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Have you hit a creative roadblock?

When was the last time you wowed someone with your creative? Many dealers fall into a cycle of bland commercials, templated websites, and average marketing. This week on Think Tank TuesdayI show you how stand out and push the creativity of your entire marketing.…


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Best Practices For Gaining New Business

Our team has outlined 10 tips, tricks, and best practices for sales and gaining new business.

  1. Don’t Hear; Listen: Most times, your prospective client will clue you in on exactly what they need.  It is important that you listen to what they are saying and look beyond your immediate scope to…

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How Retaining Customers Will Increase Sales

No doubt you have heard the saying “happy wife, happy life”, right? Of course, I think we all have. The same concept holds true for your customers. We live in an age where word of mouth, reviews, and referrals can make or break a company. When you make a customer happy, your chances of them coming back time…


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Developing Content To Generate Sales

Many dealers aren't taking advantage of using content as a way to generate sales. On this week’s episode of Hard Facts, Samantha is covering how you can start implementing action items that will not only increase the resourcefulness of your site but will increase your SEO as well. 

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You Have Five Seconds To Wow Me

You can't just run your TV commercials for video pre-roll. If you haven't secured the viewers' attention in the first five seconds, they will press the "SKIP NOW" button. Stop letting those leads slip away. This week on Think Tank Tuesday, learn how to create an effective pre-roll, and download…


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Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Putting You Above The Rest?

Email Marketing is an important strategy, which when performed properly and effectively, it will set you above the rest of the competition. Our team has outlined their Best Practices, which formulate and structure our Email Marketing.




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We need to have a serious discussion about your showrooms.

All of your advertising won't help you if your showroom and digital showroom aren't managed correctly. Too many dealers are ignoring two of their biggest points of sale. On this episode of Hard Facts, learn where you maybe making your mistakes and what to do about them. 

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Self-Driving Cars, Wave of the Future?

          Google has said they are testing their self-driving car prototype this summer on the streets of California. Are we, as humans, ready to give up control of driving ourselves?

            If you were to visit Google’s page endorsing their self-driving prototype you will be greeted with some…


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Autoresponders: How To Do Them Right

Here's How to Turn Your Autoresponders into a Powerful Sales Tool!

Too many dealerships are guilty of having poor e-mail autoresponders. You’re missing an amazing sales opportunity if your autoresponder is lacking. Watch now to generate more sales, build more trust, and skyrocket engagement with these simple steps.…


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How well are you rated on Facebook?

How Do I Manage Facebook's New Private Customer Messaging?

Have you heard the news? Facebook will soon allow customers and companies to take their conversations to a private chat. On this week's Hard Facts, Samantha covers this latest feature roll-out and what it means for you.…


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Who does your daily social media posting?

Outsourcing Your Daily Social Media Posting is Crippling Your Potential!

You sell yourself short when you don't personally engage with your fans and followers. Learn how to build relationships to sell more cars and become a staple of the community. On this week’s Think…


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How to Achieve an Empty Inbox on a Daily Basis


        For many of us email management isn’t always a top priority, but perhaps that is something we need to change. By doing so, you can cut the clutter; reduce your stress and delegate tasks to your employees and coworkers.

            One of our team leaders utilizes a method he calls the 3D…


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Filming With Drones

          As you know, we are constantly researching technology, trends, and best practices for our clients. This includes finding the best way to film dealership footage.

            Our team is use to attaching their cameras to a jib crane system in order to achieve a wide shot for our clients. Which,…


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Are You Live Yet?

You Have Countless Options for Streaming Live Video to Your Customers

Want to video chat your customers? Find out what tools are available. This week, learn how to use Periscope, Meerkat, and Facetime to build a personal connection with your customers and sell more cars!…


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Facebook’s Floating Video

Much like the rest of the social media world, Facebook is continually changing. One aspect they have been working on and improving is their approach to videos.

Thankfully, the days of scrolling through your news feed and…


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You're losing great leads every day

How You Can Sell a Car to Your Customers' Neighbors

You're losing sales every month, and by making this one simple change you can put a stop to missing high-converting leads. On this week's Think Tank Tuesday, I cover how you can turn all of your sales into multiple sales by just following this simple strategy. And to ensure your success, …


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Take These Steps to Guarantee You're All on the Same Page

You spend a lot of time in meetings and discussing your strategies. On this week's Hard Facts, Samantha teaches you how to make sure everyone works together to reach your goals and ensure everyone is accountable.

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Stop Making This Marketing Mistake

Make These Changes Today To Get Your Marketing Strategy Running Smoothly

On this episode of Think Tank Tuesday, Senior Account Manager, Michelle Campbell joins me to cover these simple mistakes that can ruin your solid marketing strategy. Watch the…


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Why You Need to Be A/B Testing

A Single Word Changes Your Emails' Open and Click-Through Rates

Want to send better e-mails? The trick is to A/B test it. This week on Think Tank Tuesday, I discuss the key points to remember when creating your subject lines and email templates that will drive more…


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Get Ready: Important Changes are Coming for Facebook's Search Engine

Latest Facebook Update Is Exactly What We've Been Looking For

Facebook is the 3rd largest search engine, and they are about to make some changes that will affect your Facebook advertising. With this change, we will be able to get better analytics, better bids, and much better campaign options. There's also a big update coming to the mobile Facebook app you will need to know about!…


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