If so what is your thoughts? Im an independent in upstate Ny and continue my quest to find a good platform to serve my customers and of course help me make more money. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Are they East Coast Only? I have never heard of them. Do they have a Web Site? Are they Like Credit Acceptance.

Gary R Campbell
R&R Sales Inc
They are supposed to be a multi spectrum lending platform from what I read. Anywhere from Prime to subprime and places in between. I believe they have different lenders on the platform you can submit applications to. Im trying to find out if the lenders vary by area and if so how many lend in my area. I would hate to pay for something and cant get a deal done. Or pay large fees on top of the monthly fee to use the platform. I spoke to a rep a few months back. He answers questions on this site every so often. They are based out of New Jersey. Reading over the site it sounds good but would love some testimonials from dealers who are signed up and using there services.
I complete the dealer form we will see what happens I am out in Cali so they may not offer services.

Gary R Campbell
R&R Sales Inc.
ok gary keep me posted

I am not at all familiar with these folks. eMail me any info you have on them (Greg@AutoDealerMonthly.com) and I will be happy to check them out.

Best regards,
Until recently, I ran an organization that handled the F&I function for nearly 100 dealerships in the auto, powersports, marine and RV industries.  EZ Dealer Finance was our best option for finding financing, especially for customers with challenges or unique situations. 
For anyone interested, my agency is no longer representing them and I apologize for all the dealers contacting us for information.  We will not respond to those emails and allow the dealers to evaluate the company and make their own decisions.
I completed there form and have got no Response from them. :(
I am sorry if our sales people failed to contact you please give me an email or phone contact I will contact you immediately.
John, Thanks for the Call and Quick Response.


Could you send me  the info as well? I am in Missouri.




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