What percentage of your wholesale buying is done online?

I'm buying upwards of 90% of my cars online now.  With a good transport hookup and a clear understanding of arbitration guidelines, I've found it to be EXTREMELY beneficial to my business.

Anyone else buying largely or predominantly online?

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What online sites are you using?

I feel that in order to be an informed buyer and make the best decisions, I check all sites.

I buy heavily on SmartAuction, OVE, and have begun using Adesa's OPENLANE (replacing/upgrading Dealer Block).

I usually spend about a half hour in the morning doing proximity searches on all sites and adding cars of interest to my watchlists.  When Im done with that, I print out each watchlist and look over the cars and their pricing with my cobuyers.  From there I make offers when applicable.

At the end of each auction, I throw my max proxy bids in.

I buy a lot online and have found it such a huge asset in time saving. I have met a lot of wholesalers off of OVE throughout the process as well, whom have learned what I buy, and call me when they have a deal they know is up my alley. I highly suggest this for any dealer whos bored with free desktime to try this. My local auctions have nothing in my area, so its more beneficial for me anyways. Its funny to see the other dealers all around me going.."Where did you get all this good stuff!?!?"  Like I have a magic wand they don't know about.


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