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ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team in Scottsdale, AZ; 5 New SoMars

Posted on May 24, 2010 at 11:00am 1 Comment

The ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team based out of the SkySong Operations Center in Scottsdale, AZ is proud to introduce 5 New SoMars (Social Marketers) that started on May 17, 2010. Learn more about the services they provide at http://www.ADPsocial.com… Continue

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Director - Digital Marketing
ADP Dealer Services

Ralph Paglia is responsible for establishing ADP business partnerships and alliances with Automotive OEM's, enterprise class National Accounts and eBusiness organizations in the automotive vertical. Business development focused on defining and providing Digital Marketing solutions to car companies and dealers that accelerate and expand success in selling vehicles, parts and services using Internet based channels, strategies and tactics.

Ralph has over 20 years of leadership in information technology enabled automotive strategy and tactical implementation. He is a recognized expert at development requirements, CRM and Digital Marketing value propositions along with requisite performance measurements.

Experienced in using market research to improve results from people, business processes and the technology used to execute.

OEM and Retail Automotive organizational development guru. Industry leader in using B2C and B2B Web 2.0 interfaces as a differentiator. Creative problem solver with history of developing new techniques later adopted as industry best practices.

- 1986 San Diego: Ralph pioneered Internet lead generation by using dial-in access to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) with a charter enrollment in the first public access ISP (CompuServe). Generated the auto industry's first Internet Leads by posting vehicle offers on multiple BBS's. News of his success with these early experiments in online lead generation helped inspire creation of automotive Internet Lead providers such as Autobytel.

- 1999 Philadelphia: Ralph was part of original start-up team that launched Cyber Car, an automotive consulting organization that implemented Internet Sales processes into Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan and Infiniti dealers thoughout North America.

- 2000 Houston: Led development of Toyota eCertified dealer development program for the Gulf States Toyota (GST) Region. Facilitated Toyota eCertified Dealer workshops for over 100 Toyota dealers.

- 2001 Torrance: Created seminar and in-dealership training program, led team of 25 consultants in national dealer orientation program for Honda's Interactive Network (iN) system roll-out all USA Honda and Acura dealers.

- 2002 Montvale: Proposed, designed and secured funding for in-dealership Internet Lead Management CRM implementation for 322 Mercedes-Benz dealers.

- 2003 Detroit: Ralph led development, wrote Scope of Work and trained over 50 RCS consultants to execute BDC driven CRM Implementations into 600 Ford dealerships.

- 2005 to 2007 Phoenix: Ralph develops, builds and leads a team that markets and sells more new and used cars using digital marketing strategies and tactics than ever before accomplished by a single point franchised dealership.

- 2008 Dearborn, MI: Ralph secures landmark agreement and purchase order from ford Motor Company to migrate 50% of all ford dealerships from conventional local marketing and advertising to more effective digital marketing strategies and tactics.

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"If I have two vice presidents working for me that always agree on business matters, then i have one too many..." William Wrigley

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Rebecca Kon's blog post was featured

