I have been going to the annual NADA convention for 9 nine years straight. It seems to me that this year had a pretty good attendance. I know Vegas usually gets a pretty good turn out but I am curious to know what everyone else thinks. What did you see that was exciting this year? what did you think of the turn out?

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The last NADA Expo we attended was in New Orleans in 2009 right after the holocaust in the industry.  We skipped 2010 and 2011.


The 2012 NADA Expo reflected, in my opinion, the optimism that is now prevelent in the automobile industry.


We sell equipment and programs for the Cinderella of the dealership, "auto detailing" and yet we secured over 150 serious inquiries from dealers interested to upgrade and improve their stepchild.


To me this reflects a promising automobile industry.



Bud Abraham



I have attended for 8 or 9 years in a row now, and I really felt this convention was filled with a whole new attitude of optimism from the dealers and vendors compared to the last few years.  Much more upbeat than the last couple of years!!

Ms Peck


Thank you for stopping by our booth.  You and your sister were just one of many dealers who reflected a very posititve optimism about the automobile industry.



Bud Abraham


I have been going every year for over 20 years minus a couple where I could not attend. i would agree the spirit seemed high people looked like they were taking good notes in the meeting and the floor was really busy. All in all I feel it was definately a better convention than the last few years had been but still not as good as years past :)

Definitely more optimism this year.  AND business was being done on the expo floor! 

What did everyone think about W Bush's presentation.  There wasn't any booing or hissing because he "picked winners and losers."  Everyone seemed to be glad he launched the auto restructuring and saved the North American industrial base.  Stephen Wade didn't quibble with the numbers Dubya offered up as the reason he did what he did. 

He delivered some funny lines.

Glad to see that other people agree...looks like things are headed in the right direction.

2012 best year ever!

Absolutely, this was one of the best NADA Expo's that we have attended in more than 20 years, exhibiting at the Expo.

The mood among the dealers we spoke with was extremely positive and up-beat.

And, since the expo following up with those dealers who requested information on our products we are finding a very positive reception to engage in conversation.

Years back, even in the good times, many dealers were resistent to engaging in conversation via the phone, and especially about the "detailing department."

Times like the past 3 years have a humbling effect on all of us.  A good lesson to learn.



Bud Abraham


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