I have had many dealers call me lately that have recently opened a used car lot and need lenders.

Any suggestions for the less than 2 year dealership ?

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Hi Ben Hope all is well. We will consider based on history of the dealer. Have them give me a call at 800 810 2202 ext 1227 or email me at jeff@automotivecredit.com. Thanks Jeff

Depends on what state they are in, however Credit Acceptance signs up dealers without financials or history in the business (I have talked to dealers while their license is being processed and signed them up when their license was issued) if it makes sence to do so.  Also, generally Westlake Financial will enroll a new dealer

Thanks, I have already given them CAC and Westlake to call.

Ben, how are you buddy? What are you doing these days? I just went through the same thing a couple months ago as a friend of mine and I opened up an independent lot in December in Baton Rouge. As far as national lenders, we have Nationwide, Westlake, CPS, and Crescent Bank. Hope this helps!

 I want to make sure you have the right lenders in place so you’re not missing any deals!! Here is a list of lenders that are buying deep for the 10% of the dealers we do business with that are still having success with sub-prime financing. Keep in mind that some may not do business in your state but most do. In addition here are some links to lists of special finance lenders and the states they do business!!






For the lower tier customer: Sub 500 Scores


Exeter Finance Corp

Westlake Financial

Drive Financial 

Regional Acceptance Corp       

Flagship Credit Corp

Globe Acceptance Corp

United Auto Credit Corp

Mark One Financial

United Auto Credit


Gateway Financial


Specializing in bankruptcy:


Tidewater Motor Credit  

Prestige Finance

Friendly Finance



Full sub-prime spectrum lenders:



Capitol One

Chase custom finance


Fireside Bank


Santander Auto Finance

Security Auto Loans

Citi financial
First Financial Investors
Auto- Use

EZ Dealer Finance

Look into AlliedAcceptanceCorp.com.  They buy A-D.


In general, I would say Westlake, American Credit Acceptance, Auto Finance and perhaps Chase Custom will take most of those dealers.

I hope all is well! 

Best regards,


MarkOne Financial in the East and Centrus Auto Finance in the Midwest will take new independent Dealers.



Wildcat Insurance Group is a "One Stop Shop" for all Independent & Franchise Dealers. Not only Auto Dealers, but also Power Sports, Marine, RV, HD Truck & HD Lawn & Garden Dealers.  Wildcat Insurance Group will provide any new Dealership local and national "Full Spectrum" lenders. Wildcat Insurance Group also offers a full spectrum of back end products to increase profits & keep your customers coming back to your Dealership.  If you would like more information, please send an email to info@wildcatinsurancegroup.com, or send us a comment & like us on Facebook or Twitter.


Automotive Credit Corp Is always looking for  good dealers. Give me a call @ 800 810 2202 ext 1227 or email me @ jeff@automotivecredit.com  I will be happy put you in touch with a rep in your area.

If the dealer is in CA, TX, TN, MS, GA, FL, IL, OH or MA, take a look at FinCo Management.  We are an excpetionally Deep Subprime indirect lender which gives the dealer the ability to take a $1000 profit at closing and a full BHPH type profit over time.  FinCo does the underwriting, documetation, compliance and servicing.  No up fron Fees, no Monthly minimums or set fees. Next day funding.  We accept cash incomes and unusual living arrangements,   If you can Red-Flag 'em, we'll fund 'em.

Take 50 cents today and the down payment, plau another 41 cents over time.

We'll also finance the Warranty, GPS, and VSI


Please give me a call at 781-639-6000.


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