Why Does Manheim Need Access to ALL information on Your Computer?

I'm completely flabbergasted that Manheim believes they need access to ALL information on my computer.

To use several services on their site you are required to use their media player, and although it's not uncommon for some sites to need specific software to run they don't usually have a disclaimer like this one:

I personally can't think of a single reason Manheim would need access to my personal files on my computer. Are dealers aware that employees of their dealership who buy online with Manheim have provided full access to everything on that employees computer? 

To ensure your store's financial records, banking information, personnel files, passwords, customer information, essentially anything that could be breached, is not breached you need a computer that is used exclusively for buying and nothing else.

Are you buying at Manheim and using a dealership computer with other data on it? Or have you identified this issue and purchased a computer exclusively for buying from Manheim?

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All I can say is WOW!   Is this something new or has it been in place for awhile?   We are going to have to discuss this to see if we will continue to use this service.   We are extremely careful on what is allowed loaded onto our computers, this is not acceptable!  

Becky, I have no idea how long it's been in place, as it's not a site I'm on often. Hoping some other members can provide some insight.

contact manheim and get an explanation - and a cheap dedicated computer with no data on it

Good call Steve.

The dedicated computer for internet is what I have and so far so good.

I'm not sure it's entirely Manheim's fault. Web technologies are still evolving and for certain extensions it's not uncommon to see situations where a fairly common access privilege (like video) is bundled up with "all permissions" and that's why their player may be requesting access to everything. Just my 2 cents.


This seems to be getting to be the norm with just about all who scrape for data.

If true with Manheim, a simple and easy fix to circumvent this problem would be to have a solitary computer whether it be PC, Laptop or what have you to be internet specific and a separate computer used strictly for critical data files.

I do and the sensitive data machine and hard drive is not attached to anything that is involved with internet capabilities to begin with.

However the day may come where we may not even be able to have or use such a device that is not connected to the www, but for now you still can.

I did share this with Harlene - it looks like this might be a template for all of the media players. :(   I don't think it's a good practice, but on second look, MIGHT, (a big might) not be as bad as it first looks.


Does Manheim offer encryption or any guarantee that the data won't be breached?  

Perhaps we are all getting too lenient in giving blanket permissions to apps and extensions that really don't need it, thus driving the industry to be lazier and lazier about spelling out which permissions they really need and WHY.

I can't remember another media player that needs permission to access everything on your computer. 

At least Manheim was honest about it, but the trend in general needs to be stopped.

On my site, we are asking people to give personal information when they apply for a loan, and you can't do that without guaranteeing that the information is encrypted and that only very specific lenders will be accessing their information. www.autofinanceoptions.com 

In my mind, data security is everything and I'm sure any dealer feels the same for obvious reasons.  I like Scott Edwards' and Steve Chessins' solution for the time being, but I encourage everyone to speak out, as Manheim will eventually listen to their customers. Kudos to Harlene -- thanks for bringing this to light.

I use Firefox when I'm online with them and I don't have any of those issues, nor do I have to install any 3rd party anything......

I just goes....all 5 lanes...no worries.



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