Keeping with the Holiday Spirit it would be nice to see how many different things we are thankful for ... sort of a count your many blessings kind of day. I'm sure family is a common blessing but what specifically are you thankful for, or what other than your family are you thankful for?

I'll get us started with something specific ... I am thankful that even though I lost my father some years ago, as well as every grandparent, I still have my mother who is my biggest cheerleader every day. I have a husband and two sons that love me unconditionally and support every decision I make, even when it's the wrong one :-).

What are you thankful for today?

I hope to see a very long list today. And have a Blessed Holiday tomorrow.

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I am thankful that in this econonmy I have a job and I am fortunate enough not to need to stand in a soup line and wonder how i'm going to feed my family, keep them warm or pay the bills. I am thankful that my boys understand the great importance of helping others in any way they are capable. I am thankful that we still have the right to attend any church we choose and to pray. And finally, I am extremely thankful for my parents who taught me the importance of family and a dollar and my husband for putting up with my bs.
I am particularly thankful that I have a wonderful grandmother who has helped me in so many ways throughout my life. I think I owe my career (at least partially) to her; she incessantly corrected my grammar from the time I could talk until the time I started correcting hers. :)

I'm also thankful that I have a mother and grandmother that can cook up a mean Thanksgiving meal because I've yet to master the necessary skills to accomplish that feat.
I am thankful for friends, family and health, also for the opportunities afforded to us by virtue of the democracy in which we live. I am grateful for the men and woman of our armed services both here and abroad and for their courage and willingness to sacrifice so much for the rest of us. Happy holidays everybody!
I am thankful GM did not close my store
I am thankful for my wonderful family (especially my two beautiful granddaughters) and all of my great friends like Harlene, Anna, Greg, Jenny, and the rest of the staff. Thanks for everything you do for our industry!

And even through the rough times, I am thankful for being involved in the automotive industry and all of the great friends I have made over the years!
I am very grateful to live in this wonderful country. We have so many blessings. I thank God every day for my wonderful children, grandchildren, wife, family, and friends. I am also very grateful for our wonderful business, my daughter who assists me in running the day to day operations, and all our customers and employees nationwide.

Our prayers go to all of you and especially to our solders who are away from home defending our freedom.

I am thankful for time. Time you never know how long you have to share with family, and friends. I take this time during the Holidays to reach the people that mean the most to me. When you lose someone close you realize that you never know when there time or your time is up. I roll thru my phone and call everyone I can just to hear there voice and let them know someone is thinking of them. I even do this all year round when I am rolling thru my phone and see a name i have not touched in awhile, I will just stop and call them real quick. But the Holidays is when everyone is guranteed a call or personal visit.
If you have a couple of hours, I could make a good start on what I am thankful for.

I am first thankful for my family, those with us, and those now passed. I have been shaped by them - and will always be.

I am thankful for my wonderful and dedicated business team in Indiana. They work their butts off everyday to shape our media presence to the automotive world, and make our company successful.

I am thankful for all the wonderful friends that this industry has allowed me to make - both in person and in the virtual world.

I am thankful for the industry we work in - the automotive industry has taken its hits, but it remains one of the most exciting and fun industries in the world.

I am very thankful that despite all its warts, that we live in the best country in the world where we enjoy life, liberty and freedom of choice.

And this year especially, I am thankful for my health. It doesn't take but a minute to learn that it all means very little if you don't have your health. Thanks to my family and friends for their support while I got my health back.

Despite a rough and tumble year with the economy and this industry, I am very thankful this Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I am grateful for my desire to learn more about myself, the universe, and my place in it. On that humbling and empowering journey, I have grown to appreciate and love my family, friends, coworkers, and, indeed, all of humanity, much moreso. I have discovered that I create my own happiness (truly), no matter what the conditions... and that has made all the difference in whether or not--and to what degree--I enjoy my day-to-day existence. I'm thrilled to say I love it! Are there things I'm working to change? Absolutely! That's part of the ongoing evolution of life, and I appreciate it all for how it serves me in my growth. :-)


I am thankful for people like this.
Very powerful image. Thanks for posting that... and the reminder. I am grateful for people like this as well.
Well today is my 4th Wedding Anniversary and I'm working 12 hours. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my wife is working 3:00 - 11:00. But we're thankful for having good jobs and each other to come home to. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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