I am just OK with my computer skills but would like to know how to best utilize Craiglist for the purpose of selling pre-owned vehicles. Can anyone give me some advice?

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I'd be more than happy to throw a few recommendations out there. The starting pieces are basic: inventory correctly set up in your DMS. Puff statement. Understand which line Craigslist uses to show up in the listings. The rest is more of an integration aspect...

You can contact me at gary@imacsweb.com for the rest and also some recommendations for the best results as well.

Best regards,

Gary May
Thank you so much for the offer to help me out. I mentioned that I am not great with a computer but I'm not horrible either. What is DMS? I'm assuming that a puff statement is a short statement regarding the car I will list.

My owner has asked me to take on this Craigslist assignment. We have an Internet Manager but he is really tied up with oue website as well as many other various assignments. After learning of Auto Dealer People, I realized that there is plent to learn from people like yourself. I have been selling cars for over 13 years and have been successful but the new mediums that are available are foreign to me. I look forward to any advice you can provide.

Darby Hanchera
If you are using an appraisal software, Auction 123 is the best in the business. Once every car is on your dashboard with the click of 1 button it will automatically send to Craigslist. You need to be careful as to how many cars you put on craigslist at one time as they will suspend / freeze your account if you try and put to many on at one time.
I am using a software called www.LotAdvantage.com so far this is the best software I have seen to post to craigslist, and the best part no long term agreement and cost is $100 per month

Gary R Campbell
Above all, read thoroughly the SCAM info Craiglist posts for car sales. There are many scam buyers out there who will work the deal so that they end up with your car and you have a worthless check, bank draft, or cashier's check! Be careful!
To keep free online classified sites free (and free from people who post 500 of the same item) Craigslist and Backpage (et al) enforce major restrictions that prohibit anyone from posting more than a few vehicles at a time and per day.

To get broad exposure on these sites, you have to post a small number of cars--around the clock--and then delete and re-post them as they drop in the listings to keep your inventory fresh and appearing high in the search results. It's tedious work, but many dealers love CL because it's not overly populated with their competition.

There is a service that will post your inventory onto Craigslist and Backpage (and other classified sites) around the clock as well as manage your older postings to ensure your inventory stays in the top of the search results. Disclosure: I work for HomeNet, and we sell IOL Inteli-Post, the product I'm about to describe...

HomeNet's IOL Inteli-Post team creates attractive, engaging vehicle display ads, formatted for each classified site, to professionally showcase your dealership. Then, the IOL Inteli-Post team uploads, verifies, updates, and manages those listings around the clock, legally complying with all volume and other restrictions imposed by Craigslist and other free classified sites. Ad uploads are optimized for high traffic times for your geo-targets, too. Results are tracked and measurable, from ad page impressions to direct referrals, whether from email or phone calls, so you always know how your ads are performing. Most importantly, all referrals remain yours, and lead data goes directly into your CRM. If you would like more information, you can visit http://www.homenetauto.com/products/inteli-post.asp or email salesteam@homenetauto.com for a demo.
http://fresno.craigslist.org/ctd/1886483760.html. This is a sample of what www.AutoSoftNET.com can do for you, for free. Ask their dealers at www.ASNCars.com. It is so simple, and truly profitable.
Check out our easy to use craigslist posting tool, it's very affordable, easy to use and includes extensive analytics
Use a chat link on Craigslist, it works great.

I've used cargigi for years, they are the BEST. You install their program, and they list the vehicles automatically. You NEVER TOUCH IT. It is fantastic.


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