Where does a small independent dealer like myself start with financing (sub prime)

Hi guys.

So a little background. Been selling cars for about 10 years. Previously buying from all over (mainly tow yards etc) fix and resale. That didn't have any licensing involved. Previously that was in California and their requirements to obtain a retail license was ludicris

Been in Arizona several years now. I'm currently in my second year as a licensed dealer. My main sales involve budget vehicles. Mainly under $5000 but of course as a dealer you want to sell some nicer units or units customers want etc. well people don't have freaking money. So that's where financing needs come in.

I don't know JACK when it comes to financing. I'm looking at credit acceptance and some others. But I don't know where to start. People refer to a company called appone to help with submitting deals which I get but I suppose I will need to have prior agreements with the lenders. I'm a 1 1/2 man operation. No need yet to hire but I would if I could get some financing going.

I think what I'm looking for is where should I start with what "programs" and lenders.

I'm in Arizona.


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Sign up CAC it's well worth it (easy and fast)
Once u have fully learn the software then look into others

Unless you have a bunch of cash buyers, it will be in your best interest to align yourself with several financing options. A good DMS will also have built into it features that can help... You have your, (or the floor plan co.), money invested in these cars and you deserve it back asap. I can assume you are not going to the next level in the business... which may be holding your own notes? That's the "real gold"... And of course a host of headaches!

Good Luck to you!

Call Kevin at 330-286-3761

We can help you with financing!




I got hooked up with west lake. Got their dealercenter going too.

One thing that pissed me off was that since we are primarily a cash sales dealer, we don't deposit our sales into our bank account. Other than for payments to our flooring after a sale so they can ach the balance

I'll leave it to you why we don't deposit our primary cash sales. But anyways one lender didn't want to complete our activation because our bank account didn't show a high balance or deposits of cash sales.

We use our account for for bills, supplies, paying our floor, parts etc. but apparently that wasn't enuff for this stupid lender.


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