There's no doubt there is a lot of folks registered with Twitter, and there are a lot of tweets each day, but exactly how do measure the effectiveness of Twitter for your business?

Twitter direct doesn't offer any measurement tools. Hootsuite has some reporting tools and I'm sure some of the other interfaces do as well but they are fairly basic at this point.

What should be measured? Please share with the group your thoughts on twitter posting and measurement.

Let's hear the good, bad and ugly of what Twitter is doing for you.

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For me, Twitter is a tool that my dealership uses to join conversations that people in my community are having in real time at any given moment. We use Twilert and TweetBeep in a similar fashion as we use Google alerts. We track our dealership name as well as the names of other dealerships in the market. Great example of how we are using Twitter to our advantage happened only 2 weeks ago. We received an alert that mentioned one of our competitors names. When we read it it said "XYZ dealership sucks. Pushy & aggressive salespeople. Stay away!" We responded within seconds by simply reaching out to them and offering them our help if needed. They ended up scheduling an appointment and buying a car from us the same day. We've also saw people post Tweets about their car overheating and them being on the side of the road. We offered them a free tow-in to our service department which turned into a $650 repair order.
Great information Tracy thanks for sharing!

We use it here to keep our name visible. We'll put things out on the Texans, Longhorns, etc, and those get retweeted often. I've had some success with putting Twitter only service or parts discounts also. Using it to talk about joint ventures with local businesses and charities also produces lots of action. It has been cold this week in Houston (40 or so in the morning), so weather alerts, and such, are popular items also. 


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