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ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team in Scottsdale, AZ; 5 New SoMars

Posted on May 24, 2010 at 11:00am 1 Comment

The ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team based out of the SkySong Operations Center in Scottsdale, AZ is proud to introduce 5 New SoMars (Social Marketers) that started on May 17, 2010. Learn more about the services they provide at http://www.ADPsocial.com… Continue

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Director - Digital Marketing
ADP Dealer Services

Ralph Paglia is responsible for establishing ADP business partnerships and alliances with Automotive OEM's, enterprise class National Accounts and eBusiness organizations in the automotive vertical. Business development focused on defining and providing Digital Marketing solutions to car companies and dealers that accelerate and expand success in selling vehicles, parts and services using Internet based channels, strategies and tactics.

Ralph has over 20 years of leadership in information technology enabled automotive strategy and tactical implementation. He is a recognized expert at development requirements, CRM and Digital Marketing value propositions along with requisite performance measurements.

Experienced in using market research to improve results from people, business processes and the technology used to execute.

OEM and Retail Automotive organizational development guru. Industry leader in using B2C and B2B Web 2.0 interfaces as a differentiator. Creative problem solver with history of developing new techniques later adopted as industry best practices.

- 1986 San Diego: Ralph pioneered Internet lead generation by using dial-in access to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) with a charter enrollment in the first public access ISP (CompuServe). Generated the auto industry's first Internet Leads by posting vehicle offers on multiple BBS's. News of his success with these early experiments in online lead generation helped inspire creation of automotive Internet Lead providers such as Autobytel.

- 1999 Philadelphia: Ralph was part of original start-up team that launched Cyber Car, an automotive consulting organization that implemented Internet Sales processes into Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan and Infiniti dealers thoughout North America.

- 2000 Houston: Led development of Toyota eCertified dealer development program for the Gulf States Toyota (GST) Region. Facilitated Toyota eCertified Dealer workshops for over 100 Toyota dealers.

- 2001 Torrance: Created seminar and in-dealership training program, led team of 25 consultants in national dealer orientation program for Honda's Interactive Network (iN) system roll-out all USA Honda and Acura dealers.

- 2002 Montvale: Proposed, designed and secured funding for in-dealership Internet Lead Management CRM implementation for 322 Mercedes-Benz dealers.

- 2003 Detroit: Ralph led development, wrote Scope of Work and trained over 50 RCS consultants to execute BDC driven CRM Implementations into 600 Ford dealerships.

- 2005 to 2007 Phoenix: Ralph develops, builds and leads a team that markets and sells more new and used cars using digital marketing strategies and tactics than ever before accomplished by a single point franchised dealership.

- 2008 Dearborn, MI: Ralph secures landmark agreement and purchase order from ford Motor Company to migrate 50% of all ford dealerships from conventional local marketing and advertising to more effective digital marketing strategies and tactics.

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"If I have two vice presidents working for me that always agree on business matters, then i have one too many..." William Wrigley

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Dixie Somers posted a blog post

Dixie Somers posted a blog post

Army Autos: 5 Cars for Military Families

As someone in the military or the spouse of someone in the military, you need to think carefully when choosing a new car. The car should have enough space for your family, get good gas mileage and be easy to drive. This is especially important when new papers come in that require you to move quickly. Looking at the best models for military families can help you find one right for your family.Ford FusionThe Ford Fusion is a great choice for military men and women with families because it's one of the larger sedans that Ford makes. It has an ample backseat that can keep your kids comfy on long car rides and lots of storage in the trunk. Ford even makes a hybrid version of the Focus that can help you save on gas.Nissan AltimaWhether you spend a lot of time driving back and forth to the base or even around the base, you might prefer the Nissan Altima. It gets up to 39 mpg on the highway and up to 27 mpg in the city. As a larger sedan, it has plenty of room for your family and all their things too. Visit a dealership like Bay Ridge Nissan if you want to learn more about this model.Honda CR-VKelley Blue Book ranked the Honda CR-V as one of the best vehicles in 2017 for families. The CR-V is a great choice for those who have larger families and those who need to cart around their kids and their friends too. This crossover has a unique design that cuts down on wind resistance to help you save on gas mileage and has a spacious interior.Kia RioFamilies today care as much about cost as they do about looks and style, which is why many military families invest in the Kia Rio. The Rio is a smaller sedan that has four doors, an ample backseat and enough head and leg room for even the tallest of drivers. With a base price of under $17,000, the Rio is affordable too.Mazda CX-3Another affordable option for military families is the Mazda CX-3, which is a subcompact SUV that won't break the bank. It has enough space inside for up to five people and gets up to 34 mpg on the highway. Blind spot monitoring and a cross traffic alert system helps you keep your family safe both on and away from the base.Military families often need cars with lots of interior space and vehicles that cost less. These top 10 cars help you stick to your budget and give you all the space you need.See More