Rebecca Kon's blog post was featured

The Top Ten Auto News Stories of the Week: October 18 - 24

Happy Friday, Car Dealers! We have some great automotive news articles and blogs to share with you this week! Make sure to read them all to stay smart about what’s happening in the auto industry and how you can transform your dealership to keep up in today’s market.Here’s Why Automakers Are Ahead of the Game in DigitalThe best marketing sends a message to the right shopper at the right time. Some automakers like Honda are taking this message to heart and trying out more targeted, direct-response advertising. Find out how it’s working out for them in this article by Adweek!Charts Show How Far the Newspaper Industry Has Fallen in 10 YearsSpeaking of effective advertising methods, it’s always a good idea to take a look at where your audience is most active. Check out these charts for a visual of our transition from reading print to digital content, and think about what it means for your dealership’s advertising.Would you see a better return on investment from switching to digital advertising?More Than Keywords: 7 Concepts of Advanced On-Page SEOGet an in-depth look at SEO, and apply this to your dealership’s website in order to help search engines answer the question, “What is this page about?”A Terrible Wreck, but Not a Total LossOne man’s mistake became one dealership’s soaring profits. Read this Automotive News article about how White Bear Mitsubishi used a wrecked car in their marketing, and how it transformed the way their shoppers see the value in their cars.11 Photos That Will Never Sell a Car OnlineI wish I could have started a slow clap after reading this blog. Taking photos of vehicles for your inventory is an art and a science, and I’m glad somebody finally broke things down for us into something other than “Stock Photo vs. Real Photo”. Well done, John Sternal!Automakers Forming Consortium to Combat HackersFor the future of autonomous vehicles, hacking is a threat. Automakers are teaming up to make sure vehicle security systems are VERY DIFFICULT to break into in order to prevent most incidents from happening.3 Halloween Ideas for Car DealershipsNeed some ideas for how to celebrate Halloween with your community while at the same time bringing in more sales for your dealership? Look no further! Check out these 3 brilliant ideas for how to give and get during this spooktastic holiday!Chrysler Developing Cars that Become Your FriendWhat’s the most important factor for the future of cars? Chrysler thinks it’s about giving a car a soul. Learn more in this interesting article from WardsAuto!Cars.com President, Mitch Golub, Announces RetirementCars.com’s president is retiring in March 2015! What does that mean for the future of Cars.com and for all of the automotive dealers using this third party service?ActivEngage Mobile Chat App Now Includes Picture-Taking CapabilitiesIn case you haven’t heard yet, we just rolled out our updated mobile chat app to all of our ActivEngage Customers! Read our press release here to find out more about our mobile app’s new picture-taking feature, and how it revolutionizes the online consumer experience!--What did we forget? Tweet the stories we missed to@activengage and follow us while you’re there!See More

Mark Frost's blog post was featured

Mark Frost's blog post was featured

Mobile Search Rank Study Shows It's Good to Be #1

If you've spent any time on the marketing side of your dealership, you know how valuable organic search traffic is. But in order to receive a large amount of search traffic, you need to rank for a variety of different keywords, which means having a properly-optimized website, high-quality content, and inbound links from authoritative sites.Now, on the desktop side, there have been plenty of studies that prove that the #1 organic result on Google receives the brunt of the clicks. As Google users become more familiar with searching for information online, and Google updates its algorithm to provide better overall results, though, the number of people who click on the first result has gone down significantly.(This is also a sign that your metadata--which is the information displayed about your page on Google and other search engines--needs to be optimized so users can understand what your content is about, which will increase clickthroughs to your dealership's website.)Mobile Users Click the First Result More Than Desktop UsersOn the mobile side, however, we're seeing the #1 position as a more important positon than on desktop. According to a study by seoClarity, 27.7% of mobile search users click on the first result, as opposed to 19.3% on the desktop side.To make matters better (or worse depending on your dealership's rankings), CTR rates for the #2 position drop all the way down to 9.2% on mobile. The reason this is so important is because the #2 position on desktop search results gets an average of 11.4%.For dealerships ranking on page one from position 6-10 of mobile results, though, there is little change compared to desktop results. In fact, this study shows that you should see more clicks at the bottom of the page of mobile results than desktop results.What Do I Take Away from This New Information?The biggest takeaway from the mobile search CTR study is that it's still really important to claim the #1 result through proper SEO. You want a diverse range of content on your site to rank for a variety of different keywords and longtail search queries. The better quality content you have, combined with great optimization, the more your site will move up the ranks and the more organic traffic and leads you'll receive.Have a question about SEO and/or Google search rankings? Ask in the comments below and I'll provide as much insight as I can to help you grow your dealership's organic traffic!See More

