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ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team in Scottsdale, AZ; 5 New SoMars

Posted on May 24, 2010 at 11:00am 1 Comment

The ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team based out of the SkySong Operations Center in Scottsdale, AZ is proud to introduce 5 New SoMars (Social Marketers) that started on May 17, 2010. Learn more about the services they provide at http://www.ADPsocial.com… Continue

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Director - Digital Marketing
ADP Dealer Services

Ralph Paglia is responsible for establishing ADP business partnerships and alliances with Automotive OEM's, enterprise class National Accounts and eBusiness organizations in the automotive vertical. Business development focused on defining and providing Digital Marketing solutions to car companies and dealers that accelerate and expand success in selling vehicles, parts and services using Internet based channels, strategies and tactics.

Ralph has over 20 years of leadership in information technology enabled automotive strategy and tactical implementation. He is a recognized expert at development requirements, CRM and Digital Marketing value propositions along with requisite performance measurements.

Experienced in using market research to improve results from people, business processes and the technology used to execute.

OEM and Retail Automotive organizational development guru. Industry leader in using B2C and B2B Web 2.0 interfaces as a differentiator. Creative problem solver with history of developing new techniques later adopted as industry best practices.

- 1986 San Diego: Ralph pioneered Internet lead generation by using dial-in access to Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) with a charter enrollment in the first public access ISP (CompuServe). Generated the auto industry's first Internet Leads by posting vehicle offers on multiple BBS's. News of his success with these early experiments in online lead generation helped inspire creation of automotive Internet Lead providers such as Autobytel.

- 1999 Philadelphia: Ralph was part of original start-up team that launched Cyber Car, an automotive consulting organization that implemented Internet Sales processes into Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan and Infiniti dealers thoughout North America.

- 2000 Houston: Led development of Toyota eCertified dealer development program for the Gulf States Toyota (GST) Region. Facilitated Toyota eCertified Dealer workshops for over 100 Toyota dealers.

- 2001 Torrance: Created seminar and in-dealership training program, led team of 25 consultants in national dealer orientation program for Honda's Interactive Network (iN) system roll-out all USA Honda and Acura dealers.

- 2002 Montvale: Proposed, designed and secured funding for in-dealership Internet Lead Management CRM implementation for 322 Mercedes-Benz dealers.

- 2003 Detroit: Ralph led development, wrote Scope of Work and trained over 50 RCS consultants to execute BDC driven CRM Implementations into 600 Ford dealerships.

- 2005 to 2007 Phoenix: Ralph develops, builds and leads a team that markets and sells more new and used cars using digital marketing strategies and tactics than ever before accomplished by a single point franchised dealership.

- 2008 Dearborn, MI: Ralph secures landmark agreement and purchase order from ford Motor Company to migrate 50% of all ford dealerships from conventional local marketing and advertising to more effective digital marketing strategies and tactics.

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"If I have two vice presidents working for me that always agree on business matters, then i have one too many..." William Wrigley

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Paul Potratz posted a blog post

Paul Potratz posted a blog post

You've been looking at the wrong analytics...

So many times business owners focus on the conversion or lead factor of their analytics. While this provides some insight into how successful your marketing campaign in, there's one crucial piece that you should be looking at.Watch this week's Think Tank Tuesday to figure out what you've been missing in your analytics.We’d love to hear what you have to say. Comment below and follow us on Facebook.Website: http://www.ppadv.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/PotratzAdvert...Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PotratzInstagram: @PotratzSee More

