I need some insight.  I need a good, CHEAP product we can sell upfront, or in the box.  Something that will cost me under $50 before overbills that we can run big penetration on.  We currently do a stellar job with Tire, Etch and Roadside.. I need one (or two) more things.. Any suggestions welcome!



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are you doing ID theft program?  I have a 12 month ID Protection program that cost the dealer $ 30.  and optional 2 to 5 year programs.  What company are you using for tire...etch and roadside.
I sell Safegard Tire and Roadside.. NSD etch..

Both are good companies.  What paint and interior company are you using?  What are your average penetration with tire & wheel, etch,roadside assistance.  Key replacement is a good program as well.

I presume your store is using menu selling for the presentation of products?


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