I have found numerous companies that will screen leads for income, but who has one that can give me leads based on credit scores ?

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Try DealerLink-Tim Parker-704-544-9100
RoadLoans.com. Buyer is already approved. Our Cost per sale in $100 for the month of Novermber. They are a drive financial approval. Most of them are 115 to 125% LTV. So down payment is needed.
Do you have a contact name and phone number
We do!! Auto Design Solutions, Inc. we do leads base on credit score. Give us a call 1-877-395-2045.
Carol L. Harris
Account Rep.
ADS, Inc.
I can get you leads based on score and I can also tell you if they are your past customers.Call me at 810-938-7740

Thanks-Jerry Weeden
Are the scores real time (current) or old files like predictors ?

Also is the data coming directly from the credit bureaus ?
Scores are up to date-come directly from bureau.

Ours come from the credit bureau and are people looking to buy we sell 500 leads which usually averages to 20 leads daily for $1250.00 call us 877-395-2045 ask for Carol
At IFMG we can filter leads based on credit in real time. Because of our lending arm (yes, we buy deals in Illinois) we have permissible purpose and aren't at the mercy of waiting on a third party to score leads for us. Our intelli-LEAD filtering system goes beyond just credit scoring and also performs multiple fraud checks. Check out our site for more details (http://www.carloanco.com/products-and-services/auto-finance-leads/). I'd love to chat with you about what you're seeing in the industry right now and your goals for next year, give me a call at 804-521-8581 or email bharwood@carloan.com.


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