing that it’s a double edged sword. Just like word of mouth can be positive, it can also be negative. Having said that you can’t pretend to be one thing on you social networks, then something else entirely… Continue

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PTPs - Call Their Bluff!

Collectors in the BHPH world HATE broken promise-to-pays (PTPs). So, why not "call their bluff" and take down their information for an ACH transaction right then and there? If they hesitate, then you know how strong of a "promise" it really was.

But there are products out there that help alleviate broken PTPs, like AutoStar's CollectorPro and PortalPay. Together, you can stop a customer in their tracks and get their information to make an online payment, or schedule an ACH, or even… Continue

Added by Raul M. Cabrera on January 22, 2010 at 5:33pm — No Comments

Put Smart into Your Business Operations

Sure, this is an article about a specific product called the Smart Tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking. But, it is more than that. The word ‘smart’ indicates that there are certain principles which you can implement into your dealership that will help you run your business smarter and therefore… Continue

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100% Funding for Franchise and Independents

While banks have been given the largest " bailout" in history and have been encouraged to loan that money to businesses and individuals,it actually seems that quite the opposite is true,less is being loaned.This unwillingness to loan has created a shortfall in most "rolling stock" industries like automobiles,rv's,marine,motorcycle etc.

National Collateral Funding Group was specifically created to assist these and other industries through various innovative approaches which will allow… Continue

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3 Tips to Create A Facebook Traffic Jam

Facebook Fan Pages have to be one of the coolest things in all of social media. One point I made before in "Is Facebook More Effective", is that it's the only permanent address most people will ever have. While emails, phone numbers, addresses, and oh yeah emails are ever changing. Facebook is the only permanent address most people will ever have. However the problem… Continue

Added by John Driscoll on January 20, 2010 at 8:20pm — 5 Comments

PortalPay Promo Video

We had some fun with our team and made a promo video about using AutoStar PortalPay®. It's a "real life" scenario of how a collector may use AutoStar CollectorPro to create a "promise to pay" then use PortalPay to schedule automatic recurring payments. Special thanks to Mike, Chris, Kathy, Matt, Antonio and Allen for making this video… Continue

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Job Opportunities with Credit Acceptance - Market Area Sales Manager!

We are currently looking for 10 Market Area Sales Managers for the following territories:

Wilmington NC

Southwest GA

West Oklahoma

Tallahassee FL

Ft. Lauderdale FL

North Boston

NE Texas

San Antonio TX

South TX (must speak Spanish)

El Paso TX (must speak Spanish)

The job description is below. If you meet the criteria and are interested, you can fax your resume to 866-523-4318 or apply online by following the link below. The… Continue

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Director of Claims for large VSC company needed!!!

Automotive Claims Director

Auto warranty company, located in south Florida, is seeking an experienced Claims Director. Qualified individual will be responsible for the claims staff.

• Monitor workflow in the claims department,

• supervise the claims adjudication process and ensure adherence to stated company policies for 25 employees.

• Resolve escalated claims issues.

• Auto claims or service management background a must.

• very strong automotive technical… Continue

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What Do You See Happening With Search Engine Marketing in 2010?

Complete Responses are in the February Issue of Auto Dealer Monthly

Our search engine marketing campaign for 2010 will not alter much from 2009. - Brad Hensley, Internet Manager, Cars Etc…Inc., Knoxville, Tenn.

Search engine marketing will continue to play a significant role in dealership electronic marketing within the new year, but I feel its overall relevance will diminish somewhat as… Continue

Added by Jenny Murphy Bloodworth on January 19, 2010 at 4:42pm — 7 Comments

Why Going 'Social' Can Make or Break the Automotive Industry

The car business has been notoriously slow at embracing aspects of the Internet since the beginning. Social media is no exception. In 2010, more in the industry from manufacturers down to dealers will learn to engage in social media or be left behind. Social media is not a new concept and has been used by many businesses for years, but the automotive industry has been behind in embracing it. The nature of social media is something that has been foreign to the automotive industry that has always… Continue

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How Does Socal Media Fit into a Dealer's Digital Marketing Plan?

Complete Responses are in the January issue of Auto Dealer Monthly

There are huge opportunities and it is a matter of getting the right people in place to use their time effectively, so we may take advantage of something that costs us nothing but time. - Courtney Cole,

Vice President, Hare Automotive, Indianapolis, Ind.

This isn't a place we focus a ton of time on, but it is something that… Continue

Added by Harlene Doane on January 9, 2010 at 11:54am — 4 Comments

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