Melvin Mann posted a blog post

Melvin Mann posted a blog post

We Buy All Junk Cars with or without Titles 404-399-3474

We buy all junk cars: Junking your car isn’t fun because this is the car that has taken you everywhere and shown you a good time, so there’s a lot of good memories attached to that car. Everything on the earth was not meant to stay, it’s designed to pass on to its glory or shame. Weather it was a good car or a bad car the owner will have the last judgement as to the experience that fore went. At any rate when your car has stopped working properly it is a sign that something is wrong and either it can be fixed or cant be fixed and that’s where a decision has to be made. Most of the time when a car starts having mechanical problems and the owner takes the car to have it diagnosed at your local mechanics shop, they usually charge a diagnostics fee which generally starts off at at least 125$ just for them to look at it, I mean it takes time and expertise to look at a car and run test on it to give a proper diagnosis. And then after that when the problem is solved then comes the quote on the parts and to rectify the problem because weather you know it or not when something malfunctions on a car its simply a part that can be changed out for a new or good used part weather it’s the engine or transmission to smaller parts. That’s why we buy all junk carshttp://i2.wp.com/atlgacashforjunkcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cash4-01.jpg?resize=150%2C150 150w, http://i2.wp.com/atlgacashforjunkcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cash4-01.jpg?resize=768%2C768 768w, http://i2.wp.com/atlgacashforjunkcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cash4-01.jpg?resize=1024%2C1024 1024w, http://i2.wp.com/atlgacashforjunkcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cash4-01.jpg?resize=250%2C250 250w, http://i2.wp.com/atlgacashforjunkcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cash4-01.jpg?resize=500%2C500 500w, http://i2.wp.com/atlgacashforjunkcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cash4-01.jpg?w=2000 2000w, http://i2.wp.com/atlgacashforjunkcars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/cash4-01.jpg?w=3000 3000w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" width="300" height="300" />we buy all junk carshere at Car Crushers cash for junk carsw/o titles we specialize in buying junk cars when people don’t want to spend a costly fee to fix their car. We can come out in a tow truck and pay for the junk car in cash where ever the car broke down. So we are at your service morning noon and night when that break down occurs and you are fed up with dealing with that junk car, call us 404-399-3474 now and receive a quote today. www.atlgacashforjunkcars.comSee More

Melvin Mann posted a status

Melvin Mann posted a status
"Here at Car Crushers cash for junk cars we buy all inoperable cars in any condition with the title or without. www.atlgacashforjunkcars.com"