Mary Lvovych posted a blog post

Mary Lvovych posted a blog post

The key reason why Blogger Outreach is Critically Important

As companies have started to appreciate the effect of social media as well as the power that influencers hold over their followings, quite a few have started to it. Additionally bloggers have come to as well be thought to be a sort of influencer, and many brands are starting to know that guest posting is seriously essential for brand marketing. Although at first it seems as though most web publishers do not have the great following of some social media presences, in many cases the exact reach of a blogger is much more potent. That is due to a number of factors: • Blogs produce better results with search engines Though social media platforms possess a huge reach in their own right, they are often not able to leverage search engines due to the nature of their content. Meanwhile blog sites and search engines have gone together for quite a while, with articles on the blogging site showing up in contextual search engine results too. • Reviews are generally found on blogs A good number of customers usually refer to product reviews before making a decision to buy, and blog sites are the platform of choice for that sort of content. Some bloggers actually produce and publish video testimonials, utilizing their blog to promote it to their visitors. Part of the reason reviews tend to be on blogs is usually due to the fact that a lot of folks seeking reviews do so using search engines – which is certainly an important advantage of blogger outreach. • Traffic on blogs is usually a lot more specific Generally social media influencers often identify themselves within a certain genre, and provide content to their readers that is relevant to it. Blog sites alternatively are more targeted, and give attention to specific niches (or even micro-niches) and build up an audience around it that brands may make use of. To put it briefly, blogger outreach allows for brands to target much more exact demographics of individuals. • Content on blogs could be more varied Technically blog sites have no limits in terms of the content they can post – though majority would focus on precise variations depending on their audience. For brands however it is solely a case of shopping around and discovering blogs that have already got a following that is predisposed to the type of information they intend to put out there. It should be easy to see why blogger outreach has been gaining recognition with time. When it comes to raw figures web publishers may appear to lag behind other types of influencers, but their power lies in the targeted and highly-relevant nature of their audience. Nowadays there are even blogger outreach services that concentrate on not only leveraging blogs, but also organizing promotions to make a better use of their potential. Now that you understand the importance of blogger outreach as well as the significantly vital part that it could have – the actual issue is: How do you intend to utilize it? With the ideal strategy or carefully-selected blog outreach services, you can increase your audience by leaps and bounds, or simply boost sales and visitor activity in a far more direct style.See More

John Sternal posted a blog post

John Sternal posted a blog post

Jumpstart Automotive Media Unveils Its 2016 – 2017 Insights Book; A Collection Of Consumer Insights Illustrating Today’s Auto Shopping Paths

Jumpstart Automotive Media, a leading media, insights, and marketing solutions company, today released its seventh annual Insights Book. This yearlong analysis looks at shopping patterns across Jumpstart’s portfolio of automotive websites that represent more than 25 million in-market shoppers. Click here to download the 2016 – 2017 Insights Book.Auto Shopping Paths Highlights:·       62% of shoppers who enter Jumpstart’s portfolio through the homepage end up viewing a vehicle detail page (VDP) within the first three clicks (interactions).·       Among visitors who enter Jumpstart’s sites directly on listings pages, nearly 50% return to the homepage to reset their search criteria before moving to a VDP to conduct more research.·       Vehicle rankings often drive shoppers to a VDP (64%) to allow for more comprehensive research, and then on to photo galleries to validate the vehicle they’re focused on. “We’re paying close attention to how shoppers are moving through the online auto shopping process: how they’re researching on different devices, how content—especially native content—is prompting them to move down the path in different ways, and how we can work with our clients and publishers to create ad experiences that help consumers make vehicle purchase decisions more quickly and efficiently.” said Libby Murad-Patel, vice president of marketing and strategic insights.   Other Notable Findings:·       Luxury brand interest is up 7%, and six of the top 10 brands with highest growth in shopper interest are luxury·       Alternative fuel (+13%) and hatchback/wagon (+10%) saw the largest increase in share of interest for body style; trucks (-11%) and sedans (-4%) saw the largest drop off·       Chevrolet (9.7%) and Ford (8.7%) had the largest share of shopper interest during 2016; Jaguar (+50%) and Fiat (+45%) saw the largest year-over-year increase·       As competition is heating up, the largest declines in loyalty are coming from some of the most popular vehicle segments today·       More than 1/3 of Jumpstart’s used-car shoppers are also shopping and researching new vehicles Click here to download the 2016 – 2017 Insights Book.About Jumpstart:  Jumpstart Automotive Media, a division of Hearst Autos, offers high-impact and performance-driven marketing and advertising solutions that achieve optimum results. An industry thought-leader known for its in-depth shopping reports, Jumpstart connects automotive marketers with the largest, high-performing audience of car shoppers and enthusiasts through partnerships with: Car and Driver, U.S. News Best Cars, J.D. Power Cars, NADAguides, Autoweek.com, Autobytel, Autolist.com, Daily News Autos, LeftLaneNews.com, CarSoup, and CarBuzz.JumpstartAuto.com, @JumpstartAutoSee More