Lisandra Ramos's blog post was featured

Lisandra Ramos's blog post was featured

How Timing Can Affect These 3 Elements on Your Dealership Website

“You don't have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it'll go.” - Yogi BerraThree American League MVP awards, 10 championships, and 15 All-Star Games -- Yogi Berra is arguably one of the best catchers in MLB history and knew a thing or two about the importance of timing.It got me thinking about today’s post and how lead generation can be the equivalent to your online at-bat. So taking Yogi’s wisdom into consideration, what are some website elements where you have the opportunity to hit a home run if your timing is right?Lead formsGetting your online shoppers’ information on a lead form is tricky. Understanding that many of your shoppers are concerned about privacy -- how can you proceed?I’ll start with a don’t -- don’t put lead forms on your dealership’s homepage with an overwhelming number of fields. Consider where most of your shoppers are in the sales funnel when they are on your homepage.Why occupy precious space there with trade-in, test-drive, and appraisal forms?HubSpot compares your contact forms to dates. Just as you wouldn’t grill someone for personal information on a first date, doing so in a lead form too soon could also be a turn off. If your shoppers haven’t considered buying from you just yet, odds are they aren’t ready to hand you their personal information.NOTE: Like many components on your dealership’s website, lead form timing is not a “one size fits all” element. Understanding what’s important to your dealership (quality vs. quantity of leads) will be important when deciding the right placement of your lead forms. More importantly, testing your efforts is always the best way to know when and where most of your customers are filling out your lead forms.SpecialsPromoting your dealership’s specials is a great way to entice shoppers and encourage them to buy or receive service from you. However, over-promoting on your webpage can be overwhelming and actually distract your shoppers from your specials.At least 64% of today’s shoppers prefer to receive offers relevant to their specific interests. Timing your sales and service specials can be a great way to present your shoppers with an additional reason to buy from you AT THE RIGHT TIME.For example, let’s say you are offering 0% APR on a 2014 Toyota Tundra to qualified buyers. Having a behaviorally targeted offer appear when a shopper is on a 2014 Tundra VDP page could be a good way to coax your shopper to fill out that contact form (or at least point out that you have sales specials on vehicles).I am in no way, shape, or form saying that you should ONLY target your inventory and service specials. In fact, think of it as a supplemental way of reminding the customer what your offers are once they’re closer to making a decision.Chat invitesBefore you pick up those torches and pitchforks, believe me -- I get it. Pop-ups are annoying! But there is substantial evidence demonstrating that pop-ups show an average increase in chat conversion of about 23%.However, too many times we see dealers who are so put off by chat pop-ups that they take them off indefinitely, thus hurting their lead conversion.What about targeting your chat invites?Having the option to deploy a chat pop-up invite based on what page your shoppers are on, their time spent on a particular page, and their behavior is a good way to send assistance to shoppers who have shown a more serious interest in your inventory!DISCLAIMER: Let’s not get timing-happy with pop-up deployment options! Having a live chat provider who can recommend the best practices for targeted chat invites with data will be an important factor in your success.ActivEngage Customers:Remember that you can use the ActivTarget feature to enhance your website’s effectiveness and send your shoppers the right message at the right time. It is included as part of our chat packages, at no additional cost to your dealership. Speak to your customer success manager to learn more about customizing your behaviorally targeted chat and specials pop-ups.  --Is time a factor in any of your dealership’s online conversion elements? What has worked for you? Share your insights below!See More

Mike Gorun's blog post was featured

Mike Gorun's blog post was featured

Going Beyond All-You-Can-Eat In Loyalty

When consumers think of loyalty programs, they typically think of racking up miles, or frequenting a business in exchange for rewards, perks or freebies. No matter what business you patronize, there is a good chance that it is offering some sort of loyalty incentive. In fact, many argue that loyalty programs are so prevalent nowadays that they are losing some of the initial qualities that attracted consumers to them back some 45 years ago. Namely, that feeling of being treated special in exchange for the customer’s ongoing business and continued loyalty. Today, some loyalty programs choose not to even offer rewards. Instead they just provide the concept of receiving lower prices. Many grocery store chains have the regular price and then a loyalty member price. Sale prices are reserved just for members of their loyalty program.  Your information and transaction histories are exchanged with the grocery store for a slightly lower total at the checkout counter. Loyalty programs have certainly evolved. Many companies are shifting away from traditional rewards and offering experiences and other perks instead. The restaurant chain, Olive Garden, found that it’s “Never Ending Pasta Bowl” promotion was by far the most popular. So it decided to take it a step further and last month introduced the “Never Ending Pasta Pass.” The pass allow customers to enjoy all-you-can-eat pasta as many times as the customer wishes for a period of up to 7 weeks. The offer also allows the customer to extend some of the pass’s perks to as many as 7 guests dining with them. Olive Garden made the offer exclusive by offering just 1,000 passes through their website, at a cost of $100 each. They sold out completely in just 45 minutes. Some may view this as a loss leader promotion. However, according to an article in USA Today, the restaurant chain came up with this promotion as it wished to provide a VIP experience for some of its most loyal and profitable customers. Similar to the Starbucks metal gift cards that sell out annually, the Never Ending Pasta Pass offers Olive Garden’s most enthusiastic customers the opportunity to enjoy a VIP experience as many times as they like. It also generates instant (and quantifiable) revenue, while encouraging the pass holder to bring guests. This clever addition helps generate more revenue with each additional dining partner. In addition, a promotion like this (obviously) can generate press, blog articles and social media buzz. Olive Garden even teased consumers who were not able to purchase one by dangling carrots of extra passes that will be handed out through social media properties. What do you think about adopting such a program as a car dealership? Imagine offering a limited quantity season long car wash pass that includes some service perks over and above what you would normally do for a customer. Or some other privileges, while also extending discounts to the customer’s friends and family members that bring their vehicles in with them. In general, people like to feel special. Whether it’s showing off a metal gift card at Starbucks, laying down the Never Ending Pasta Pass at Olive Garden, or getting an on-demand car wash without waiting. When creating incentives for your loyal customers, thinking outside the box can make them feel very special while providing a reason for them to bring new customers to your store. And that’s one of the most important attributes that any loyal customer brings to any business – more customers.See More

