I have dealers that are looking for a great marketing program to solicit customers in all stages of bankruptcy.






They are not looking for do it yourself programs or list company, most of them use the PACER System for that.


Any suggestions ?



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I currently use www.onlinebkmanager.com The list of names and addresses are uploaded every Tuesday. The only thing the dealer has to do is print them out and mail them.



Many of my dealers use onlinebkmanager  to get customers for the Tidewater program.

Some just want a company that will do the mail, and postage as well.



Have the dealers check with them to see if they will do the mail for them. I was off a couple of weeks for surgery and they sent out what I was behind on for me. I think it's worth asking.
have used aztec advertising for ten years,the piece i use still works great,the owner brad baker is great and pricing is lower than avarage,also ideal direct is good as well ,tim danker good guy.have used onlinebkmanager, not impressed,you can get the same thing for free if you use auto credit express


the answer is CPS.  For Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin dealers I recommend www.onlinebkmanager.com.

Outside of those states I recommend a CPS pre-approved or BK mailer.

Are you still in the Chicago area?

check out r.e.m. automotive,also bankryptcy resouce group if worked correctly,i do 60-70 deals a month in my department,30-40 of them bk's both open and closed

We have BK programs. 


We do Dismissed, Discharged and even Open.  PLease call Ian Anderson at WEstlake Financial Services to discuss.


Thank you,

Ian L. Anderson  



Westlake Financial Services

4751 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010 

PH: 323.692.8851  |  CELL: 323.527.8285  |  FX:  323.954.4647

email:  Ianderson@westlakefinancial.com 



Best Program? Mine!!


Hi Ben

Take a strong look at www.BkLetters.com. If you want any info you may call me at 248-943-3120

I personally have been doing nothing but Bankruptcy letters and financing for 12 years. Being that I work thru a major Chevy Store in Michigan. Great results and lowest cost.

Mario Puglise

At AMG (http://www.mailamg.com/industry-solutions/automotive/ ) we started our business 11 years ago specifically specializing in BK data. We have a BK mailer that is mailed as a pressure sealer that continues to get a great response. I'd be happy to email samples to any one interested in seeing it.


direct line: 800-648-3107 ext. 229

email: kyle@mailamg.com


Hope this helps!

One of my long time associates, Maria Ruttle of World Advertising and Marketing, has been running an extremely comprehensive BK marketing program for the last 20 years for clients like LHM and VT.  Usually only one store can run it in a market unless the market is large enough or the budget of the store allows for a second store to run it.  This program is run consistently with mail going out three or four times a month.  Several other features are pat of the program to monitor the results.

I would suggest contacting me at 205-967-9405 or mabrams@dealertie.com to set up a conference with World Advertising.


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