Mike Gorun posted a blog post

Mike Gorun posted a blog post

How One Dealer’s Gumbo Attracted His Community

A recent article in Automotive News tells the story of Carlos Liriano, a car dealer from New Orleans who migrated his dealership to Texas and brought with him a passion – gumbo. Initially, it started as a way to show appreciation to and treat his employees every month. But, at his dealership’s 5-year anniversary, he decided to invite the community, and they came. And, not only did they come when it first started, the community has kept coming to the point where customers are actually scheduling service appointments on the day gumbo is served. What started with a couple of gallons of gumbo has grown into 25 gallons, feeding over 250 people. This dealer’s passion – and tradition – is increasing service business along with the top thing that every dealer wants - selling cars. But why is his gumbo tradition so successful? Serving food at dealerships isn’t a new thing. How many dealers serve hot dogs, drinks and such on weekends? A lot. What makes this so successful perhaps begins with the fact that his family’s gumbo recipe is good. Secondly, and most importantly, he chose to share that with both his staff and his local community – and it paid off. Even his digital marketing and social media efforts are reaping the rewards and endearing his dealership to the community. Community involvement is a vital component in branding, in building trust and the DESIRE for local residents to do business with your dealership. Building trust with consumers isn’t always an easy task – especially if you’re a car dealer. The stereotypes and poor consumer perception can be an uphill battle. The big gorillas and wavy tube men do nothing but attract attention – and most of the time that attention simply confirms that the dealership is “just another car dealership.” There are many ways to stand out in your community and every community is different. Mr. Liriano simply embraced HIS passion for gumbo and then involved his community. Consider exploring opportunities to embrace and involve your dealership in the local community. Keep in mind that you may not see results right away. But whatever your passion is, share that with your primary customers. Don’t use it as a selling gimmick, but as a genuine way to reach out to your community, share your passion and build rapport and trust. If you build it, service and sales will come. Discover your passion and build it.See More

