Is anyone using trigger leads successfully and if so what service is working for you, what are you paying and how are you working them?

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I have used trigger leads for 3 years now and now work for Credit Mail Experts selling them to other dealers.

I ran over 10% response rate at the dealer I was at in October with Denny Longs program.

You can do the "DO IT YOURSELF" program for around $ 2.50 a piece. You just have to download names, print letters, stuff envelopes, buy stamps and get to the post office on a timely basis.Every day.

There a many companies out there for this type of program. Why not , you take all the risk, they don't.

Just make sure the letter has the opt out notice and the pre - screened offer of credit backed by a national lender.

Our program is the hands off program, all you do is sell cars. We do everything else.

Thanks for the info Ben. 

we have over 40 dealers nationwide using our  trigger lead program successfully.

credit agencies are getting very tough on this data but out all online automated system has been given the green light by both equifax and Transunion providers.

we are the only provider to instantly NCOA this data, append for added phone #'s cell phone #'s and email addresses where available.

and you have the option for a professional self fulfillment with full variable data, tracking 800# and online web apps. or for the price of postage and a small service fee we can fulfill from our mail house daily.

Honestly dealer self fulfillment generally works better IF you have someone committed to the program at the dealer, that is the biggest component of this program. I have set stores up nationwide for over 6 years on trigger leads and can give you a pretty good ideal based on your filters and geographic area what kind of response rate you will get.

Eric, I have to challenge your comment.

"we are the only provider to instantly NCOA this data, append for added phone #'s cell phone #'s and email addresses where available."

This is not a true statement as our company does the same. Please remove this from further discussions.

try izigg. I am doing well with it

We currently have around 250 dealers on our program. Our best stores have a $100-$150 cost per delivery. Considering the large dealer groups allow $300/delivery in their stores and most other dealers run $500-$600/delivery, that's not bad. Let me know if you want to try them, we'll work with you

What is a trigger lead?

Trigger leads are leads of prospects that have had their credit run for the purpose of obtaining an auto loan, usually within the last 24 hours.  They may or may not have already bought or committed to buy, but you can target only prospects under a certain FICO and just in your area.  These leads are bought through a secondary source, but are acquired by this source directly from Experian and Transunion (usually).


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