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My resume is posted.
Please see the attached resume. I am seeking a Regional Sales Manager/Director position in the indirect auto lending business.
See Attached Resume,I would like to find Employment as a Sales Manager, Or GSM
Here is my resume
Hello my name is Kelly Lively. I am a Sales and Operations Manager with over 15 years of credit and indirect auto financing experience. I am currently looking for opportunities in and around the central florida area. I have attached my resume for your review.
I'm in! Resume coming your way, thank you.
Please see the attached resume. I am seeking new employment opportunities as a Sales Manager or National Accounts Manager/Director in the auto finance industry.
I am attaching my resume for finance manager, willing to relocate.
Please email to Bob Gaber head of HR at either hr@automaxrecruiting.com or bgaber@automaxrecruiting.com we are a training company
Hi Sandy,
I live in South Georgia ???? Would you consider sales?? Good $$ and great people.
I have attached my resume. I am an unemployed controller and am willing to relocate, most anywhere USA!
I have recently left DealerTrack as a Senior Product/ Sales Specialist for
their Inventory management software and their Desking solution.
I covered Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

My resume is attached.
Looking forward to talking with you.
Joseph M. Perot
918-740-4121 - Cell


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