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Which Car Features Will Men/Women Miss Most?

Remember when airbags were a feature? Heck, remember when side airbags and even mp3 players were a feature?


Those days are gone; at least on the marketplace.


The national online car leasing marketplace has reviewed its complete inventory of vehicles and decided certain features of yesterday are so common today (or irrelevant) that it will no longer include them as a searchable check box for visitors and members. Here is the complete list of…


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What is the perfect car match?

For anyone who finds it difficult to decide which car they want to buy, a new tool that merges psychology and technology can help.


Introducing: CarTron


According to a recent study, over 60% of new car buyers and 70% of used car shoppers have no specific car model in mind when they begin their car shopping journey. Most consider the internet to be the most influential source in…


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3 Mindshifts to Improve CRM Use

improve.jpeg Let's begin by clarifying what CRM means. CRM is Customer Relationship Management. The strategy of how you will manage the relationship with your customer and therefore the customers experience throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Your CRM tool is just that, a tool to help you manage that relationship and in order to be a…


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Live in Trend with Car Remote &be Tension Free

In the current scenario, everyone wants to remain updated with latest & hi-tech techniques. If you have a car & you have to open/close your car with key then it may be irritating for you. Forget this old system& live in new style and trend because there are many keyless remotes available for ignition your car & for open /close your car door automatically. There are many companies that offer the service of car remote by which you do not have to open/close…


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It's About Damn Time!

Finally. Google has recently wrapped up two new updates. Cross-device remarketing is definitely something that has been needed for businesses. It will now allow you to advertise your products across multiple devices.

You might be thinking, “couldn’t we do that on other platforms before?”, and the answer is yes. But now there’s one extra step that is letting businesses tie more consumer information together across devices. …


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The Recipe for a Healthy Lead Mix

heart-favourite-icon.png Lead acquisition is at the heart of BDC success.

At least 50% of your leads need to come from your database or CRM. Working Internet leads, especially second and third party Internet leads is a tough way to make a living.

Things like a speedy response, personal emails, offering choices, answering verbatim…


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Are You Going Extinct?

This industry will go extinct in 10 years. Can you guess which industry I'm talking about?

Students right now are so excited to graduate and get involved in this field, but they’re having trouble getting a job. Why? The jobs in this industry are few and far between. 

It’s such an exciting and fast-paced environment for millennials to join into. It’s something that we’re actually excited about. It’s given us…


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Keeping your Edge Sharp

bigstock-Growth-Chart-With-Magnifying-G-72605032.jpg Improvement is very dynamic and especially important in the context of the eight cylinders of a BDC because you can improve in all areas, or all eight cylinders.

Improvement comes from training but also from innovation and experimenting. Just think if you improved each day or each month in all the eight cylinders, including improvement! One of our mentors used to hold up his forefinger and thumb about an inch apart and say “there is no magic bullet, we just need to…


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Sign up For Our Complimentary Webinar!

What can the power of a custom website do for you?

So many websites are templated and it's really important to stand out! Make sure you have the tools you need to have your website reflect your personality.

Click here to sign up for our website on customization!

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Are You Ready For Cross-Device Remarketing?

Have you ever done research on your mobile device for something you really want to purchase? Maybe you do all that research on your desktop and make the actual purchase on your mobile phone? 

This week on Think Tank Tuesday, Paul discusses something that Google has finally rolled out: Cross-Device Retargeting. You'll be able to reach users across tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. 

Find out more information by watching…


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What's the Deal With RankBrain?

Since 2015, Google has been using something called RankBrain, and it was used to process and deliver more relevant and organic search results. How? It was even a mystery to Google!

Rankbrain not only understands language semantics, but also complex search queries, which gives it the ability to think similarly to humans.

What does this mean for you? Find out by watching this week's Hard Facts.…


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How to Improve Your Blog

Watch out! Your blog site can be hurting your business. This week on Think Tank Tuesday, Paul tells a story about why he started his blog and what changes he made to improve it over time. Watch more to learn which strategies will help your blog become more successful.

We’d love to hear…


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Campaigns: The Moving Parts That Keep Your BDC Machine Running

our-process1.jpg Think of campaigns as all of the moving parts that make the whole system work. You can't have a BDC without process that keep it going. 

Basically, campaigns are what you do and why you do it. 

We see campaigns fall in to one of two categories; conquest or retention.

There are also peripheral processes that support the BDC like data collection, the reception process of BDC appointments in the showroom and service lane. and database…


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What's Mobile-Geddon?

Mobile-geddon is upon us! As consumers, we're always shopping for the next best thing on our mobile devices. Our Digital Performance Manager, Brad, takes over for Paul on this week's Think Tank Tuesday. He uses his iPhone for the majority of his online purchases.

There 5 steps you need to take to make sure your website and advertisement work correctly on mobile devices to make it more attractive to consumers. Watch this week's episode for more…


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Does Your Dealership Have "BDC Culture"?


A BDC culture isn’t about the BDC alone. What we mean is the store as a whole has a BDC culture.

All employees, all departments, understand the purpose of the BDC and know their role in the BDC’s success. By the way, it’s worth noting that the BDC is never successful financially. It’s not even on the P&L. The BDC makes other departments more successful.…


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How to Track LinkedIn Conversions

LinkedIn is less glamorous than all the other social platforms, which is why so many companies are underutilizing it! 

There was never the ability to identify conversions for ads you could run in the campaign manager. Now, you can install a LinkedIn Insight tag across your entire website to track conversions. Your options span across several metrics including cost per conversion and return on ad spend.

For more information, watch Samantha in this week's Hard…


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Building Your Tiger Team


To perform at a high level, BDC’s need high level performers!

This is very important. Your BDC team will talk to more customers than anyone in the organization. They are responsible for 35% – 60% of your business, both in sales and service. You must hire people who have the skills, attitude and passion the job requires.…


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Are You Creating a "Wow" Experience?


Customer service is your only constant value proposition. Every customer interaction matters.

When customers engage your employees on the phone, in a web form, in a chat, by email or by coming in to the dealership’s showroom, service lane, parts counter or body shop: the quality of interaction is what they will remember. It’s not what happens, but how it makes them…


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Are You Creating Urgency?

Have you ever gotten an email from a retail store saying the sale is one day only? This creates a sense of urgency for your customers, making sure they come to your business to make a purchase before time runs out.

Customers who feel a sense of urgency convert at a higher rate and are more likely to buy immediately. By watching this week's Hard Facts, you'll quickly realize that creating urgency is easier than it seems. Samantha discusses three…


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Find the Perfect Fit

LinkedIn is making moves to be one of the largest social media platforms for professionals. The shift is growing toward more members who are looking for freelance work and members who are growing into entrepreneurship.

LinkedIn has capitalized on this with Profinder. But how does this relate to you as a business or a job seeker? Watch this week's Hard Facts with Samantha for more information on how this will help you find the…


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