Auto Dealer Monthly is in touch with a dealer who will be researching Web providers to possibly replace their current provider whose contract will be ending in a few short months. This specific dealer has agreed to allow Auto Dealer Monthly to follow their selection process and chronicle that process in an upcoming issue of Auto Dealer Monthly. If you would like to be included in the request for proposal process from the dealer please respond with the contact information of the individual who would be able to respond to an RFP.

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VinSolutions would love to be included.

Matt Watson

Umer Farooq
Greg Duncan
Brad King
I would like to be included
Jim, I just need to be clear, how do you want to be included? Do you create and host dealer Web sites? would love to be involved in the process.

Douglas M Fee III
TK Carsites would love to assist in any way we can.

Jim Bradford

Jeremy Vontz
Advanced Auto Dealers
(402) 817-1784

Matthew Cole
920 230 1111
If you need someone that has experience in choosing a company for a dealership, works at a dealer and can also provide impartial feedback -> I can be of assistance!

Thomas Ieracitano
Before I add myself to the list, I would like to know a little more about the dealership in question. Are they a new car franchise or a used car independent? How many cars do they typically have on their lot and do they want to list them all or just a subset of them? Do they do BHPH? Do they require an SSL for a secure credit app? How many photos per vehicle do they typically post? How much access do they need in terms of managing content other than the vehicle listings (ie. the content pages text)? Do they need to send feeds out to external sites such as eBay, Autotrader, Vehix, etc...? Do they need a CRM system?

There are a ton of questions that I would need to ask before I would be able to determine if I were a good fit for their needs.

Just my 2¢ worth . . .


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