Who is having great success with F & I menus and bi weekly programs?  Care to share your successes or failures?

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Menu just about everyone if it is done the right way.  Bi-weekly beware as there is NO AMORTIZATION schedule and with fees and months debit fee and dealer commssion being added and still VERY low APR client could in fact pay MORE in the end.  No sure Dept of Banking or Fed govt endores or approved it done this way.
bi weekly programs appears that have been around in the mortgage industry for awhile. Just about all major lenders offers the program, they just do not advertise because customers will payoff loan sooner, thus they make less in interest. If is not approved or regulated by the dept of banking, how can such lenders such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and the likes can offer the program.  If you have a mortgage, call your lender to see if they offer bi weekly programs, which most charges about $ 400 for the enrollment.
When training dealers who are committed to really improving, menus average a 30% increase in all aspects of F&I.  However, the proper interview prior to a full T/O is critical.  There are several menu comanies that work well once all of the sales team is trained.


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