Lizzie Weakley posted a blog post

Lizzie Weakley posted a blog post

5 Signs That Indicate Car Trouble

Sometimes it can be difficult to know or anticipate if your vehicle is having problems operating. Occasionally, the problem is obvious, such as a tire that’s flat or leaking air slowly, a battery that doesn’t hold a charge so the engine won’t turn over, or its leaking fluids. But what about the problems that aren’t so obvious? Here are five signs indicating your car is having difficulty with normal operation. Rough Running Driving your vehicle should feel smooth as it shifts gears and moves along down the road. If it’s hesitating, bucking, or vibrating excessively, these are all indicators of a problem with either the engine, transmission or other mechanical components. Excessive vibration or pulling to one side or the other may have to do with your steering, suspension or braking system. If it’s having problems shifting into gear or getting up to speed, this may have to do with what’s under the hood. Significantly Reduced Fuel Economy If you notice your vehicle is consuming more gas than usual, this is a sign that it’s running rich and consuming more fuel than it needs to, meaning there’s a problem with the compression stroke in your engine. Getting a fuel cleaner or fuel system service from a company like Evans Tire & Service Centers may solve this problem. Warning Lights on Dashboard No warning lights should ever be ignored on your dashboard, as they all derive from your vehicle’s ECU, essentially its computer, that sets a fault code when something has gone wrong, which then causes your warning lights to illuminate. The big three to watch out for are check oil, oil pressure and check engine. You’ll likely need to take your car to an auto repair shop so they can read the codes the ECU is setting and interpret them for you. Unusual Noises Any weird noises you notice are hard to ignore. Clattering, squeaking, or an exhaust that’s louder than usual all indicate something needs to be looked at and ultimately repaired. The most efficient way to diagnose it is to determine where the noise is coming from and what circumstances cause it to occur. When you are armed with these details, your trusted mechanic can determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Leaking Fluids Aside from condensation from your AC compressor, no fluids should ever be leaking from your vehicle, and if they are, it’s an indicator of a larger problem. Depending on what the leaking liquid is, you may have a crack in your coolant hose, your oil pan may be broken, or there may be some other problem. Either way, it’s a good idea to address it as soon as possible because your vehicle’s internal components depend on fluids for proper operation. While there are other indicators that your vehicle may be having difficulty running as it should, those are five of the most common ones to look for. The next time your vehicle is acting off, you’ll know it might be time to take it into the shop for a repair or service.See More

Mike Gorun posted a blog post

Mike Gorun posted a blog post

Is Amazon’s New Patent Terrible or Brilliant for Customer Loyalty?

Amazon was recently awarded a patent that has caused quite a stir amongst consumers and retailers. The patent, originally applied for way back in 2012, details a method for “redirecting, or otherwise controlling customers' attempts to comparison shop on their smartphones when using a store’s Wi-Fi network. The system would identify when a customer is trying to access a competitor’s website and take action. According to the patent description, it could block the action outright, redirect it to the retailer's own website, or distract the customer with a coupon or a salesperson's attention.”   This has caused much debate as Amazon just recently entered into the physical retail sector with new bookstore locations and the purchase of the Whole Foods grocery chain. There are many opinions out there ranging from those that claim Amazon is hypocritical to those that consider its recent moves outright evil.  Why so much controversy? Because, up until now, Amazon has probably been the largest beneficiary of showrooming. Many consumers visit retail stores then price compare against Amazon. Many use retailers as physical showrooms for products and then turn around and buy the merchandise on Amazon. This has forced retailers such as Best Buy to start price-matching Amazon.  The masses are asking why Amazon would want to utilize price comparison blocking software in their own stores which disallows people from the very activity Amazon itself has benefited from for years. In fact, some people are so incensed that they call Amazon evil for simply owning this patent. Is Amazon threatening to harm their brand loyalty by rolling out this technology in stores? Would consumers get irritated if they were blocked from price shopping other retailers with their smartphones while in Amazon’s stores? Most definitely.   So why does Amazon want this patent?  To answer that, we need to begin by asking the most obvious question:  Why, in 2012 when Amazon was a purely digital retailer, and showrooming wasn’t even a buzzword, would it apply for a patent that prevented in-store consumers from price shopping the competition when Amazon was the primary beneficiary of that activity? Do you think it was because they had this psychic ability to predict that they would be entering the retail space? Even their logo means they sell everything from A to Z and consumers should be happy about it. Has their grand plan always been to dominate the planet?  NO!  They applied for this patent in 2012 to PREVENT ANY OTHER BUSINESS FROM USING THIS TECHNOLOGY to block consumers from price comparison shopping Amazon while in another retailer’s physical location.  They were protecting the most lucrative activity for Amazon -- conquesting sales from their physical retail competition.  By owning this technology patent, no retail store can use this technology against Amazon to prevent price comparisons – say on Amazon.com – without violating Amazon’s patent and opening themselves up to a lawsuit. But they have bookstores now -- what about those? First, in 2012, Amazon didn’t even know it was going to open physical bookstores. It was in fact putting those out of business. Second, the bookstores they do have only contain 100 or so of the most purchased books on Amazon, which they maintain at the lowest price on the market. In addition, the bookstores are used more as a showcase for their ancillary products such as the Amazon Fire tablet and Alexa, similar to Microsoft’s retail stores.   When you’re faced with a complicated puzzle, typically the simplest answer is the correct one. In this case, in 2012, technology was getting to the point where competing retailers would soon be able to block price comparisons on Amazon for shoppers in their stores. Amazon was WAY ahead of the game and beat them to the punch.   Evil or Brilliant? It’s all a matter of perspective but, in the end, Amazon wins and, hopefully, consumers do as well.See More

