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Have You Been Satisfied Lately?

What do your customers have to say about your service and collision centers? Let's find out and then capitalize on it. On this week's Hard Facts, Samantha explains how video can win you loyal customers.

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Easy Steps To Increase Sales With Social Media

Knowing the difference between social media and social media advertising will save you thousands and help you sell more cars. On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, I explain what you need to know about developing an effective and comprehensive social media marketing strategy that will optimize your ROI and stop wasting money.…


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Route 23 Ford Charity Poker Tournament for Push to Walk

6th Annual Texas Hold ‘em Tournament Night Hosted at Route 23 Ford in Butler!

Route 23 Ford will be hosting the 6th Annual Charity Poker Tournament (Texas Hold ‘em Tournament) to Benefit Push to Walk!…


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Weather Impacting The Auto Markets

Hello and welcome to this week’s Used Car Market Report with insights from Black Book and Ricky Beggs. Well, the word is officially out that Ricky Beggs' time at Black Book is limited. The final day will be April 1, 2015, and no, that is not an April Fool’s joke.

Black Book will be producing a new report that will benefit you each and every week. It's called Black Book Market…


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Trucks Add Fuel To Lease Fire, the nation's largest online lease marketplace, compared truck inventory and consideration data from 2014 against 2012 and found that there has been a significant increase in the number of shoppers driving truck leases, and those looking for truck leases. Topping the list is the Chevy Silverado, which has seen a 286.4% jump in inventory, and an 89.6% increase in shopping consideration over the last two years.

Here are numbers on four of today's popular…


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"Okay Google: I Think I've Seen This Before"

Most might think Google+ pages aren't a thing anymore but Google is finding ways to make it more relevant by taking a page out of Yelp's handbook. This week on Hard Facts, find out why it's important to continue interacting with your customers on Google+.…


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Black Book today announced that Ricky Beggs, Senior Vice President and Editorial Director, will retire from the company effective April 1, 2015. Mr. Beggs has served as the voice of Black Book for the automotive industry since his career began thirty-four years ago in 1981.

“It has been an honor to work alongside Ricky who truly has become an industry legend,” said Tom Cross, President of Black Book. “His legacy of leadership and his dedication to excellence have left an enduring…


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A Single Word Changes Everything

Here at Potratz, we send a lot of e-mails a month. If you want the best e-mail template that is going to perform well, you need to A/B test it. On this week's Think Tank Tuesday, I explain the importance of a subject line and what to stay away from when creating one.…


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How your dealership can get the most from HaggleChamp

     Haggle Champ is a great resource to help you reach customers who are ready to purchase a vehicle within 7 to 30 days.  Our recent revamp gives you vital information such as a price range, down payment, trade-in information and the type of vehicle the customer is searching for.  We also let you know how far the customer is from you so you can entice them to your dealership.  But how do…


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Activity Returns To The Lanes

Hello and welcome to this week’s Used Car Market Report with insights from Black Book. Yes, gas prices at the pump are edging up, plus $.02 two weeks ago, and now a significant $.12 this past week. The national average is still a consumer friendly $2.19. Diesel was more stable and indications are this will be the case this year compared to gas. This past week was the first increase in diesel, at…


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Tax Season Is Upon Us

Create sales events based off of tax refunds like double your down payment. This week on Hard Facts, Samantha explains why it's important to create consistency among traditional, digital and social media when promoting these sales events.…


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I'm Going To Share A Life Experience With You

Price is very important to your customer, but that shouldn't stop you from pitching those extra accessories. This week on Think Tank Tuesday, I explain why your customers will buy these accessories elsewhere if you aren't pitching them at your dealership.

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NextGear Capital now offers Flooring Lines to Franchise Dealers

NextGear Capital now offers Flooring Lines to New Car Franchise Dealerships. We offer solution no other company can provide because we're a part of the Cox Automotive family. Take a closer look at what we have to offer and call me to schedule an appointment

We're taking it to the Next Gear

Victor M. Vega



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Weather Patterns Affecting Sales

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of The Used Car Market Report with insight from Black Book. As the month of January came to an end the weather for a portion of the country was brutal. Ice, snow, and strong winds closed businesses and reduced local auto sales to a crawl. When the weather improves local auto sales will improve as would-be buyers will have now discovered a greater need to have…


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Step Five Is The Secret

You may be able to close the sale, but are you able to sell yourself? There are many ways to let people know who you are and what you can do for them. On this week's episode of Hard Facts, Samantha explains the 5 steps you should take to market yourself as a sales consultant.

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Social Media networks breakdown.

I gave this breakdown of social media networks to a friend. Do you agree? Am I wrong? Let's talk about it.

Facebook is like the Walmart of social media. Its big, most people say they hate it but secretly love it.

Instagram is like a trendy store in the mall, younger crowd, lots of coverages not a lot of actual finical gain.

Twitter is like Target everyone seems to love it, they talk about it, no one has a clue how they made money.

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Show Me The Money

Capitalizing on your income streams and creating financial stability for your company might be easier than you thought. On this week's Think Tank Tuesday, learn how you can better utilize ads for your service and parts campaigns to give you stronger financial performance.…


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Vehicle depreciation is expected to accelerate in 2015 as increased used-car supply and larger off-lease volumes place pressure on retention rates, according to the latest joint vehicle depreciation report from Black Book® and Fitch Ratings, Inc. Click here to download the full report.

According to the report, 2014 new vehicle sales finished the year at 16.5 million units, and Black Book…


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End Of Month Reactions

Hello and welcome to this week’s Used Car Market Report, with insights from Black Book. It’s great to be back with you, and from home base and the Black Book offices. The show in San Francisco was tremendous for our team and with the enthusiasm of the franchised dealers, we are sure to have even higher new car sales in 2015, which means even more used inventory in both the wholesale and retail…


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Let's Get Personal

There are a variety of ways in which you can personalize your direct mail pieces to fit your customers' wants and needs. In this week’s episode of Hard Facts, Samantha will explain how highly targeting your mail pieces and using variable data can increase ROI.…


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