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Special Finance Manager Wanted

Are you a seasoned special finance professional with a verifiable track record? This is an outstanding opportunity to continue a rewarding career in the automotive sales industry. If you are motivated and driven by a culture where your pay is a by-product of your efforts, this Special Finance Manager position might be your greatest job opportunity.

A Midwest dealership has a highly successful store selling more than 100 units per month and will be expanding to open a special…


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You Don't Want to Miss This

Join The Content VS Retail Debate! 

This week on Think Tank Tuesday, Robert Donovan of DOM360 joins me to discuss the importance of both merchandising AND content development. Get inside knowledge on how you can marry the two schools of thought to build a robust and rock-solid marketing strategy.…


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Is it Time to Break the Mold?

Change isn't easy; but what I'm about to share with you is worth the challenge.

Breaking routines isn't easy but change yields long term results. On this week's Hard Facts, Samantha shows you how to shake up your routine and your priorities.…


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DIVERSE GROUP OF VEHICLES SEEING MONTHLY LEASE OFFERS OF LESS THAN $200, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports sixteen lease deals on popular cars and trucks in its new lease marketplace with monthly offers of $200 or less in June, with six under $160 per month.



Headlining the lowest monthly offer, the Volkswagen Jetta S is listed at $139.00 per month followed by the Chevrolet Cruze LT at $147.00 and the Chrysler 200 Limited at $149.00. Lease deals are offered at 24-, 36-, or…


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We Got Fired, And You're Not Going to Believe Why

You Have to Watch this Video to See Why We Were Fired

I'm sharing 3 tips to handle leads, increase sales, and how to turn more shoppers into lifetime clients. There are many shiny nickels that seem like they can solve everything, but watch this episode of Think Tank Tuesday to discover what will…


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Newest of the oldest at lowest cost and highest level of proficiency.

LowStarSVR GPS Tracking Systems. $69.00 per device including a full year of service which starts upon activation not purchase. Unlimited locating with a 3 day history of 2 minute bread crumb trails when in recovery mode. 2 year and 3 year terms also available including device for $77 and $85. Excellent Tech/Customer Support and much more. To purchase call toll free (888) 292-0163 or Email:

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Guerrilla Marketing in 2015

You Can Start Selling More with the Right Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guerrilla Marketing has made a lot of changes in the last year alone. If you're not utilizing this marketing tool properly, you are losing sales. On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday:

  • Learn how often you need to use Facebook and Twitter.
  • Know how many videos you need, and what you should record.
  • Connect with an email marketing process…

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CAR LEASE CREDIT APPROVALS DOWN SLIGHTLY ENTERING JUNE, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports lease credit approvals for May were down -11.5% from the month before, with 69.6% of car lease shoppers gaining approval by the bank to proceed with a car lease transfer compared with 78.6% during April. 

The year-to-date (67.4%) lease credit approval rate in 2015 has performed slightly better than same time a year ago when 65.9% of car lease shoppers were gaining approvals. And despite some…


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Controller's Counsel

What is the Controller's Counsel?

A group of individuals focused on the health and performance of the dealership, who wish to assist the dealership in growth through profitability by generating additional revenue opportunities, restricting expense escalation, or through expansion of operations, all while focusing on reducing turnover and the costs associated with turnover through the exchange of current advice. The Controller's Counsel is scheduled to launch on July 6,…


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What is your game plan?

Steps You Must Take to Guarantee Everyone is On the Same Page

You spend a lot of time in meetings and discussing your strategies. On this week's Hard Facts, Samantha teaches you how to make sure everyone works together to reach your goals and ensure everyone is accountable.…


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SubPrime Car Leasing?

Should the auto industry be paying closer attention to SubPrime Leasing? Recent comments from KBB and Autotrader analysts said competition might be encouraging lenders to explore this profile further. But believes this is a segment that not only offers lower-than-expected risk, but one that could benefit from more leasing options.

According to…


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Boost Sales with Social Media Marketing

Want to Boost Your Sales? It's Easy

Knowing the difference between social media and social media advertising will save you thousands and help you sell more cars. On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday:

  • Learn the difference between Social Media and Social Media Marketing.
  • Optimize ROI by using social media the right way.
  • Develop a comprehensive…

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No Need To Panic

YouTube is giving their customers the opportunity to go ad-free. But don't worry! On this week's Hard Facts, learn why this WON'T have a huge impact on your video strategy.

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What scares you?

Stop Making Excuses and Learn How to Conquer Your Slow-Month Fears

I recently talked with a friend having a slow month, and he began making excuses about the time of year and the weather. He was setting his team and himself up for failure. This week on Think TankTuesday:

  • Learn how to conquer Slow-Month Fear
  • Identify when you’re setting yourself up for failure
  • What you’re doing that demotivates your…

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Do You Care?

You lose sales when your customers don't think you do.

How You Can Start Caring Today?

Learn how your marketing needs to be consistent to make a sale. With every new offer, sale, and promotion, your marketing must feel the same throughout. Get all the details this week on Hard Facts.

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All Car Segments Declined While Full-Size Vans Increased

All Car Segments Declined While Full-Size Vans Increased  


Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report.


The team of Black Book editors are seeing more signs that the summer slowdown is taking shape. All car segments saw a…


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I think you're pretty charming

But Do You Consider Yourself Charming?

How do you increase sales as a salesperson? If you're in sales, you better be charming. On this week's Think Tank Tuesday, learn the four steps you need to follow in order to be interpreted as personable, instead of creepy.

  • Understand what being charming truly means!
  • How to start building connections that lead to…

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Take the How-To Challenge

There are over a million instructional videos online, and 70% of them contain "How To..." in the title. This week, Samantha explains why its so important to have instructional "How-To" videos on your website.

Also take the "How-To" Challenge! Submit 5 of your "How-To" Videos and submit them on this week's Hard Facts to get a free prize package…


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LEASE OFFERS HEAT UP AHEAD OF MEMORIAL DAY SALES, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports several aggressive lease deals in May according to its new lease online marketplace. Fifteen popular cars and trucks are being offered this month with monthly payments of $200 or less.

Five cars are offered for less than $149 per month, headlined by the Chevrolet Malibu LT, which can be leased for $149 monthly and $0 down payment. Other cars offered at $149 monthly include the…


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13 Never Before Shared Strategies to Sell More Cars

recently visited Copenhagen, Denmark to speak to Danish dealers on how they can sell more. This week on Think Tank Tuesday, watch the entire presentation!

  • Over an hour of exclusive strategies and dealer questions!
  • Learn from the experience of Danish car dealers.
  • Create strategies for every step of the sales…

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