Manny Luna posted a blog post

Manny Luna posted a blog post

How To Use Reddit For SEO & Content Marketing Research

Usually when marketers think Reddit – they think massive promotion, reach, and influence. Reddit is the most influential social news aggregators in the world. It drives headlines, traffic, and new ideas further and more rapidly than any social network.Editor’s Note – I originally published this post in 2014. Since then, not only has Reddit grown, but marketer’s tools for Reddit has grown. I’ve revised & re-published this post in 2016 with new resources and corrected information.Simply using Reddit for promotion can be worse than a waste of time, it can actively damage your brand and reputation. Unless you are willing to put in the time and investment to learn etiquette, and become a legitimate member of a community (aka subreddit), you should not use Reddit to organically promote your content.The Reddit community takes a better eye towards buying ads to promote your content. There are good and bad ways to advertise on Reddit – and it’s something you should certainly consider. But Reddit ads usually simply don’t give you the same promotional effect (even excluding monetary costs) as organic submissions.Using Reddit to promote your content marketing & SEO efforts is going to take either a lot of time or some money – neither of which many marketers have.To reiterate – if you don’t have time or money to market on Reddit well – please do not promote there. Be cool and respectful.But that doesn’t mean Reddit is useless for marketing. Here are 3 ways to use Reddit for better SEO & content marketing without submitting or paying for submissions – all involving the goldmine of research that is Reddit.It all starts with the concept of subreddits. Reddit is made up of “subreddits” – which are small communities organized around a topic where subscribers can submit, vote up or down, and comment on posts and links relevant to a specific subreddit. There is a subreddit organized around every conceivable topic.The primary challenge is finding subreddits relevant to your website or audience. The easiest way to search for subreddits is to search, then follow “related subreddit” links.Go to reddit.com and search for a keyword, then browse subreddits.You can also use this tool to find the most popular subreddits, then follow the sidebar links to related, but smaller (and more specific) subreddits.Combine those 2 methods with a little bit of time just clicking around Reddit and you’ll find good subreddits to start with.1. Research content ideasUse subreddits relevant to your industry, field, readership to find content topics and ideas that tend to do well – then imitate & improve. To find content ideas that have worked well, filter subreddits by “Top” – and then by time period (ie, all-time, monthly, this week, etc). By default, the front page of a subreddit is determined by how “hot” a post is, so you’ll see a good bit of new & popular right now posts.Use relevant subreddits to find unanswered questions – and use them to build content on your site. If someone is posting to a subreddit for help, chances are they’ve already Googled once, twice, probably 3+ times to find the answer. Again, look for submissions that have a question mark. You can also filters by  If you can build content around those questions, you’ll rank for not only those searches, but also have content that answers similar questions other people are also asking.You can also sort content by “most gilded” – which are posts that have generated the most Reddit gold (Redditors can pay to upgrade other Redditors to premium membership ie, “gold”). These posts will give you an idea of posts that are not only popular but also deeply appreciated.And if you are looking for content that will stir conversation, you can sort content by Controversial – which all had the most back and forth commenting.By looking at posts that have already done well, ask specific questions, generated comments, or been appreciated by the subreddit, you’ll have solid ideas to build content on your site that will get traction with your audience & other networks.2. Get keywordsOne of the toughest (and most essential) parts of doing SEO is choosing the right keywords. Aligning the language of your website with the language your audience actually uses to search for your products & services is a core part of search engine optimization.The problem lies with finding keywords that you know you don’t know about. There are plenty of tools that SEOs will use to find these keywords (like AhrefsBooksCorrelateWikipediaSearch ConsolePinterestYouTubeDisplay Planner and much more)…but often they simply can only go as far as your research about an industry will go (and people in the industry won’t realize those keywords are unknown because to them, they are obvious.It’s like studying the inside of a house where you know there’s a hidden closet somewhere, but you have no idea where it is. But also, the homeowners doesn’t know what closet you’re talking about until you do find it. The only real way to find all the closets is just to watch the homeowners use the house until they stumble on the missing closet.Subreddits allow you to do just that – watch your audience interact and talk about products & problems in a normal way. It may take some research, but simply reading threads on the right subreddit will give you some golden keywords that simply would not have cropped up otherwise.The goal with this step is to find the right subreddit, identify posts with a lot of comments & discussion – and read them with an eye towards terms and phrases that have not yet cropped up in your research.You can also take links to extensive comment section and paste them into Google Keyword Planner.There’s a new tool called Keyworddit that can automate this process to a degree. You can also find open keyword opportunities by placing the subreddit URL in a tool like Ahrefs and seeing what terms it ranks for.3. Find new sitesA very related problem to the known unknown keyword problem is the known unknown website problem. In every field there are websites that get a huge amount of attention or are a consistent resource. These websites are incredibly important to know for research & promotion, but they often simply don’t crop up in discovery or initial research because they are too obvious or they appeal to your audience indirectly.Side Note – I also like to use Display Planner to solve this problem.For example, if you’re building a content strategy and you want to find productivity blogs to get involved with, you might be able to find LifeHacker or ZenHabits, but you might not easily find Self-Stairway. But you would find them if you started with /r/productivity and clicked through to /r/zenhabits.Where Google may fail – subreddits can be your guide. In the sidebar of nearly every subreddit, there is a list of recommended subreddits and often a list of recommended websites (sometimes the list will also be in the subreddit Wiki). These sites are chosen by the community and updated, so you’ll be finding the currently popular blogs in the field.Next StepsReddit is an incredible website & untapped resource. Most marketers focus on the promotional potential of Reddit without putting in the time or money to do it well. Don’t ignore the research potential of using Reddit for SEO and content marketing.Start by heading to Reddit.com, doing a search for your topic, and spending a few minutes clicking through subreddits to see if there’s any research threads to follow.If you plan on submitting content to Reddit, be sure to read Siege Media’s Guide to Reddit and BuiltVisible’s Web Marketer’s Guide To Reddit.Source: shivarweb.com See More