Kent Charlie posted a blog post

Kent Charlie posted a blog post

7 Things to Know Before You go For a Used Car Purchase

You are not the only person in the world who is looking to get yourself a used car for any reason whatsoever. Between dealership sales and private deals, almost 40 million used cars change hands each year.Nowadays you usually have a host of choices in the used car market. With so many choices in hand, you might face a little bit of difficulty in choosing the right car for your use. It’s advisable for you to know a few things about the used car market before you make the final purchase. Let’s go through them without further ado.How much can you afford?Just follow a rule of thumb. If you are taking a loan for your car, your car payment should not be more than 20% of your take-home pay. If you are sticking to a tight budget (which you probably are), you should spend even less that that 20% mentioned in the previous statement.You must remember that used cars need a little bit of more attention than a brand new car in form of maintenance. Your car maintenance will cost you more. So you have to keep some funds reserved for that purpose.You must also take into account some regular expenses that come with the car such as insurance and fuel costs. Your budget must consider all these factors collectively.Build a list of cars that you wish to purchaseYou might have an affinity to certain brands say Honda, Ford etc. And probably those brands do have trusted used cars. But if you want to all in with a choice of a single brand, you are bound to be disappointed.You must remember that you are not getting yourself a brand new car such that you can choose anything you want. In case of used cars, you have to make your selection from a pre-set list.Hence, it’s advisable to go in with a few choices in mind. Research a bit on the internet and you’ll definitely get what you need.This list might come in handy.Check car pricesPrices vary from place to place. It also varies on the type of used car. Is it a regular used car or is it a certified pre-owned car (CPO)?A certified pre owned car usually costs you more than a regular used car because it comes with some facilities including warranties.You need to research a bit on the prices and make your decisions wisely.Try to locate used cars in your localityPlenty of websites are available on the internet that are more than capable of helping you to locate used cars in your locality.Use them to save time and money. Most of them are absolutely free of cost.Check the vehicle history recordYou should try to get a vehicle history report of the used car unless you are purchasing it from your friends or relatives who can vouch for its history.It might be possible for any car to have a bad history report. In such cases, it’s advisable to avoid closing the deal as soon as possible.Carfax and AutoCheck are considered two of the best sources for vehicle history reports where you'll get every information ranging from the vehicle's history to the history of its private number plate (if it has any). They can definitely reveal vital information about any car.Better check them out before going for a purchase.Contact your sellerOnce you select a car, don’t just go out and take a quick look at it.Contact the seller first. This is important because it helps to build a good relationship between the seller and the buyer.If you are purchasing the car from a private party, you can ask several questions like “why’s he selling the car?” or “does it have any mechanical problems?”But if you are going for a purchase from a dealership, a text message or a call is the best way to ensure that the car is still in stock.Test drive your carThis is absolutely vital. If you don’t test drive your car before closing the deal, you will not even realize whether the car really suits you the best or not. Then afterwards, if you want to replace it with anything else, you might face a little bit of inconvenience.Additionally, you should also check out your vehicle thoroughly starting from the engine to the bonnet.Just follow the tips mentioned in the list above and you’ll breeze through your purchase in no time. A final word of warning though-Be smart and buy smart! Do not give into temptations.See More

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Kathy Wheat posted a blog post

Kathy Wheat posted a blog post

Why You Should Use A Fuel Injector Cleaner

In this very frenzied and fast-paced society that we live in today, you do not want to get delayed in any way by anything that is within your capacity to take control over. In fact, these days, more and more technology and inventions that eases the human living condition thereby making life smoother and quicker-paced, are constantly being developed. Thus, time wasters are big turn-offs in this era, and so it is with cars and the many maintenance precautions that come with them.Cars are conveniences that we cannot do without especially in this century because they have become crucial tools in our everyday human activity. A typical example is an ambulance. Imagine a situation where an ambulance gets delayed right in the middle of an emergency due to a fault in the engine’s fuel injector system. Can you imagine the level of damage and loss that can be incurred because of this oversight?This same level of damage or loss applies to other possible scenarios that can occur due to faults in cars engines’ fuel injector systems. Expectedly, you would not want to be in this situation. Therefore, it is important that you use a fuel injector cleaner to care for your car engine’s fuel injector. So as to ensure its proper functioning, thereby providing adequate supply of fuel to your car’s engine and allowing your car to run smoothly.Carbon dioxide which is the by-product of fuel combustion is the number one enemy of fuel injectors. The unfortunate truth, however, is that as long as you drive your car, the emission of this substance is unavoidable. This substance gradually builds up in the car’s engine and can over time cause trouble to the fuel injector if not frequently cleaned. Hence, the need for a fuel injector cleaner removes all the already piled up carbon deposits so that the engine can function at the optimum level.Another important reason to make use of a fuel injector cleaner is that gasoline itself contains some elements of dirt, especially the low-grade petrol. Fuel injector cleaners get into the dirt and break them down into very small particles consequently enabling them to pass through the engine’s exhaust system.The benefits of regularly cleaning out your fuel injector system are numerous. Your engines run smoothly without unnecessary engine shut-down, your engine remains at optimal performance level without any speed reduction which is usually caused by excessive built-up deposits of carbons. You receive enhanced throttle response as fuel is pumped adequately to every part of your engine.Furthermore, your exhaust fume will normalize because fuel combustion in your car’s engine is normal. If your engine is a diesel type or other, we recommend you check out the best fuel injector cleaners to enhance the efficiency of your car. With that, you are assured that your car’s engine will feel and sound more powerful, and you can go about your business without worrying about your car’s engine suddenly quitting on you.See More

Steve Stauning posted a blog post

Steve Stauning posted a blog post

Stop Letting Carvana (and Everyone Else) Define You!

