Here we have been steady and reaching our sales numbers each month. Our cash flow and P&L has been on target. Collections are still a struggle more than early 2008. What's the plan for the summer?


TINA FAWCETT  would like to know what some of the other dealers out there are experiencing right now as far as sales go. She is getting a lot of traffic and have been for a while, but no one seems to have more than about $500 down if they want to finance. Most people seem scared of financing and want to pay cash for a car but want one about $3000-$4000. Our cars are much higher than that. I am hoping that tax returns will change that. She also realizes that Florida was particularly hard hit in the housing, construction industry so other stats from other states may not be relevant, but she is wondering what some other people are experiencing out there. She is starting to wonder if and when it will pick up.

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I don't know about you guys......we have caught on FI-YA over here. Our current customer base has begun to get active along with referrals. We have been advertising to the "better" customer and stocking some newer lower mileage rigs. We have seen 600 to 800 beacon scores and 5 ,10 ,15 year job applications.
Our Jan finished up very strong and Feb is gangbusters so far. We are tracking 10-20% over last year so far for traffic and sales. Auction prices are a little nuts, but ....if thats the worst problem I have.

Charley Pompey, , for free web info for BHPH web sites
January was up from last year and February is starting off strong
Yes Sir we have been busy. Our problem now is finding enough of the right rigs to maintain the numbers.
I've noticed a shift in customer demand this year towards lower priced smaller SUV's. We are tracking towards record overall sales..........with near record lows in truck sales.
I have been targeting "higher beacon" customers for along time. We have always kept '07 and '08 vehicles on the lot (not easy with a 8500 acv max). SInce trucks have gotten so ridiculous we have been stocking more of the lower mileage cars, suv's and hitting the sales numbers we wanted.


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