Is anyone familiar with the Prime Eagle program? Anything good or bad to say about it? I'm interested in starting a buy here/lease here operation within my franchise stores. It seems that one of these 'turn-key' programs would make the best sense. I really don't know that much about it. Any advice is appreciated.

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I don't know who Prime Eagle is but I have been doing Lease T Own for the past 2 years with fantastic results. If you would like to discuss it let me know here or call my store @ 216-481-6060. I'll be happy to share what i know with you.
Joe, Who have you been using for your LTO software? Thanks Steve ACcess Auto Sales
Using Frazier. Also looking into Dealer Plate. Work with Northland. They are fabulous.

May I contact you as well? I am in discussion with a partner about a joint LHPH dealership.

Brent Feely
Five Handshakes, LLC
Joe, which software company have you used to do your LTO? Or do you manage it by hand?

Thanks Steve Access Auto Sales
We started Lease To Own / Rent To Own w Northland last year & are happy with their program.
I have not heard of them. I don't know much about them. I know that as a BHPH Dealer we are interested in looking into LHPH because of the pending laws in congress if passed will greatly affect BHPH lending so we want to be proactive and ready for that if it should occur.
Jerry Adcock
Flower Motor Co
Credit Resource Center
I am an agent for Prime Eagle.Call me at 810-938-7740 or email me at

Jerry Weeden
I have been in bhph for about 10years.We currently have about 2.5 million on the books.We are just getting started in consulting with dealers who wish to start up a new bhph operation.You could call me at 410-790-0987 if interested.Thanks Doug Chell
We have had some discussions with Prime Eagle in the past comparing how they approach the business and how our company, LHPH, does business. Obviously, depending on your needs and goals, there are a few different ways to approach doing Lease Here, Pay Here. We have over 20 years of experience in the lease arena and would be happy to share our thoughts and capabilities. You can go to our website,, for more information or feel free to give me a call - George Klinke 619-209-7541 x 373 or email at A word of caution, Lease Here Pay Here has many benefits, some quite significant depending on which state you are in, but it comes with some risks and responsibilities that must be properly addressed or, as an attorney at the National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Conference said yesterday, you can face the, "Nuclear meltdown of the legal world when a lease is recharacterized as a conditional sale!"


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