Hey Car Dealer: Stop Letting Carvana (and Everyone Else) Define You! If you believe the corporate manifestos and marketing pitches of every automotive retail-related startup for the last twenty years, then you’d think America’s car dealerships are staffed by a bunch of puppy-kicking thieves providing zero value as they work overtime to deliver the absolute suckiest buying experience known to mankind.Don’t believe me; let’s hear what a few “disruptors” have to say about buying from you:Carvana claims buying from them “doesn’t suck” (as it must when customers buy from you).The now defunct Beepi described buying a used car as part of a “painful world” that needed waking up.Chase Auto Direct quotes an Edmunds study when they tell their clients “46% of car owners would rather clean a toilet than shop for a car.”Something called NowCar shares on their Facebook page that “unlike most dealerships, we won’t … give you the bait and switch.”Bait and switch? What year is this? 1977?Dear Dealer: You Have a ProblemWhile dealers are going gaga over online F&I and self-desking (as they should be), technology is not your problem – it’s the buying experience.You see, with technology in the automotive retail space, it is impossible to hold a creative competitive advantage for very long. Dealers shouldn’t be developing any technology on their own, and this is especially true when we look at the online buying options. Companies like AutoFi already have this all figured out and there’s really no risk (and no barriers) for dealerships to adopt these.In other words, once a technology passes the DISC test (Does It Sell Cars), then everyone hears about it and can adopt it with relatively little investment in dollars or labor. (The online F&I and self-desking tools like AutoFi provides passed the DISC test a long time ago, and are currently moving metal and driving incremental profits for dealers.)Adopting and even benefitting from these technologies is easy. The hard part for America’s car dealers is how to create a better buying experience whether the prospect is buying 100% offline, 100% online, or (as most people already do) via a combination of the two.Time to Take Charge of Your Image!The best way to take the bullets out of Carvana’s gun is to create a buying experience that customers actually enjoy. (We know from a recent Autotrader study that less than one-half of one percent of buyers like the current process.)If you can fix the experience, then there is no other disadvantage these upstarts can exploit. Traditional dealers already enjoy an advantage over the startup disruptors by virtue of their market longevity and name recognition, their investment in facilities, and their ability to rely on profit from Fixed Operations to offset any losses on the Variable side.So, all that remains is the experience.Most of the current disruptors in automotive misunderstand what consumers actually want fixed; so they’re solving for the wrong problem. Consumers overwhelmingly dislike the dealership experience, not necessarily the dealership visit. A car is a very personal item to most consumers; so they want to explore it and touch it and compare it… even when they already have their minds made up.Bringing them a single car on a flatbed to “test own” might avoid the dealership experience, but it also avoids the dealership visit. In the words of Jurassic Park’s Dr. Alan Grant, “T-Rex doesn't want to be fed. He wants to hunt.”Any dealer can and will sell cars online!As eBay has discovered, a majority of consumers say they want to buy completely online, but only a small minority are willing (today) to do so. This means the average dealer should take advantage of the tools that are available and require relatively little investment today, but also work to fix the in-store experience through a shorter, more sensible road-to-the-sale that assumes the Up is here to buy – and they’re here to buy today.Incorporating tablets, electronic trade appraisals and even self-desking tools (that an average sales person can easily explain) keeps the buyer engaged and provides a level of process transparency that is necessary to creating a great car buying experience. Of course, there’s much more than that to creating a great experience.So much more, in fact, that we created an entire live, video webcast around it. I am hopeful you’ll join me on April 7, 2017 at 1 PM Eastern for our next Undeniable Advantage Live video webcast where we’ll explore how to Deliver the Best Car Buying Experience Ever! It’s free to register and free to attend: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/27638/5785e0e18fYou don’t want to be the only dealer in your market who misses this free live event.Good selling! See More

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