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Here's Some Important Things You Missed

With All the New Things Everyday, It's Easy to Get Overwhelmed!
With all the new flashy technologies being developed everyday, we get caught up in the hype and miss the basics. This week, Paul is focusing on what you may have missed that's costing you leads and sales.…

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How to Sell Cars on Instagram

Four Keys to Success on Instagram

Want to sell more cars and reach more potential shoppers with Instagram? This week, special guest Tori Hoffman has the four keys to success on Instagram.

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Eating Chicken and Drinking Beer

Don't Let Your Leisure Activities Become Your Motivation

We all love to take time to relax, eat chicken wings, and drink beer, but is that your motivation? Your goal? Your highlight? This week on Think Tank Tuesday, learn what you need to focus on to become a more successful individual, and it’s not eating chicken wings and drinking beer.…


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Data Mining 101

Utilize your brand advocates

Why spend money on acquiring new customers when the cost is so much higher than the retention rate? What you should be talking about in your dealership is data mining. On this week’s Hard Facts, Samantha covers how to get down and dirty when it comes mining your database.…


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This sounds crazy coming from me

I'm Going to Tell You What S.O.S. Means for Your Business

S.O.S: for dealers, it doesn't mean what you think it does! This week on Think Tank Tuesday find out how much S.O.S is costing your business and what you can do to avoid it!

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Google Has Changed Again

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Google's Latest Changes

Google has made more changes that affect how people find your dealership. The competition is getting tougher but Hard Facts is here to help. Watch now and discover why you need to step up your Google ranking to continue getting traffic.

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I Know Where You Live

There’s a new marketing tool that pinpoints where your customers live and allows you to target them with specific ads. On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, I cover this new technology and what it can mean for your business.…


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Don't Ignore Me.

How Customer Reviews Affect You

Most consumers read local business reviews online before purchasing products, but do they actually trust the reviews? This week on Hard Facts, Samantha tells you how to engage audiences and earn their trust.

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Is a dead battery in a car a dead sale?

You spend time, money, and a lot of effort to get the customer on your lot. They see the car they want and go to start the car/truck and it has a dead battery. What are the chances you will sell the car?

How often do you do a inventory? How accurate is it? How many times it the inventory slowed down, delayed or postponed due to the weather?

The car starts but has a check engine light illuminated. How much does it cost and how long does it take to get the issue…


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Is Your Video Pre-Roll Effective?

You can't just run your TV commercials for video pre-roll. If you haven't secured the viewers' attention in the first five seconds, they will press the "SKIP NOW" button. Stop letting those leads slip away. This week on Think Tank Tuesday, learn how to create an effective pre-roll, and download our Video Pre-Roll Script template.…


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Auto Broker/Dealer Floor Plan Option

I know I'm late to this conversation but maybe it'll help someone. We're a new auto broker in Atlanta Ga, in business for 5 months and like most new brokers, we struggled with getting capital to fund our purchases. That is until I got the brite idea to approach Nextgear with the idea of us putting down $2500 and the in turn would give us $25,000. I thought it was a long shot but what did we have to lose, they already turned down when we asked for $25,000 straight out. It took them about 24…


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We need to discuss your showroom

All of your advertising won't help you if your showroom and digital showroom aren't managed correctly. Too many dealers are ignoring two of their biggest points of sale. On this episode of Hard Facts, we'll identify potential mistakes and correct them today!…


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How Auto Dealerships can Use Software to Grown Their Business

Employees are your biggest asset and, of course, your biggest cost--so use their time wisely! Carefully choosing the right used car dealership software platforms can save your employees time and let them get back to focusing their efforts on managing customer relationships. Customers go to used car dealerships for excellent, personalized service, without the gimmicks. 

There are four specific types of used car dealership software you can use to streamline your…


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Twitter Moments And What It Means For Us

If you are active on Twitter, you might have already noticed the addition of a tiny lightning bolt icon up in the menu bar where you can find your mentions or direct messages. Last week, Twitter launched Moments, a new feature that makes it easier for users to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the…


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Keep Your Business Growing Every Single Year

The key to continued growth and success in business is simple: evolve. This week, I'll demonstrate the importance of evolving your business and yourself to keep the money flowing and new business expanding.

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It worked on me

Turn On-The-Fence Shoppers Into Sales

You need to use Dynamic Retargeting to reach indecisive shoppers. I’ll explain how Dynamic Retargeting delivers highly targeted ads and offers to hesitating shoppers. It worked on me and will help you sell more cars this month!

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HaggleChamp on KTLA

HaggleChamp was on KTLA yesterday, now we have dozens of customers looking for deals. Free to use, sign up & sell.…


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Consider Yourself Charming?

Why You Need To Be Charming

How does your personality increase sales? On this week's Think Tank Tuesday, learn the four steps to be personable (instead of creepy). Understand what being charming truly means, build connections that lead to sales, make more people know who you are, and learn what actions ruin your sales. …


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A Day In The Life Of A Digital Performance Manager

I sat down recently with one of our Digital Performance Managers, Kelly, to get an inside look an inside look at her daily life and best practices.

Kelly was asked what she feels as the most important aspects of her job, which she stated, “I think the most important part of my job is…


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Your autoresponders are a missed opportunity

Here's How To Autoresponders into a Powerful Sales Tool!

Too many dealerships are guilty of having poor e-mail autoresponders. You’re missing an amazing sales opportunity if your autoresponder is lacking. Watch now to generate more sales, build more trust, and skyrocket engagement with these simple steps.…


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