I've flipped through all of the pages I could find pertaining "Leads" in this forum and I've noticed that a lot of the lead sources those of you have found success with have a post mark of around 2010-2014. Today is a bit different. Does anyone have any current lead sources they use that they have success with in todays market? I am a dealer based in Cleveland, OH.

We have about 150 cars on the ground. Its been exceedingly slow. We used CarGurus during tax season but it did not have a high success ratio. Currently we use Cars.com, AutoTrader and have just started with Craigslist postings.

Any knowledge is very appreciated!

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We are basically a referral service, and only send you folks who have selected VIN specific vehicles from your inventory (uploaded to our man membership sites).

Cleveland is a market where we can use an independent dealer who can say "yes" to those of our customers who need a little extra credit help.

I can explain further, if you'd like.



I was about to post the same question.  I am surprised to see 239 views and only one response.  Anyone else have lead options.  A friend told me about Cars Direct, but I do not have any personal experience.  It would be nice to compare at least two options.

CarGurus CAN deliver the most leads to you....if they choose to.  The problem is they decide when to throttle your leads back, which can hold you back.  Their leads also have a low conversion rate. 

While time consuming and slightly more costly, you are better off hiring a marketing person (LIKE ME) to set up your dealership up for consistent leads each month.  Spending the time on your website, SEO, SEM (Adwords), social media, etc. can really establish your dealership....and reduce your dependence on 3rd party companies that may or may not give you leads. 

To those of you in the SubPrime market, please checkout our dealer site, www.interactivefmg.com and our consumer site, www.carloan.com.  You can contact me in my office regarding our special finance lead program at 804-225-1880 X171 from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm EST or message me on this site.  I am also out on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-klich-76b8975.   I would be happy to get information over to you.


Julie Klich

Interactive Financial Marketing Group, Carloan.com

5 years ago leads worked great for us, now they are shit, tried myself and with various good salespeople, just not the same.


recently tried a couple mailers and got shit as well.

facebook and instagram are killing it for us though.


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