who has a lot of experience with floor plans.  I have a bhph lot and have never used a floor plan just my own money.  I would like to know who I can trust.

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CarBucks in Greenville.  Jerry Miles is the man in charge.  He may be able to help you.  864-527-7147   I also do some floor planning depending on where you are.  Roger Ezell

Hi my name is Ian Anderson and I am President of Westlake Financial.  Please give me a call when you can so I can refer you to our friends at DSC.

My number is 3235278285


Start talking to your local banks and credit unions, have a good business plan in place and you will save thousands over any of the auction supported floorplans. I have a great relationship with my local bank at under 6% rate, easy curtailment program and no fees. My titles are just across town and you will sell the tellers and employees vehicles because you see them often when you drop off titles and deposits.
Correct me if i am wrong, but is ally gmac strictly for franchise dealers and a few independents who have been grandfathered in. Someone told me they were no longer accepting independents dealers. Karl Jensvold, could you post your contact information about help with proposal to present to a bank with the terms you are fimiliar with. all my local banks have no clue of the terms for a floor plan. thanks malcolm spears 850.259.2012


120 Day Extendable Term / Up to 360 Day Float

     ·  10% Curtailment Due at 60 days
     ·  10% Curtailment Due at 90 days
     ·  Payoff or re-floor at 120 days
100% Advance

     ·  100% Auction advance
     ·  100% of NADA Loan Value on non-auction purchases

Floorplan Checkbook Program

     ·  Get a checkbook to purchase inventory wherever / whenever you need it
Accepted at 500 Auctions Nationally
     ·  Includes Open Lane, OVE, iBid, and Smart Auction
No Interest or Fees until payoff
     ·  No fees charged until time of payoff
     ·  No interest charged until time of payoff
     ·  Ask about our “FREE” floorplan option
Convenient On-line Transaction Processing
     ·  Check your floorplan availability on-line
     ·  Payoff vehicles on-line
     ·  Make curtailment payments on-line



For more information, call Jim @ 302-293-9465 or visit our website www.PreferredFundingLLC.com 

Information and communication like this is what this is all about! Many times its just talk...

Good efforts!

Mr. Wesson, what is your phone number?  I can contact you directly to help you with flooring.




Ian L. Anderson  



Westlake Financial Services

4751 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010 

PH: 323.692.8851  |  CELL: 323.527.8285  |  FX:  323.954.4647

email:  Ianderson@westlakefinancial.com 

Ian, my number is 662-346-1330.  I am a BHPH dealer looking for best floor plan.  Thank you sir. 


David Wesson


Does Bank of New England Floorplan?  I have notice a few UCC with some indy dealers.
Yes they do floorplan.  I'm an agent for the Bank and I posted their program a week ago on this blog.  Feel free to call me at 302-293-9465 if you'd like some more information or have questions.  Thanks - Jim


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