I've noticed a significant shift in the browsers our site visitors are using in the last six months.

Here's the visitor browser percentages from ADP for a start.
IE - 70 %
Firefox 20%
Safari 5%
Chrome 3.5%
The balance is a mix of blackberries, Opera, Mozilla, and surprisingly playstations

What are you seeing from your dealership sites? Are you checking how your site looks in the browsers most used by your Web site browsers?

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My stats for last half of 2009 are:

IE - 76.48%
Firefox - 16.51%
Safari - 4.06%
Chrome - 2.13%
Opera - 0.35%
I also have mix of Playstation and Blackberry

This is data from 195k Unique Visits on http://www.suzukiofwichita.com as provided by google analytics.

Hope this helps...
Mine match Tom's with a range of about 1 - 2.5% for each bucket...highest growth coming from Chrome usage.
I don't have 195k unique visitors and of course its not a dealer site but my stats are as follows:

FF - 50.07%
IE - 39.29
Chrome - 5.22%
Safari - 4.28%
Opera Mini - 1%

Of course my demographic is different, that's the reason for Firefox being the favored browser for my visitors.
This all proves that properly designing a website to be compatible across multiple browsers is even more important than ever. It's your image that is at stake if someone loads up your site in a browser other then IE and the page looks broken up or misaligned.

Just my 2¢ worth . . .

Albert Dewey
This was a great question and I was curious myself so I asked one of our program team to tell me. Since we have access to a huge amount of data from all of our clients.

With ActivEngage tracking well over 6 million website visitors last month across the nation resulting in over 200K chat conversations here is the breakdown of the browsers shoppers are using.

IE 7.0 36%
IE 8.0 26%
IE 6.0 11.4%
FireFox 3.5 11%
Safari 531.21 4.6%
FireFox 3.0 4.2%

The rest of the browsers were under 2% including AOL, Chrome, Mobile devices and alternative browser versions.

Cool and interesting information. Thanks for posting the question Harlene.

Happy Chatting,

I believe it is not only important to view your site in each browser, but can tell you some things about your customers. My stats are currently:

IE - 77.67%
Firefox - 9.61%
Safari - 6.66%
AOL Browser - 1.69%
Netscape - 0.20%
Opera - 0.13%

From what I can tell form our current stats, we're not getting nearly as much traffic from Safari as any of the rest of you all. We break down as follows:


IE (in all its various forms)  56%

Firefox 22%

Chome 11%

Safari 6%

Everything else combined  >5%


I'm curious as how geography might factor into it. Two of our three lots are in Kalamazoo, MI and there are 3-colleges here. I think the prominence of Firefox and Chome might have something to do with that. We're also seeing a clear increase in mobile browsers.


Since I started a few weeks ago I've thoroughly checked the site using Adobe Browser Lab -- both for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. I've caught a bunch of small problems our web developer missed and managed to get them corrected. There are still some lingering problems, but I'm scraping the current site shortly along with our current developers.


Cliff VanMeter

Marketing Coordinator | Express Auto



Absolutely an abundance of college students can influence your browsers. Having two sons in college I know that neither of them touched explorer, they were firefox or safari users until Chrome came along. Now they are hooked on Chrome. The increase in movile site usage is important to watch and make sure your site is easy to navigate on mobiles. Several providers have good solutions for iphones but the blackberry users certainly don't get the same experience.

Some dealers are now moving to QR codes on inventory so customers can pull up a specific vehicle listing direct.

You're right -- the experience on mobile browsers is just all over the place. We'll be building a .mobi mobile optimized site shortly -- after I get the main site up to snuff. Though I am redesigning the main site to be more mobile friendly as well.

For our demographic, I'm confident Blackberry isn't much in use, but iPhone and Android are starting to make real in-roads. I want to be at the crest of that wave, not trailing behind it.


Cliff VanMeter

Marketing Coordinator | Express Auto


I wouldn't count those blackberry users out unless your demographic isn't larger business employees or government employees.


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