Rachael Murphey posted a blog post

Rachael Murphey posted a blog post

5 Most Dangerous Places to Drive Your Hotrod

For some auto enthusiasts, the sight of the open road is what revs their engines. Some of us prefer to live dangerously and our hearts are tied to the drag strip. It’s even better when drag races happen in real places with enough of a fear quotient to sweeten the deal. Here are 5 of the most dangerous places to drive your hotrod:1. Skyline Parkway, Duluth, MinnesotaIf the winters of northern Minnesota seem forbidding to you, then try Skyline Parkway in Duluth. This breathtaking overlook full of twists and turns was a favorite spot of drag racers back in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s a real challenge for the speed and handling of any vehicle, and during wintertime can turn deadly, so best to keep it to the warmer months.2. Road to Kona, Big Island of Hawai’iThe unparalleled beauty of this road is matched by the drama and adventure of taking the famous turns in the gulches by Laupahoehoe Point. Long a favorite of locals who once drank their beers while navigating these turns, there’s no better opportunity to put your hotrod through its paces than this beautiful highway on the Big Island.3. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida KeysHere’s a challenge for any dedicated auto enthusiasts out there: a race on the Seven Mile Bridge. One of the most famous sights in Florida, it’s been featured in action films like True Lies. When you’ve reached the end of the road, there’s always a cold beer and fresh snapper waiting for you at a diner on the next island.4. Tijuana-Ensenada Corridor, MexicoThe incredible views of the Pacific Ocean are just another perk on this famous highway from the border to the fishing village of Ensenada. There’s a certain feeling of lawlessness already. Most of the danger here probably comes from run-ins with the law or other aggressive drivers, but it’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping.5. Anywhere in the Rockies Some of these mountain passes have been changed, roadways have smoothed, and traffic has been diverted from the most dangerous areas. Still, some of the most dangerous roads in America can be found along the continental divide, such as Colorado’s Wolf Creek Pass or Wyoming’s Bear Tooth Highway. Auto enthusiasts will find that regardless of the tales of car accidents in many of these places, or perhaps because of them, these locations are ideal for the race of a lifetime. ReferencesDurango HeraldPage LawHawaii MagazineSee More

