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A New Way to Market for Free

How You Can Go Live Today!

Are you a salesperson or a business owner who wants a new way to market for free? Then watch this week’s Think Tank Tuesday.

This new strategy includes:

  • The next tool to market for free: Facebook Live Video.
  • How to use this new streaming service to sell more.
  • Why it’s better than any other streaming service.

And the best comments get a free membership to our Coffee Mug…


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Used Car Buying: Purchase a “Bargain” Instead of a “Lemon

Before purchasing a used vehicle on Craigslist there are a number of questions to consider. Asking the right questions online or at a dealership will help you purchase a “bargain” instead of a “lemon”:

  1. Why was the car traded in? Inspect the vehicle; exterior body, interior, and verify mileage.
  2. Ask for a CARFAX to see if there have been any accidents. And any maintenance/service records on the…

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Developing Content To Generate Sales

Make sure your site is accessible and resourceful to your clients.

Many dealers aren’t taking advantage of using content as a way to generate sales. On this week’s episode of Hard Facts, Samantha is covering how you can start implementing action items that will not only increase the resourcefulness of your site but will increase your SEO as well.…


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Which Live Streaming Service is Best for You?

Facebook Live, Meerkat, and Periscope: Which Service is Best for You?

Facebook just launched its new live video service to compete with Meerkat and Periscope. How does this new tool stack up? How do you use it to engage car shoppers? Is it worth your time? Find out on this week’s Hard Facts.

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Why You Need A Personalized Homepage

Not every dealership and buying experience is the same, so why should you settle for a homepage that is exactly like the rest? Having one that stands above the rest helps to ensure your name, brand, and business stand above the rest.

Reason number one: dealerships are everywhere.…


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First Thing I Would Change About Your Business

If I took over your company, here's what I would do immediately.

I get asked this a lot: what would I do if I were running your dealership? And I always know the my first move with every single dealership.

My changes will:

– Have customers asking about value, not price

– Turn your salespeople into consultants

– Make your dealership a community resource, not just a storefront

– Raise you above the competition without cutting…


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Have You Dropped One Yet?

We Have the Secret to Boosting Sales and Service Leads

On this week’s episode of Hard Facts, Samantha has a way you can talk to customers who may not have patronized your dealership in the past using Ringless Voicemail Drops. Watch this week’s episode to learn more about this emerging technology and how to implement it now.…


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You're Throwing Money Away

One Small Change to Increase Profitability

Want to get more leads and sell more cars? You don’t need to put on a huge, costly production. On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, get the one strategy on your website you need to change right away.

Not tomorrow, today.

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Throw Away Your Thank You Page

Provide a brand new proposition to customers with a next logical step

If you’re like most dealers, you’re probably putting time and energy into developing thank you messages. Well, it’s time to trash the thank you page and start implementing a strategy that will actually help you bring customers to the next step in the buying cycle.

On this episode of Hard Facts, Samantha is providing you with the resources you need to continue having additional conversations…


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New Car Dealers Knowingly Interfering With Subprime Contracts (Tortious Interference)

New Car Dealers are intentionally interfering with Subprime finance contracts and BHPH Loans by selling cars to individuals currently driving a financed automobile and NOT taking the car in trade

A typical Monday morning at the dealership. This time there's two of them. Good running cars sitting in front of the building with no plates. Keys tossed in our payment drop box with no notes or explanations. Cars that belong to good customers, with accounts in good standing and…


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Are You A Weak Or Talented Sales Person

Here's what other salespeople are saying about being a talented seller

We’ve had a lot of responses on what makes as salesperson talented, and what makes someone weak. Paul has read all your responses and is ready to show you what is the key step to become a talented salesperson.

What you will get in this episode:

– Hear what the industry says you need

– Learn what you need to become a talented salesperson

– Also submit your struggles for…


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TapCars Generates Quality Leads From “Credit Apps”

Purchasing a car can be one of the more significant investments for consumers. The majority of car shoppers take months to go from deciding on the right vehicle to actually purchasing it. One of the final steps in the buying process is filling out a credit application. TapCars generates quality leads from online credit…


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Geo-fencing and Geo-targeting: What's the Difference?

Is it Geo-Fencing or Geo-Targeting?
Every robust marketing strategy in 2016 needs Geo-Fencing AND Geo-Targeting; but what’s the difference? How do these two strategies work together to deliver specific and high-converting messages to shoppers everywhere?
On this week's episode of…

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The Most Cost Effective Use of Your Ad Dollars

As a dealership owner and manager you spend a significant amount of time focused on the number of cars sold and gross profit this month. Many financial reports and statements are based on monthly calculations of gross vs expenses, so if you are spending money on advertising this month you need to produce results this month. Direct response advertising is designed to do just that; spend the money today to produce results today. A direct response campaign motivates the viewer to take an action…


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Performance Aftermarket Parts in NJ for the Auto Industry by Car Guys!

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year!

Just Bolt-Ons - Just letting you know about a new Performance Auto Parts business catered to working with both consumers and auto dealers to provide them all the performance parts that they may want. Whether it's as simple as an exhaust setup, cold air intake, or a supercharger/turbo upgrade. 



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What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You...

Or Will It? Find Out Now!

When someone asks about marketing automation or inbound marketing, sometimes the best way to explain it is just to show them.

What you will get in this episode:

  • A firsthand look at how it works
  • How we build strategies using this technology
  • Successful campaigns we have implemented

Learn more by watching the video below and get our marketing automation and inbound secrets on…


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Expectations of the 2017 Ford Raptor

So who's waiting patiently for the 2017 Ford Raptor? I'm really impressed with the horsepower numbers but I'm happy with my 6.2 and the fact that my resell value is thru the roof right now! 

Check out the 2017 Raptor being tested in the Sand Dunes!…


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Turn Phone Shoppers Into Sales

Are your shoppers constantly on their phones in your showroom? We've developed some strategies that can help you reach the customer in some new ways. Find out how to turn phone shoppers into sales on this week's episode of Think Tank Tuesday!

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You Need an Online Parts Store for 2016

Integrated Parts Store on Your Website is Easy and a Must for 2016
The current state of the automotive marketplace is over-saturated, but you don’t need to panic. There’s an additional revenue source that you can start implementing to increase your profits.
On this…

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See the 12 Days of POTRATZ

The holiday season can be a stressful time a year both personally and professionally. We want to give you the opportunity to share a few laughs in an effort to help minimize some of that stress. 

Is the holiday season stressing you out? We get it. So we're sending y'all a way to share some laughs and reduce the holiday frenzy.…


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