I hope 2010 is shaping up to be a good year for you. Our business is certainly better than 2009. Collections, repos, BK's are all improved. Sales are hitting  projections. So what are you planning for 2011? Are you even thinking about next year? I don't think we can count on 2010 numbers (at least to start). I know alot rides on November, but a lot of economic damage has been done. The uncertainty, taxes and new regulations are all huge weights around the necks of business next year. How do you see it?

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Half of my dealers have experienced increases in volume, all have increased grosses, all have reduced expenses and collections and repos are always a function of how hard you work them. All are experiencing a better year in 2010 than 2009. Inventory is harder than usual to acquire. I believe that if they all continue to do the things that they know are right (as above), the remainder of 2010 and 2011 should continue on the same course as the first half of 2010.
Dugan I hope your right and we transition from 10 to 11 smoothly. I think the election will play a huge role. I am afraid that the damage already done and new legislation no one understands will provide a drag on the economy. If they donot roll back the tax cuts, 2011 will be 2008 all over again.
Inventory is hard to aquire.


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