Looking for lenders that we can do business with. We have been in wholesale for 15 years and are adding some internet advertising. We've received great response but insist the customers bring there own financing. Can't imagine what we can do with some lenders....

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Finding good lenders for independents is probably one of our biggest hurdles for growth. My business grew when I added Western Funding as a lender but they are a big discount lender but will buy as a buy here pay here lender, which means almost everyone. The downside is you have to have a certain type of inventory and price it to fit their model. We were able to make it work for our small dealership and was the only way I was able to grow our business. Over the years we added a nice group of lenders (Citi, Tidewater, United Acceptance, plus some strong local and national credit unions), but it took 2008 and we lost all of these lenders or they cut back buying so it was hard to place deals.

But who cares about the past, now we have developed relationships with most of the local credit unions, US Bank branches (find an aggressive loan officer), American General Finance to help put together deals for our better customers. We hate to lose control of the customers by sending them away but we put the deal on a purchase order so the customer believes they have purchased the car. CUDL has a good program but not real strong in our area. They are very strong in other parts of the country. We still place most of our deals with Credit Acceptance and Western Funding since their is an unlimited supply of really bad credit customers. With the proper inventory and pricing structure these programs work well for us.

On the front page of Dealertrack you can put in our zip code and they will give you a list of lenders who do business in your area. Work that list to find lenders for your area. We are in a low population state so we don't have a lot of choices but the good part is most independents don't want to mess with financing and in our area many of the franchise dealers have shut down their special finance departments so we have less competition. We are very optimistic for 2010.

Work the local credit unions and get to know the loan officers, they will help put together some good deals for you. Good Luck.

Winners Circle
Lincoln, NE
What part of the country are you in. There may a credit union you can work with. We work with a couple hundred.
We are in Orlando, Fl. We carry 3 million in inventory at an average cost of 11k. We are not looking to structure our inventory to accomodate retail since we wholesale 350++ per month. We need the 575 - 625 crowd bought on a 10k car with 2500 down.We need a CITI type lender for the deals the credit unions can't do
Westlake Financial is a full spectrum lender for Independents. You can contact me @ 814 931 5555 and I can point you in the right direction to get signed up.
EZ Dealer Finance has the lenders that can help with your customers. We offer multiple lending solutions from prime to sub prime and everything in between. Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our program with you 866-343-6714
I have some information I would like to share with you next week sometime. Please feel free to give me a call at 314-550-4538 at your convenience. I am in Tamp, FL and will be bringing a lending platform to Central Florida in the range you are seeking. Great timing to say the least!
I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Dave Tebeau
I appreciate the response. My phone number is (407) 427 3000. Call when you can. Monday preferably.
Hi I am with ACC Automotive Credit Corp in Michigan and we do business in Florida. We are a true subprime lender. Our average credit score is around 500 each month. Give me a call and I will be happy to put you in touch with our Rep in your area. Jeff Carress 800 810 2202 ext 1227
Thanks Jeff!

Hi Jeff ,do you do business in Maine ?? I'm looking for a few good sub prime lenders ,hard to find them in Maine ,Thanks Very Much Linda


Our lending arm, Interactive Financial Acceptance, just started working with independent dealers. Let me know your email address and I'll get a rate sheet and guidelines out to you.

Bob Harwood
Director of Sales
114 Virginia St.
Richmond, VA 23219
804-521-8581 (Office)
804-647-4851 (Mobile)
804-521-8600 (Fax)
Thanks Bob,

Anthony Haboyan
J.D.I., Inc.
Woodall Auto Wholesale, Inc.
1227 Marshall Farms Rd.
Ocoee, Fl 34761
(407) 427-3000
(407) 654-9855 fax


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