I am a small dealer, just started last year.  Would like to be able to offer subprime financing to my customers.  I like the program offered by Auto Use, but it is not available in Texas.  Any lenders out there for Texas that have similar programs? 

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We provide Deep Subprime financing solutions which allow you to earn up to 90% of amt. financed over time for BHPH type financing.  We pay 50% now ,plus we finance Warranty, VSI and GPS.  You earn as the consumer pays, just like BHPH but without the need for capital, logistics, compliance, collections, legals, etc.

Cash incomes, foreign drivers licenses, etc.

And you get to defer income tax until you get the cash flows.


Call anytime:  Toby Reiley 781-639-6000


What is your "BUY BACK" policy? example.... if your subprime customer does not pay his first 3 car payments.... would the dealer have to buy back that loan? I remember dealing with a company like that. Not going to say any names but I'm here to help the newbies out so they don't learn the hard way!



CPS has a first payment default provision.

Thats good to know! Not Bad provision either.

CPS has seven proven programs for all of your subprime needs.  We allow up to $30,000 amount financed with no FICO restrictions in our upper tier and allow up to $15,000 amount financed for those with rough credit or no credit history at all.

Do you see customers with recent repos, delinquent mortgages, or open Ch 7 Bks?  Since 1991 CPS has specialized in providing financing options for these tough to place customers.  Call Derek at 512-417-8762 to get activated.


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