Subi Ghosh's video was featured

Subi Ghosh's video was featured

On Social Media, Talk Less About Yourself and More About 'Them'

Dealer Authority VP of Marketing Subi Ghosh was at Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan in Seattle discussing social media for car dealers. Here, she tells us ...

Kamlesh Thakkar is now a member of Automotive Digital Marketing ProCom

Kamlesh Thakkar is now a member of Automotive Digital Marketing ProCom

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  • Wall Clutter and Pushy Sales Efforts Discourage Customers from Liking Dealer Facebook Pages - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
    Dealership Discounts, Service Coupons and Promotional Offers Drive Likes More Than Customer Loyalty - They drive customers to Like a Car Dealer's Facebook Page! Overall, the Lab42 study finds that 87% of the social media users surveyed like business pages on Facebook. When asked their biggest motivator for doing so, these respondents cited promotions and discounts most often (34%), followed by free giveaways (21%). Loyalty and business trust were cited by 14% and 11% respectively. 77% of respondents who liked businesses on Facebook reported having saved money as a result of their likes. Use the link provided to view the entire article and access the data charts... Please leave a comment on the ADM blog page where this article is posted.

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  • The 4 Fundamentals of Writing a Good Press Release
    Many thanks to Sara Callahan for a really great tutorial on how to write press releases... I have read many articles about the subject, some of them rather lengthy in nature, but Sara's is one of the most practical, easy to understand and clearly constructed guides in a compact piece that I have ever seen. Use the link provided to read Sara's full article and please leave her a comment...

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  • Are You Listening?
    Katie Colihan writes: "If you don’t listen to your customer you won’t be able to react accurately. For example, if you have a smile pasted on your face as you write a credit application thinking it will make you look friendly, but your customer is talking about a terrible event in his/her life that landed them in the credit situation that they are in, how does this make you look? If you aren’t listening, then you aren’t hearing, if you aren’t hearing, the you run the risk of missing some very important information that a customer could give you..." Use the link provided to read the rest of Katie's article, and please leave a comment for her!

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  • Google +1: Now in PPC Ads and Affecting Search Engine Ranking - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
    Google makes it clear that the +1 button does have an impact on your organic rankings, regardless of whether they come from a PPC ad or your organic listing. As long as the URL of your PPC ad matches the URL of the organic listing, +1’s will show on both results. The company also notes that while +1’s will affect your organic search ranking, they will not change Quality Score or ad ranking. However, the most important component of Quality Score is Click-Through Rate (CTR) and I suspect that the primary reason that Google is testing this functionality in PPC ads is that they believe (as I do) that when a user sees a +1 from a trusted source, they will be more likely to click on the ad—increasing CTR, Quality Score, and Google’s ad revenue.
  • DealerDefender August 2011
    The inimitable James A. Ziegler shares his perspective on a variety of topics that are what is current and relevant in the automotive industry today!
  • Every Time You Google an Angel Gets Its Wings - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
    However, I looked in my pocket today, and I found "Zuzu's petals" . . . and so think about this, all you professionals, and let me say "Hat's off to you all!". You are the best and the brightest here on ADM, and I'm very proud to be a part of this, the best online community for Automotive Marketing Professionals in existence. When I look at our roster of 5k members, I see names from those who minted this marketplace, to those who lead the way to online success like no others. I've added both great knowledge and great friends by being here.

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  • Are Car Dealers Apathetic About Social Media Marketing? - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
    Reputation Management is Primary Objective - While offline forms of word-of-mouth remain critical for all automotive franchise brands, and certainly for small or locally based independent car dealers and businesses of all kinds, social media also plays a valuable role by giving a wider voice for their dealership experience reviews, product and dealer recommendations and helping to amplify that voice beyond their immediate circle of friends, family and colleagues.

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