Rachelle Wilber posted a blog post

Rachelle Wilber posted a blog post

What Responsible Motorists Should Do After an Accident on the Freeway

An auto accident on the freeway may seem more intense and frightening than an accident on a neighborhood street. The high rates of speed, heavy traffic and minimal room on the shoulder or berm can complicate the situation. If you are involved in an accident while driving on the freeway, these four tips will help you to stay safe and calm until help arrives.Call for HelpIt is important to call the local emergency services for help immediately after an accident on the freeway. If you use your smartphone to call 9-1-1, your phone will reach the nearest emergency services. Describe as much as you can about your location and the circumstances, such as how many cars were involved and whether there is debris in the roadway.Stay CalmAn auto accident triggers your body's stress response. You may feel a rush of adrenaline. Some people may have an energized or nauseous feeling. Professionals, like those at Alexander Law Group, know that it is important to stay calm after an auto accident. If you or someone in your vehicle is injured, try to stay calm until the paramedics arrive. If possible, stay on the phone with the 9-1-1 operator. The emergency services staff is trained in helping people to stay calm in urgent situations.Move Your Vehicle out of TrafficIf it is safe to do so, drive your vehicle to the side of the road. Other drivers may not see that there has been an accident on the freeway until it is too late for them to get out of the way. If you cannot move your vehicle off of the roadway to the shoulder, or berm, try to make your vehicle more visible. Turn on your hazards or put flares by your bumper.Remain in Your VehicleIt is dangerous to get out of your vehicle and stand on the freeway. Avoid getting out of your vehicle to check on the damage. You could get hit by a car while doing so. Remain in your vehicle after an accident unless there is imminent risk of the vehicle bursting into flames. If your car is on fire, get yourself far away from it without walking into traffic.Once the immediate danger has passed, you will also need to contact your auto insurance company and report the accident. Be sure to get the responding police officer's information. You will also need to have the incident number or police report number for filing your insurance claim.See More

Emma Sturgis posted a blog post

Emma Sturgis posted a blog post

Teenager Turning 16? 3 Insights To Help You Insure Their Car

Image Source: PexelsIf you have a child who is about to turn 16, his or her top priority may be to get a car and a license to drive it. While this may scare you as a parent, having a good insurance policy may relieve some of the stress or anxiety that you may feel about your teen driving.  Learn About Discounts For Teen Drivers Teen drivers tend to cost more to insure because they are less experienced and tend to make riskier decisions while behind the wheel. However, you can lower your teen's rates by searching for discounts such as a good student discount or a driver education discount. By getting good grades and taking driver education courses, your teen shows insurance companies their ability to make responsible decisions.  Add Your Son Or Daughter To Your Own Policy If your son or daughter is on your own policy, he or she may qualify for any discounts that you receive. In the event that you choose to do this, make sure that you talk to your teen about the importance of not getting into accidents or getting tickets. This is because your teen's poor driving decisions could result in your policy being cancelled as well.  Get More Than The State Minimum Although your state may set a minimum level of insurance needed to legally operate a car, it is a good idea to buy additional coverage. Ideally, you will have at least $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident in bodily injury coverage. This ensures that you don't lose your house or other assets if your teen gets into a serious accident.  Talk With Your Insurance Agent The most effective way to determine how to keep your teen's insurance costs down is to talk with an insurance professional, like those at Rob Jackson Insurance. This person may be able to help design a policy that provides only the minimum level of coverage needed to protect your teen and your teen's vehicle while on the road. If your son or daughter drives an older vehicle, it may only be necessary to carry general liability insurance, and it may be possible to increase the deductible in an effort to keep premiums down.  It is natural to worry about your child no matter how old that child may be. However, a quality insurance policy may help to replace a damaged vehicle or help pay to get your teen back to health if he or she is ever in an accident.See More

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