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Does Your Brand Have Standards?

Whether your business is up-and-coming or well…


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Ads that worked- Reaching Back in Time: It's time To Step Up The Game

Creating radio and television spots for the automotive market has produced some of the most creative and interesting commercials in the industry. Whether you are looking for dramatic, funny or an informative clip, there is one thing the automakers and dealerships want: Results.

We live in a society that requires a creative edge to capture the attention of an audience. With technological advances and stimulating lights, sounds and diversions,…


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General Motors Approves AutoMotion Dealer App For iMR Program

Minneapolis, MN – AutoMotion, the leader in mobile apps for automotive dealers, announces General Motors iMR approval for the AutoMotion Dealer App product. All General Motors dealers can now use iMR funds with the leading mobile app solution to drive more sales and service revenue from customers on the go. General Motors approved the…


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What Makes You Unique?

Does your brand have a unique…


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Can you actually profit off your lease? You can, but it would likely need to be a truck., the nation’s largest online car lease marketplace, believes lessees in certain trucks still hold a positive equity position with a few months left in the term. In fact, the company believes it is a large reason why demand has increased for truck leases with less than eight months on the contract.

Compact SUVs and all Pickup trucks have held strong pricing positions through the…


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Challenge Completed, Market Continues Moving

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Used Car Market Report, with data and insights from Black Book.

The movement in the market continues, and pretty much as was expected. The average segment change for both the cars and the trucks was at -$73 and -$64 respectively, a greater decline for both pieces of the market than the prior week. For the cars it was a very similar change level to the year ago period of…


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Which Vehicle Achieves Equity Position The Fastest?

24.9% of all car loans were 73 to 84 months long during the first quarter of 2014 according to Experian. This number continues to grow compared with just a few years ago. And while delinquencies are still at historic lows, how can auto lenders determine when vehicles entering their portfolio are expected to reach a position of equity?

Black Book is working with auto lenders to take a close look at comparative collateral data in order to spot this trend. The company recently…


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Is Direct Mail Relevant?

Direct Mail Is Alive And Well…


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How to Make Your Sales Staff More Efficient

What if you could…


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Time For National Pre-Leased Program?

Is it time the auto industry got serious about a used lease program that mirrors the effectiveness of the CPO programs? Scot Hall, EVP at, who has been talking about the need for a used lease program, especially based on recent trends in the auto industry:

  • The appetite for leasing is now past 25% of sales according to Experian and is nearing all-time high levels
  • Industry insiders say…

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Any recommended floor plan companies servicing the Dallas TX area?

Hi all,

    After 10 years of experience in the car industry working my way up from a runner to a buyer, to a body-shop manager, to the founder and GM+F&I of a small independent  dealer im ready to start a new endeavor, i partner up with this guy that owns a large towing company affiliated with AAA and a state of the art mechanic shop. I will office in his building as an independent dealer and i need help to pick a solid floor-plan company for half  million to start with and…


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Cars And Trucks Adjust At Similar Levels

Welcome to this week’s Used Car Market Report with data and insight from Black Book on the used car markets. The opening week of college football brought mostly expected results along with a few surprises, and this Bulldog is pleased. And as the new car sales totals were reported this past week, most every manufacturer, along with the franchised dealer body, is pleased with their…


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According to Black Book® data, the average price of a used vehicle for model years 2009-2013 saw a slight improvement in August with overall depreciation at -1.3% compared with -1.5% in July. Domestic cars changed the most at -2.5%; import cars changed -1.6%; domestic trucks changed -1.1%; and import trucks changed -0.8%. Average pre-recession depreciation is historically between -1% and -2% monthly, and Black Book expects overall 2014 depreciation of -13.5%.

The lower…


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You're Being Watched

Your potential shoppers are watching video to influence their buying decisions. Studies show that 1 in 4 people are watching at least one hour of video about products they are interested in. If you aren't already using video to increase your business, then you're missing out on potential leads. …


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Automotive Parts Warehouse Cited for Unsafe Forklift Operation


After an OSHA inspection on February 12, 2014, an automotive parts warehouse was cited for unsafe forklift operation with the possible penalty of $52,000. The inspection occurred after multiple complaints of a forklift incident at the facility.

At the time of the inspection,…


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Heat Related Deaths Due to Lack of Acclimatization Programs

extreme heat

A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the primary risk factor for heat related illness and deaths is due to the lack of acclimatization programs. Acclimatization is an important part of heat safety, allowing workers to gradually build up their workloads and exposure to…


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Using Total Rewards as a Recruitment Tool Part 2

total rewards

Last week we discussed the value of total rewards for a dealership. Through the implementation of total rewards, prospective and current employees can be attracted, motivated, and retained. We now know that through…


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Using Total Rewards as a Recruitment Tool Part 1


For some, a job is just a job, for engaged, productive employees, a job is so much more. Engaged employees are looking for a job that has the whole package- a well-paying, flexible job that includes benefits and work-life balance. It isn’t enough to simply have an open position at your company; you must also offer…


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In Leasing, U.S. Car Dealers Should Follow Canada's Lead

When it comes to lease programs, should U.S. Auto dealers take a page out of the Canadian dealer model? National car lease marketplace,, works with customers in both countries and observed key differences in how lease programs are structured, with particular emphasis on the transfer of ownership elements between individuals:

  • Higher lease penetration rate in Canada, upwards of 40% on many vehicles (cars are also more expensive there)
  • Leasing transfers…

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Am I Doing This Right?


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