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Keyless remotes have reduced the hassles faced by car owners. This compact device not only increases the security of the car but also makes several functions in the car easy. Keyless remotes are user-friendly and can perform several tasks just with few buttons. With these keyless car remotes one can open the door, start the ignition, roll down the windows and perform various other functions.

A keyless car remote works based on the transmission of radio waves that run between the…


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And...we're live!

Are you creating advertising opportunities in your Facebook Live videos? Now, you can have the ability to broadcast commercials or other advertisements in your Facebook Live video. 

In this week's Hard Facts episode, Samantha reveals a way that you can increase the value of your live broadcast. Watch now!…


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How To Get A New York Used Auto Dealer License

In New York, used auto dealers must become licensed and submit a surety bond to the state as part of the process. Bond amounts for used auto dealers are set to increase significantly per legislation effective March 28, 2017.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles regulates used auto dealers and issues their licenses. Used and…


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3 Tips for Better Branding

 Better branding blog.png

Branding is crucial to your success in today's market. You can sit and wait for the market to come to you, or you can take action into your own hands! Here are a few tips on how you can build your branding…

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Cyber Monday & Car Shopping Insight

Cyber Monday is known as the day for getting deals on everything from toys to electronics. But what about cars? Jumpstart Automotive Media presented an online survey to approximately 2,500 Americans across the U.S. to gauge their appetite in car shopping during Cyber Monday, and to determine the best digital media channels to reach both men and women. Here are a few highlights:


1) Which…


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The Battle of the Inbox, Your Ticket Past the Spam Filter


When you send an email to a customer, you need to take a step back and realize that you aren't the only one sending them an email. In fact, when you send an email to your customer, you are competing against their friends and family, social media messages, promotional…


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How to Increase YouTube Video Views

Have you ever wanted to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos? Of course you have! Who wouldn’t? But when there are over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it can be hard to get yours at the top of the list.

There are a ton of factors that increase the number of views on your YouTube video rank. On this week’s Hard Facts, Samantha gives you 11 things you should adjust in order to optimize your SEO.…


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Auto Lenders: Why Small Cars Might Be Deserving

Smaller cars, such as Sub-Compact Cars, have faced much higher depreciation recently compared with Full-Size Pickups. This might make an auto lender prefer the pickup over the small car for their portfolio. However, residual forecast data from Black Book show that the pickups will face a steeper depreciation curve in the coming years. Which one is better for a lender's portfolio going forward?





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CREDIT APPROVAL RATES REMAIN LOW IN 2016, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports car lease credit applicants registered a 61.5% approval rate for October, a -4.9% decrease from the previous month (64.7%). A year ago, the approvals rate was just 75% during the same month.


Throughout 2016 the lease credit approval rates have been volatile, fluctuating from month to month. As a whole, this year’s approval rates have been down in comparison to…


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Market Values Decline Slows but No-Sales Continue to Remain High

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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SWAPALEASE.COM UNVEILS INAUGURAL QUARTERLY AUTO LEASE TRENDS REPORT, the nation’s largest online car lease marketplace, today released its first-ever quarterly report on auto leasing, available by clicking here. The auto lease trends report covers a variety of lease pricing, brand, and consumer demographic data on auto leases during the third quarter, 2016. will begin producing similar reports each quarter to offer data and insight that…


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Built to Last, It's a Structural Thing!

Built to last.png

Within a BDC, there are three main pillars: Structure, Process, and Marketing. Today, we are going to focus on stucture. Stucture is important because it refers to your team. Without your team, there would be no BDC! 

 choosing-medical-school.jpg I have been hearing a lot of discussion lately about what type of BDC is best, and whether BDC's are even beneficial at all. Just like shoes, There is no one type of BDC that is best. Every dealership has a…


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Lower Vehicle Declines Last Week

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to…


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Looking to Buy or Sell a Business?

If you’re looking to buy or sell a business, this episode is for you! Whether you’re selling a product or a service, your website is one of the most critical things that affects the success of your company. 

On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, Paul gives you very important facts that you should take into consideration when buying or selling a business. Your website is only one of them! Watch this episode for more information.…


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The DNA of a GREAT Call

The first contact that shoppers make with your dealership forms a lasting impression on how they view your dealership, whether it be by phone or email. When the phone rings, you only get one chance to rock that call and win your customer over. This is why it is CRUCIAL to rock that call every time, because…


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Start Texting Your Customers!

Have you heard of message extensions? With Google's new technology, you can send and receive texts from customers right through search ads. The phone’s SMS application launches automatically, and you are able to communicate one-on-one with the customer at hand. 

From answering questions to helping them schedule appointments, you’re building a relationship with your customers through these new ad formats.…


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Feeling Under the Weather?

Do you have one of these 5 marketing viruses?

It’s so easy to get caught up in new technology and focus on what your competition is doing. From shiny object syndrome to your addition to cutting-edge technology, you (or someone you know) probably has one of these. 

Bring it back to the basics in this week’s Think Tank Tuesday.…


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Building Your Tiger Team


To perform at a high level, BDC’s need high level performers!

This is very important. Your BDC team will talk to more customers than anyone in the organization. They are responsible for 35% – 60% of your business, both in sales and service. Take a moment to review your reports. Look at how many inbound phone ups and internet leads that you had last month verses your showroom…


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We're SO Excited...

We just launched our new site! 

Because we’ve been so busy with making sure our site is just as robust and innovative as we are, we don’t have a new episode of Hard Facts this week. 

This gives you a great opportunity to visit our new website and catch up on all the episodes you’ve missed! Check it out here:…


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Autoxloo Slingshot™ App

Our hi-tech wireless business world can’t stand a second of rest or delay. It has always been demanding but now it requires even more efforts, sacrifices, investments, persistence, struggle, competition, and what is the most valuable - time, than it used to before. Luckily car dealer world seem to be not so cruel and bloodthirsty for those who can spend every cent and minute for reason, who can use mobile devices and the right mobile applications on them.…


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